Protecting my quit-Day34

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 2, 2013

.....a day at a time. The biggest thing that has helped me is truly putting effort into learning all I can about smoking...the bad and the ugly, cause I sure cannot find any 'good' in it,

When I logged on awhile ago, it was because I had a 'crave' hit me. I found a blog a friend wrote today about failing on her quit today. I thought...that could be me, but it's not. By the time I finished reading and responding to her blog, the urge is gone and I am okay again. Walking or getting on my eliptical or mini tramp is another way I fight the 'urges'.

The'urges' do not come on often anymore. Being AWARE of my surroundings is very helpful and something I learned in here. Who I am around, the conversation, the activity, the place....I am learning to recognize I had more 'triggers' than I thought I had...things or people who 'push my buttons'.... I am learning to just walk away and to be very grateful.

I am normally super active and I am really struggling with being tired since I quit, I do my normal exercise stuff in the morning and feel fine but when I am done I am so tired the rest of the day and crave sweets like crazy. Wish that aspect of quitting would go away. Soon.

Anyway another day in and glad to be here and alive. Hugs to all!