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Would you do it?

Posted by Mandolinrain Jul 23, 2013

If the only way Nicotine could be delivered to your system was by a needle in the arm or sniffed up your nose via straw???? I doubt any of us would. Next time the thought to 'smoke' enters your brain...consider this. would be no differnt than any other drug addict except via route the drug enters your body. a matter of seconds, you are'hooked' again and within 30 minutes you will crave for another 'hit'

....within a matter a hours ( for some people..days) you will be rushing out to bum ciggs, buy ciggs and scraping through your wallet/purse for the right amout of money to buy them. 

Sound about right for a 'druggie', huh? Thats what we are. Would we pat ourself on the back if we were using a drug like Herion and decided to use it again? I don't think so.....we would for help because we KNEW we needed help to stop.

I did not learn very much the first times I relapsed. I never took the time to truly read about Nicotine, how it relates to my brain and so on. I never reached out much for help. Not even to God and thats sad to me.

I read an article last evening on a different site and there was a story talking about smokers at airports. Since they cannot smoke indoors anymore, they are all hitting it hard before they enter the terminal. Do they look happy to you? Most of them look miserable, dragging in those last bits into theIr lungs to hopefully hold them over until they land at their destination. Remember the glass smoking rooms inside airport terminals? I do. I used them one time years ago and never managed to last a minute in one. Full of smoke and SO STINKY. Yet these people HAD TO FEED their monster. 

I don't have to feed it anymore. It is my choice and it truly is a life or death situation. 55 days today.

Choose Life.~N.O.P.E.


Set your mind....

Posted by Mandolinrain Jul 22, 2013

Think on things that serve a purpose. Where your mind is your body will follow.......

I cannot afford to get hung up on 'smoking fixations'. I am walking in NML now and it is a very dangerous place to be. Lucky for me, I have this site and you people to turn to, but even so....I need to keep my mind 'set'.

I am a non-smoker now. I need to remind myself each day...I do not smoke.

Have a great day friends! We are no longer smoker's but remain addicts of nicotine. N.O.P.E.


For new quitters......

Posted by Mandolinrain Jul 21, 2013

Just thought I would share a few ideas that helped ME on the first few weeks and I continue to do;

Drink cranberry juice-it helps remove Nicotine from your body. 

Drink ice water

MOVE- clean your house, drawers-rearrange your garage--

Exercise. I just started P90x+ again every morning and love it. OR..... Walk even 10 minute walks inside the house can help you pass a crave.

Buy a mini-tramp- I love mine and I jumped my fool head off for 2 weeks when I started my quit. You dont even have to jump high. Just do mini 'taps' ..great way to work off a crave.

Sweet tooth: I am a pretty healthy eater, but I seriously craved sweets at first. I took bananas-strawberries-blueberries and plain greek yogurt along with 2 packs of Stevia and threw it all in the blender. Then, using the plastic freezer bar trays ( you can buy at Wal-Mart) I made my own healthy freeze pops. My hubby likes them too!

READ: old and new blogs...any articles on this site and another site called WHYQUIT has amazing articles. Educate yourself as much as possible so you know what to Expect.

You can't get what you don't give. Blog on here when you reaching out to help others, you will help yourself. AND,....should the craves hit your own blogs as a reminder...your NOT gonna smoke!

Best to all of you on this site..EACH AND EVERYONE on here has helped me maintain and we will for you as well!


50 days today!!!

Posted by Mandolinrain Jul 18, 2013

I can't believe it!! 50 days!!!

This site is a Godsend and all of you people. I could have never made it this far without you.

Thanks to this site, I made it trough a terrible day in NML yesterday. I cannot wait till I am out of NML. I read that it is generally about 130 80 more or so to go. It is seeming more 'do-able' each day. I just pray the bad NML days are far and few between.

Have a great day everyone!~Missy

oh gosh, what is this day 48 or 49? I don't know I am SO badly having craves today. I had to come here and just type....I had visions of running out to store and buy smokes, just one I thought, then no....came here. So if this rambles on and on I am so sorry but I want to cry. 

I am pissed, sorry about language, I want to beat a wall. I have jumped on the $%^#@ mini tramp till I feel like I will puke, I am chugging ice water, deep breating...and on and on and NOTHING IS WORKING.....HELP!!!!


I have had my son and his family here the past couple days and grandson, I love them dearly, but they smoke, I do not....and although they stayed outside, away from me, it was the little things I noticed when this storm began.

Cigg butts in firepit outside.....pack of their smokes on the dresser in room they use when they visit....watching them go outside to smoke after dinner last night and relax with a drink...which I wont dare do...I know it would make me want to let down my guard and smoke. But I SO WANTED TO JOIN THEM!!!!! UGH!

Okay, now I feel a bit better since I let all that out. I am still mad though. Mad the &*^%$# cigg. companys get the ^&%$ away with this. Wish they would all burn in ^%$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I am such a bummer today. I am going out now to run, maybe I will freakin die! It's over 100 heat index outside, this could be a good thing!  Pity Party is over~Signing off!

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Thanks to ALL of you for putting up with me on bad days and encouraging me. I have more those to go through, I'm sure, but I know you all have my back...and I have yours! So nice it is to not be depending on 'smokes' to get me through things. I am enjoying ths new control I have over it:) Hugs to all. Hopefully this pic shows up, I finally was able to get my countup ticker on my page thanks to Stac and Niki245

I may not be on here again till Tuesday, but will try. We have my niece/nephew and grandson for next few days and they keep us hopping:)


I have a great quit going ( 42 days today) but anyway, yesterday I went shopping in Amish country with a friend and as we were heading into a little eating joint, there were about 4 people smoking just ourside the door.

Man did they ever stink! I am so glad I do not smell like that anymore. There was a time that if I didnt have my smokes on me and walked by a smoker, I would want one. But not yesterday, as I even watched them smoke it was awful. The way there faces scrunch up..the whole deal just looked really bad. I quickly got inside the shop and am thankful that's not me anymore. My car, my clothes, my skin and my hair are clean smelling! Love it!

Have a good day friends and N.O.P.E.!

I am amazed, but not I have never taken the time, as I have this time around, to truly understand the addiction of nicotine I have. i have never truly 'reached out' to others for help. i have never taken the responsibilty before. I always blamed my continuous 'habit' on other people ,places and things.

Yes, I have days that are worse than others, but I also realize that thoses days will come with or without me smoking.I have paid attention to my surroundings...the people i am with, the conversations, the places I go, everything...I am learning to really become 'aware'. That in itself has helped me to make much better lifetime choices for me, such as ...not smoking.

I took my dog for a long walk this morning and spent time in prayer as I walked. I was gratful in my prayers to my maker, for all I am learning and all of the ways He has put people,places and things in my life to help me to make better choices. This site and you folks being a large part of that.

Doing this cold turkey has been tuff at times, but I believe no matter how one decides to quit, it's just tuff...period. At some point in time we all have to look at ourselves and decide to smoke or not to smoke...with or without the help of meds/aids..etc...At some point in time we have to decide to quit going around in cirlces if we truly want to be finished with this habit. 

One time I had this river to cross with my horse on a trail in Cook Forest,Pa. It was a wicked looking river. Vey wide, very rocky in places and the water was very rapid. I was scared. I had never done anything like that before, although my horse had ( and this is a true story). Before we started across I learned from other riders, what to be aware of, what to look for and how to react should something unexpected happen. ( In otherwords, I educated myself beforehand).

Anyway...we started across following many others. About half way through, we fell into deep hole. We went under for seconds. I was terrified and I know my mare was to, but she pressed on and I stayed on. We encouraged each other and she swam out and on across the river. It seemed like it took forever. Once we got across, it was awesome! We both survived and the next time we crossed to go back to camp, the fear was less and we both made it back together. Respect and knowledge for the river and my mare. I remained calm, Olympia ( my mare) and I rode out our fears together.

I respect the river now. I respect this quit. A hole could come at anytime, but I have the tools this go around and knowledge. You do too. My God.....this folks have been my lifeline in this quit.

Respect your quit and yourself. Prepare yourself for each day. For each day will bring a new set of problems, happiness and milestones. You only have today right now. To be able to end this day saying you lived it well by your choices, your words, your thoughts and your actions =respect/knowledge. May you all have a blessed day. Hugs~Missy

I went with mu hubby to the first 'Social' event ( big cook-out), since I quit smoking. We had a great time and NOBODY I saw there was smoking,how sweet Is that? I did see a couple people take off into the woods no and then and my mind wondered if they were hiding smoking in front of everyone, cause thats what I used to do. I would be so ashamed to be a smoker that I would sneak away and find a private spot to go lite up and get my 'fix'. It was so nice to not feel that way last night.

Anyway, it was relaxing and I had fun. I even had one drink, lol and no 'urges' came from it. I even pictured many of you hanging around the party as my inspiration to not light up...the great thing is I never once felt the need to. Thats real freedom for me:) Thanks to you Ex'ers and this site. Bet you guys did not know you were at this cookout with me last night, well....we all had a good time and the firework show was amazing! Happy Sunday everyone!

These are 2 'sayings I just love. The first one was written by Dora Lee Scott...and I have kept this one hanging up for years to stay inspired to work out and such. Now I pulled it out and have it hanging up on my fridge to also help inspire my 'quit'

Here it is:

"Nobody changes until the pain of staying the same

becomes greater than the PAIN of change"~Dora Lee Scott

(This next one, I have no clue who wrote it, but I really love it) :

"If I have 'just one' I'll be back where I started.

Where I started, was desperately WISHING I was where I am today"

I hope by posting these, someone may be helped. I read them often and they have helped me, so passing them on......Happy4th everyone and THANK YOU to all of you who have 'served this country' ~GodBless!

.....a day at a time. The biggest thing that has helped me is truly putting effort into learning all I can about smoking...the bad and the ugly, cause I sure cannot find any 'good' in it,

When I logged on awhile ago, it was because I had a 'crave' hit me. I found a blog a friend wrote today about failing on her quit today. I thought...that could be me, but it's not. By the time I finished reading and responding to her blog, the urge is gone and I am okay again. Walking or getting on my eliptical or mini tramp is another way I fight the 'urges'.

The'urges' do not come on often anymore. Being AWARE of my surroundings is very helpful and something I learned in here. Who I am around, the conversation, the activity, the place....I am learning to recognize I had more 'triggers' than I thought I had...things or people who 'push my buttons'.... I am learning to just walk away and to be very grateful.

I am normally super active and I am really struggling with being tired since I quit, I do my normal exercise stuff in the morning and feel fine but when I am done I am so tired the rest of the day and crave sweets like crazy. Wish that aspect of quitting would go away. Soon.

Anyway another day in and glad to be here and alive. Hugs to all!