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Moving vans are here!

Posted by Mandolinrain Oct 6, 2017

So everyone the craziness is now getting crazier. Two big vans here now and tomorrow they will deliver to new house.

all but horse bam stuff that we got an extension on to get later. We are grateful that the folks who bought this place are friends , so it’s workung out well.


Anyway I’m gonna be away for a couple week as we get settled but will stop in sooner if I can. I am blessed to have over three years of freedom from the smokes and ALL of you. I am worn out but otherwise we are doing great!

See ya all in here soon! Hugs and love 2 all


Checking in

Posted by Mandolinrain Sep 27, 2017

Although I have not been here much as of late, I think of you all often.


I am so darn tired. Today I drove two suv loads and 2 haul cargo van loads BY MYSELF to new house. I am so done with the moving thing.  The heat has been near 90's all week and it has me exhausted! I have been taking many breaks and staying hydrated....and this house has so many steps...I sure will not miss those in new house!  I have everything except our clothes and the dishes are still using moved...oh and of course the big furniture that the movers will deal with next weekend. I was worried I would have a relapse with my MS because of the heat, but so far so good


Hubby is dealing with the garages and the horse barn, thank goodness. I think I have new muscles that I have never felt ache before in my life, lol. Some friends are helping tomorrow to sort through things and unpack kitchen at new house. 


Anyway wanted to let you know I am still around, not smoking and going to bed NOW! AND...FYI...I have read some of the Newbie posts and love seeing they are battling through and keeping their quits intact! Awesome!!!


Love and miss you all~ Missy

You might be surprised how many of us elders actually were Serial Quitters. I was.  Here are a few examples of my MANY quits......


I made a huge announcement to everyone that such and such date was my quit date....only to find myself sneaking a cigarette now and then and within a few days back to the whole darn pack.


I would smoke ten a day and decrease till I was down to one then, be absolutely insane and buy a whole pack at midnight....driving into town, not a short drive by far hoping the only gas station was still open and had my brand.


I would feel on a whim to quit...and toss them in the trash after giving them a good dose of water to drown them out only to, well you know...get back in the car and drive into town again...


i would come here and read ALITTLE bit and made a few encouraging posts even and quit over 60 days I think once...then fail....come here ...get lectures because poor me, I had not done what the Elders suggested, yet I felt hurt because they were disappointed in me. Well geese, what’s a girl to do?


Dont they understand....? I am a busy lady!  I was raising a grandson, ( that should have been enough reason to quit, then, but no).

I had and still do have a disability. Poor poor me. As a former surigacal Asst I know by quitting somoking my disability symptoms will improve...that also was not important at enough.

I have all these horses to care for, classes to teach...I am stressed out!


Folks that was then this is now. I’m no dummy.  I am college educated.  Yet I chose to ignore what I needed to do the most and that was the advice given to me when I came here. Thus I was a Serial Quitter.


Addiction cares less of our origins , skin color, faith/ beliefs or the amount of money we have or don’t have or the level of education we have.


Nicotine Addiction is not simply going to go away on its own without effort on your part to commit to recognizing and APPLYING the tools given to you on this site.


Until  I was ready and truly understood how the addiction worked in my brain I was doomed to continue use and  to fail.


Good news is you do not have to remain a 'Serial Quitter.' When your sick and tired of being sick and tired you WILL do this the right way and not skip steps and get busy getting busy.


So get on with it already.....PLEASE. Your very life depends on it.


Have a great weekend and don’t be afraid to feel pain as you quit. Many lost their lives to this rotten addiction and their family members wish they were here to even FEEL. 


This is is no joke. Until you take this seriously as though your life depends on it and it does....

your set up for failure...and are a 'Serial Quitter'.


PS: When I downloaded the three girls in the pic above, the first one had a bubble that said 'I quit smoking'...for some reason it does not show up.



Do you feel like you just keep doing the same thing over and over again. Kinda like, you go to bed at night with all the right intentions to quit smoking. Then you wake up and you decide....welll what’s one more day? 


Or or maybe you just enjoy re-hashing hell week over and over and over and over again?


As much as we sometime want to complicate it, that battle going on in regards to can certainly take a good bit of the edge off  if FIRST understand the beast, by reading all the suggested material we give you...... Secondly...put on your Armor, be ready to fight for your quit...and watchful and accountable.


OR.....keep on celebrating Groundhog Day over and over and over and over again.


Battles are won by being prepared and understanding the enemy and until you understand your addition to Nicotine your going to be chasing your tail for a long time. 


Smarten up. Quitting is work, no denying that, we all worked for our quits and we will work to protect them until we breath our last breath, I know I will and I know many of you who take this as seriously as I do and would agree. 


You want freedom so it is the same like they say on the battle fields......

Freedom isn’t free....That pertains to us addicts as well.

I promise...all the uncomfortable moments you start out with eventually will diminish ...Freedom is waiting on the other side. go get what’s yours! You are worth it.




DAY 1112 Check in

Posted by Mandolinrain Sep 18, 2017

Howdy, am stopping by to say hello. We are 18 days from the big move and things are moving along nicely. I just wanted to pop in and say hello.


I miss you guys ( very much) and will be back in daily routine check ins sometime soon after the move.


Things are hectic but in a good way. Things are getting done.  I have acquired more junk in our 38 years together than I ever imagined,lol. So have made many trips to Hospice and Goodwill to donate items. Great feeling really. 


Smoking is not an option. I have 1112 DOF and NOTHING will take that from me. I worked to hard to get it.


So heres my thought for the day...If things aren't going right, go left.




Hiatus from Ex for awhile

Posted by Mandolinrain Sep 11, 2017

So finally the time has arrived and the move is just s few weeks away. The Movers arrive to load up this house on the 6th of October and then deliver to the new house on the 7th.


Meanwhile major packing is going on and I am going to start to take smaller things over to new house by end of this week. I have not even started in the horse barn and not looking forward to that, ugh!!!


Therefore I will be absent from here for awhile. I may pop in for a quick look in the evenings now and then, just depends, theres so much I have to do. 


I WILL KEEP PROTECTING MY QUIT, NO WORRIES THERE! I serve an AWESOME GOD who I spend time with often to help keep me in check and my hubby of nearly 38 years who also is my champion and best friend.


Love all of you and will be back full time after the move and the internet is up and running.


xoxoMissy- 1105 DOF


Expect the unexpected

Posted by Mandolinrain Sep 4, 2017

Are you expecting Joy or trouble? Pleasant feelings or Pain? Smiles or frowns?

Of course some things in life are truly out of our control BUT....

For the most part do you feel you can perhaps look for the Joy the pleasant feelings and the smiles, just for today?


Instead of looking for ways to make you sad or dwell on whats not going right in your life, can you focus on this very instant. This second. Smile...a big smile.


What are the good things you have going for you right this minute?


   Sometimes I need to step back from my troubles, my pain and quit frowning.

It seems for me anyway, the more effort I put into those things, the more of it I receive. back.


I don't miss smoking like used to. I always worried I would miss it so much. I think it misses me more than I miss it.


Today I am choosing this minute, this second ...I CHOOSE, to be happy, unmoved by circumstances out of my control. I smile as I think of so many of you in here that have touched my heart in so many good ways I can't  count them all.

I count my blessings, I cherish good memories from my past and the bad ones, well...they are there but they don't control me. I don't give them that leverage anymore.I use them as teachable lessons, so I have learned.


Are you looking today for something you expect? Such as words to ease a troubled heart, compassion from someone who is not ready to give it to you? Are you expecting the craves to diminish on this particular day for any particular reason?


Don't expect so much. I have learned to keep my expectations tiny therefore I am a bit less winey.


Reach out to someone else. Theres always someone who is hurting. Help them. It will release your own expectations and fill you up with a happy heart. Don't expect anything in return, just do it.


Don't focus on the cigarette you are wanting this second so bad. Don't feed the Nicodemon. Find something to focus on that makes your heart sing. Make a list , 

What makes your heart sing? Then take action.


The unexpected can also bring you Joy , pleasant feelings and happiness. Maybe we all could look forward in a more positive light . Its worth a try.



I am happy about that. I was a very stubborn quitter, but I finally dug in my heels and fought through the tuff times ( oh yes, many of those) but because of the knowledge I learned from this site and all of you...I applied that knowledge and it stuck. Yea me...three years. I see other smokers and feel sorry for them and they want what I have. They feel it is impossible to stop because they have failed so many times. I felt that way to. Never would have imagined I would have this wonderful freedom.

So thank you EX and everyone here. I could not have done this without God and Ex. Simply put....I love you guys, old and new...I learn from you all and I intend to remain teachable. Have a safe and happy weekend. I'll be back next week.  Busy weekend planned for us, but all good. Thank you ALL for getting me to 3 years of freedom.




Smoke 1-2 or 3???

Posted by Mandolinrain Aug 30, 2017

I was looking through my files on the computer today, deleting some things and came across this. Something I wrote awhile back but never shared, here  it goes....:


Death stood by waiting patiently

"Go ahead" it said, "smoke one -two or three..."

"Because if you choose me, I'll help you fall

And you'll beacon to me whenever I call".


"Inside your brain where the chemicals seep

I'll bond to your weakness and there I will keep...."

"All of your will power, yes I'll teach you to lack'I'll feed you more Nicotine

With the rest of the crap..."


"I will betray you and make you believe

You can't do anything without me ,that you need..."

This death had a name, the more I explored

In the form of a cigarette , I just wanted more.


Then came a day I threw in the towell

I reached out to EX and they showed me the HOW

I flipped and I flopped until I got it right

I fought through the tears, I put up a fight


I did ALL the homework and never looked back

The Ex'ers stayed by my side

For they had my back


Death is still here waiting patiently

" Go ahead..." it whispers," Smoke one-two or three".


I smile and walk on but deep down inside

I shudder and cringe as I  hear those old lies

Nothing, no Nothing will take my quit today

This freedoms too sweet to just throw away


My Ex friends have taught me to take what I need

And just leave the rest

This God given Program is simple the best


( Now as my Dad used to say 'Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it', lol

More packing to do, gotta run. Everyone have a great day!


Pickle in the middle

Posted by Mandolinrain Aug 29, 2017

Is it me or has anyone else felt like the 'Pickle in the middle'?


Our youngest  son and his lovely wife are going through some very difficult times. And how, you ask.... HOW in the world can this have anything at all to do with smoking??? A lot actually. There was a time that this would be a very acceptable ( on my mind ) excuse to light up.


 I have no intention to 'light up' so I am currently safe , but it does make triggers re-awaken so I have to remain vigilant. Even with having nearly 3 years in people. You can never sit back and say "Self, you have been quit for so long theres absolutely no worries you will not smoke, don't give it a second thought" Well listen people, I am  addicted to the drug Nicotine...I ALWAYS will be. One puff will put me right back to day one of hell week because all those damn receptors will get lit up again and the craves will be as bad as they were on day one.


Wow I said a swear word. You don't get that from me hardly ever, but I am really angry right now. Angry also puts me in a vulnerable position to smoke. " I could care less" attitude. Another reason to be vigilant. Sound familiar to anyone else? Some things are just plain out of my hands and out of my control. Waiting patiently as things unfold seem discouraging. So yes, Im angry...but I know I need some knee time, if you follow. That always helps me get away from my own thoughts that can make things worse than what they really are.


Lonely, me there. Whats happening with our son is something I can't talk about. So it leaves me feeling lonely. I have to turn this situation over to God.....well now, that makes me feel better. How about you? Are you lonely??? Do you think smoking will be good company? For the few seconds it takes to puff it out, then you feel like crap. Is it worth it? God is available 24/7 even if nobody else is. Call your Higher Power first please before you light up.


Tired. Well no not physically right now. But I am aware...watchful and will rest as needed.


Hungry, crap...I am always hungry, thats a given.


So I believe I just covered H.A.L.T. Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. any combination or any one of them alone and you better run, not safety. Because any of those mentioned can weaken you to lose a valuable quit.


I am going to Value myself. I came here. I blogged, I have prayed and I will continue to be adamant and watchful. NOTHING is worth losing this precious quit I have going. 


If your having a weak day and considering blowing it. Re-evaulate your quit. Value yourself, Value your quit. Theres always someone else who has it worse than you. Your not them, so be blessed . I have have all of you and all the knowledge that I have stored up in here on this site, I am putting into action . I know I need too. I know I am blessed. I just answered my own questions. I headed to quite time on my knees now.

Have a great day.


As far as quitting smoking was for me.


I was one who had so many failed attempts. I would get up one morning and say, " This is as good of day as any to quit"....then maybe I would manage to stay quit a couple hours.


Then there was the 'driving down the street and so disgusted at myself for smoking I would throw the entire pack out the window'... That also never worked. I would just be running down to the filling station ( which by the way, is a drive living out here in tin buck two) and spend over 5 bucks for another pack.


Or, when I would quit and have a really good start, maybe even a week or two and a tragedy would happen....Like losing my cell phone ( thats a tragedy, oh yes it is, you know it is,...) and I would be so mad....I would drive back into town and smoke 3 in a row by the time I pulled back in the driveway...hating the taste of it....feel dizzy....


And each time one of these likely events happened and I threw away my 'quit' I came crawling back here and fessed up. I am no child, but I sure behaved like one. I had not done my homework....well maybe partially. I knew I had not done all the suggested reading. Some yes, all.....not so much.


I was not really wanting to quit deep inside. My faith has always been important to me and I had laxed in that area as well. This site, at the time, was having issues. People were really dropping right and left.  It broke my heart to watch it happen. I dropped back also then. I took offense sometimes at comments made to me when I ' slipped', and I see now that I probably deserved it...well perhaps not all of it, lol. As a result, I now don't use the term 'Slipped', unless we are talking about ice.I had made a bad 'choice'....oh well, thats another story...


But seeds were planted. I took that time out to really get my faith restored and get serious about my quit and doing everything all the elders said to do. Study, get informed, make a quit kit, start a quit journal.


It worked for me. Knowledge really is everything. We each have our own journey to make  and some of us will struggle more than others. When the time is right I think you will know it deep in your soul. That feeling came to me when I fed it  what it needed and that was reading blogs, Carrs Book and all the material given to me here from all the wonderful people who stuck it out and helped me, that and of course my faith in God, that alone got me headed in the right direction.


It was a long time coming and it was hard. I NEVER thought I could be this free from smoking and I thank God everyday. I am a person who wears her heart often on her sleeve and sometimes I share more than I should, its just who I am. I have deleted some older posts where I did discuss some personal things that I truly wish I had not. I see now why I should never delete posts....perhaps it could help someone else? But I was embarrassed, and some was a medical issue still not resolved....I was scared....still concerned but not as much. We are dealing with it.


I am going to have 3 years September 2nd. I never thought this could be me. Im saying...


This could be you. Knowledge really is everything. My best advice is to be prepared.

Knowledge really is everything.


Bed time for me, blessings to ya all, sorry this was long




Posted by Mandolinrain Aug 25, 2017

Intended tonight to bed, but as I was turning off the TV , it was just announced that Harvey has become a category 4 storm. I am praying ...I have friends who live in Texas, and I know some  of you have family and friends there.

My prayers go out for all of them. Oh boy......I hope people who are in the path of this storm get to safety.

So sad. Now I wide awake, ugh

DAILY,,, every-single-time.....I come here onto this site, I see so many familiar people who take the time out of their own daily commitments to come here and encourage ALL of us. SOMEDAY, I hope to get here more to do the same.


I just want to do a shout out to the ones I see here constantly, no matter what they are experiencing in greet all the newbies, encourage EVERYONE and give us all a dose of love and hope DAILY, so it  seems.


I might be an Elder myself, but all of your dedication to this site is something I admire greatly. Had it not been for you, I may have never had made it to Elder status. I love you guys!!!


JACKIE1-25-15elvanYoungatheart.7.4.12, jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14,

Marilyn.H.July.14.14. GiuliaThomas3.20.2010SkyGirl....and so many others, if I left you out Im sorry,...I really am pointing out the ones who were here when I was starting my journey here....I am in a mood to give away ALL my points,   let me know if you want some:)


And actually, I know there are more of you, but my brain just clanked close,lol. Sorry if your name was not mentioned, I think your all rock stars., but these guys above, NEVER-HARDLY EVER MISS A BEAT!!!


Ok, gotta go get some sleep and yes I know its really early for bed but..... Funny story first..


Last night  I went on a rode trip with a friend who needed to take her female Labrador to a breeder 3 hours away. We got home after 12:30am. The I went up to get into bed I saw  my sweet husband sound asleep with 2 large lumps in bed with him. It was very dark. HUHH, WHAT THE HECK???? Here he had mercy on our two dogs and allowed them into bed with him which he NEVER allows. Needless say, not much room left for me between him, a 90 lb.Doberman and a 150lb Mastiff. UGH!!! I did squeeze in and had Merlins rear end too close to be comfortable, it was a non sleep night. Overhead fan, was on, I was freezing and they were ALL snoring. So you ask, WHY in heavens name, did t you just go to another room????


House is so far packed for upcoming move, there IS NO OTHER ROOM!!


Needless to say, no dogs in our bed tonight and I am off to bed in 3-2-1....zzzzzzzzz


Love to all, Missy

Thats what I had to do. I had to not only learn about the tools to quit, but I had to start putting them in motion.


Oh sure, I had plenty of failure along the way. I errr, 'slipped' , as I USED to say a lot. The  I became is a choice, it always has been...My Choice.


I began using the tools i gathered along the way in my quit journey and began really holding onto the people in here that I saw strength in. Actually....that was everyone. So much advice, so much knowledge. Some I agreed with, some I disagreed with some I came to agree with as I developed my knowledge and put it into action.


I believe in EVERYONE who comes to this site. They are here because they want desperately what we have. I know, I was one of them. I ranted and raved, did a lot of whining of my own. It was MY quit after all....and bless you allowed me to own it. Today I am 1083 DOF. Because with your help, I developed a backbone instead of a wishbone. You allowed me the freedom to take what I needed and leave the rest. I was not judged.


Our house is nearing completion. We hope to be moving by the end os September or the first week of October. It has been a hectic summer. I am tired but thrilled to finally reach this point. It is built solid. We put the best materials in it we could afford to maintain a home that should last beyond our lifetime. It was work, lots of work. It will stand for years to come.....and so will my quit.


I put much reading into it. Much study. Leaned on all of you ( thanks so much)  when my days were long and weary and I was totally burned out. I prepared well, finally, after several failed attempts. My foundation is rock solid'


I know I can never get complacent. I will protect my quit tillI take my last breath. soon as I am able to get online more, I will continue come here and support those who are in need as it was given to me. This is a beautiful site and ALL of you, new and old, are beautiful dear people. This is doable. This site was a Godsend for me... Stick around. Godbless




Hello my friends!

Posted by Mandolinrain Aug 18, 2017

Im still here and still smoke free. My 3 year Anny is coming soon!!!!


Its funny I jump in here and see a post from Sootie tonight regarding how Life happens no matter what. Sure is for me. I have not had much time for my computer. We just moved my Mother in law into asst. living., and I am taking care of my Mom and a sick horse....trying to pack our own house of nearly 30 years to prep for the move in end of September....we hope. I tore my achilles tendon and wear this stupid boot at night, but its really helping....LIFE


Smoking won't help my mother in law or my Mom, ....or the horse, or the new house, or the packing, the grandkids,the won't help any of that one bit.

However it would:

Ruin my beautiful quit and place me back to day one and have to re-live hell week and NML


Not worth it.


Yes, I have been busy, it happens to us all at different times in our lives, but I know things will eventually settle down. I will have more time to devote here helping others as I was helped. I absolutely intend too once this moving business is done. We also recently laid to rest a dear dear friend....


Hectic, yes....busy , yes....but Your ALL in my thoughts and prayers often. I look forward to having my morning cup of Joe with you all soon and get back here more often on daily basis.


Meanwhile, just saying I miss you all. I have not left the community, I will be back strong soon.




Life will happen and smoking is not an option for me. Love you all!~Missy