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Sunsets come in many forms and colors and vary second to second. Last evening we had a beautiful sunset and I decided to snap away at it. It was ever changing much like our quits , I suspect.


We all have a different way to go about our journeys. We may tweak our quits, using suggestions from others quits, but realistically, they are ours to protect or abuse. no matter what we do or how we do it.


Like the winds above stir the clouds into formation that present to us some breathtaking views of the sunset....our choices stir our quits into formation everyday.  Like sunsets , quits are forever changing.


Its your job to make good choices so the changes bring about positive growth.

Heres the sunset we admired last night. 

Tomorrow is surgery day and of course I am anxious but I am also at peace because I know its going to improve the quality of my life just as quitting smoking has. I serve an Awesome God so I know everything will be just fine.

I'll see you all soon  N.O.P.E.







Get your Quit Token

Posted by Mandolinrain Dec 2, 2018

I will be out of commission for awhile after December 13th. So if you are getting ready to celebrate a year or more quit between now and Mid February PLEASE Private message me your home address IF you desire a quit token.

There is absolutely no charge to you. It is my way to give back to a community that has blessed me in so many ways.


The token is made from Vintage Silver-plate Silverware. It will have your username and quit date engraved on it. No two are alike. Men get keychains made from the same things.


Heres a pic of mine :

They say " ( Username ) Became and Ex ( and then their quit date )"


PS: I will try to post this monthly to let people know cause I know many do not come here daily.


This opportunity is good so long as supplies last





Smokers at wedding

Posted by Mandolinrain Dec 1, 2018

Just got home from a friends wedding a couple hours ago. Left early and noticed a lot of folks standing outside in the rain smoking. UGH! I recalled when I would have been doing the same thing.


I was SO HAPPY I had ZERO desire to smoke and smelling them and watching them stand there , all dressed up in the rain looked ridiculous!

Thats how I used to look.


Anyway, I came home changed into my comfy clothes and shoes and didn't need to shower cause I did not clothes did not stink and my hair did not stink.




 Buckeyes just scored....Refreshing  


Gotta run!!!


Get your Quit Token.....

Posted by Mandolinrain Nov 26, 2018

 If you want to be put on a 'QUIT TOKEN' list PM me your quit date and address. I will watch for your year Anniversary and will send it to you at no charge to you.

Men get a key chain~ Gals get a necklace.

 Both made from Vintage Silver-plate Silverware with your Ex-username name and quit date engraved on it.

Heres a pic of mine.

Maybe others who have already received one will post a pick of theirs 


Just my way to give back to a community that continues to give so much to me.





PS: I should also mention that if you already have a year or more in and do not have one, I will gladly send you one as well


1. Decide it is time to end it.

2. Write down a list of WHY you should end it

3. Commit to ending it

4. Gather around those who support you to end it ~ Stay close to them

5. Educate yourself on this toxic friends antics to keep ahold of you

6. Prepare yourself for the toxic friends fight to keep you prisoner



 And get back to #1.




And that would be YOU my friend

Love yourself

Make the right choice

Choose you

Choose a smoke free Life


Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Posted by Mandolinrain Nov 21, 2018

Busy Day tomorrow so jumping on now to wish you all SAFE TRAVELS, and a very Blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow.


I have much to be Thankful for, including ALL of you. I plan on showing my gratitude more in the coming year ~ Complain less ~ Compliment more. Wrote this little ditty for you all tonight :


May your heart reach out to others

May you not be alone

May you enjoy the presence of others

In their house or your own..


May you leave and arrive safely

To all your destinations

May you accept and hand out love

Without any reservation


May Thanksgiving remind you

As its reminding me

That the Golden Love one another

Is the answer for all humanity



God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving ~Missy




Is where I feel I am right now....somewhere out there.


See I have a little over 4 years quit in and I still have days that are ending badly at times, this is one of them. Personal, but one of them. It happens to us all.


I know it will pass. I know I won't smoke. Thought about it for possibly 2 seconds though. Scary. 


I will have my time with God here soon...( its been said go to the throne and not the phone..) but was never said not to come to Ex. So if your up and reading this,  could use a prayer please. I don't ask often. God knows whats going on so please lift this situation up for me . My heart is breaking...but I know it will pass.  Cant hurt to ask though. We all have been there before. Today apparently is my day.

Night  all. Hitting the hay early.

1.  Understand the beast. 

What exactly makes it tick...How it draws you back...How to avoid the traps set to keep you addicted. You can learn all about this by reading the many articles on EX Community and blogs throughout this site.  For instance :Are you aware that every tome you take a drag from a cigarette that you are waking up your brains receptors to set yourself up for the next crave? That was an eye opener for was a huge chunk of knowledge to keep me compelled to quit and stay quit.


2. Have a plan of action. List your triggers and make a list of what you will do to either avoid those triggers or handle them as they come. Keep them on hand and read them often.


3. Form your support team. This site is always here 24/7 so even if your not in the best situation  at home with family or friends to have your back, we do. So theres no excuse. Are you thinking about smoking? Many romance the thought of it days or hours right before they 'cave'. THAT is your red flag. Go to your support then...not later.


4. Do you want it bad enough ( kick the habit )? Understand that you will go through ruff times. Are you willing to fight for it? How have you prepared for the fight? Determine your ACTION steps when it looks like defeat is coming into play. is your 'BREAKTHROUGH DAY'.


5. So you fell off the wagon  .....Most of us have. So what now? Jump back in. You have 2 choices.....

A) Continue to smoke and step up your studies on why you failed and learn more about the addiction and prepare yourself to quit again and set another quit date and quit on that date.

B) Quit smoking immediately and continue to educate yourself on this site to further your knowledge on the addiction, why you failed and how you can stay quit. Stay active on this site and allow us to support you.




6. There is also a 3rd choice......Ignore it all. Continue to live a life as Nicotines prisoner. Allow Nicotine to determine and control your health, your life, your environment your willingness to survive...yadda,yada,yada.....


7. HOWEVER....Lets say a 4th choice is an option.......Choose life and take back the control of your body

YOU are worth the effort

WE are here to help









Wonderful Blog by Thomas3.20.2010 I think could benefit some folks


Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 21, 2016
Mark asked me to edit this and share the link.I think I just screwed up and accidentally deleted the post, so I am sorry.
It was written by Thomas ( see above ) 2 years ago. If your struggling with fear I highly recommend looking his post up. Again, I am sorry I messed it up

Just    Let   Go

Posted by Mandolinrain Nov 3, 2018


But I was deceived

The cigarette pulled a fast one

Right over me


I thought I couldn’t feel

Unless it was there 

To smooth over the ripples

When I felt nobody cared


I thought it was my friend

And would always comfort me

It was gone with the last drag

All that was left….was me


I thought it made me stronger

To take care of everybody else

But in the end

I felt like the dust.... up on a shelf


I thought it was relaxing

Eased the tension, saved the day

If only …….no….,it prolonged it

No dilemmas went away


I thought I loved to smoke

I thought I could never be without

I thought I could never quit

 ( See we have lots on common…)

We just wanted out


It never changed a thing

Over any given situation

Although it gave an instant hug

 Promising  immediate gratification



I thought it would de-stress me

False courage with invitation…

Only it just magnified my weakness



Then I had a revelation…..



 4 years -2 months ago

I’m glad I smartened up


Just  ~ let ~ go


My Quit Journey

Posted by Mandolinrain Nov 2, 2018

I had a recent discussion with someone about my smoking history and it provoked many thoughts after the conversation. Mostly I feel….I grew on my quit ~ rather than it growing on me.

I didn’t  realize how much until I had this conversation. I am in a place of growth and I pray I always am. 


Sometimes I still feel very vulnerable, not to smoking again, but to resisting or maybe just accepting certain  things at certain times in my life. That can be good in itself or bad… the jurys still out on that but I will say its great to be open and honest about my prior ‘bad habit/nicotine”. I certainly don’t hold the royal grail of answers on how to quit but I can share my experiences and hope ….because thats all I have to offer.


We all have a different path to becoming non-smokers ( thats what I prefer to call myself now…)….a different attitude perhaps about ‘Slips’ and even the phrase ‘non-smoker’. Is it truly that big a deal? I had to think about it. I have been guilty of saying a slip is what happens when you fall on ice. Some will say a non-smoker is a person who never smoker…I am comfortable with my own perception of non-smoker. I don’t smoke. I don’t care much for labels anyway…..and have less respect for those who want label me. Therefore I decided I have been guilty….I have applied my own share of labels and now will look at things differently and not be so quick to to that.


So yes, I have grown on my quit. i continue to be in awe of the elders here and even the ones who are new here…some who still smoke but I KNOW they will be quit eventually. I learn from ALL of them. I don’t stay the same…..I want to be open minded. I may not be agreeable, but thats also okay.


When I was new on Ex I was learning to get my feet wet. I wasn’t ready to jump right in. I was cautious. Sometimes it pays to be cautious….sometimes you have to learn to trust.

I’m a praying kinda gal so I tend to lean on my faith and that will never change for me. It has brought me to this site and to all of you. It is the rock that ( my faith ) that keeps me in the pool but my head above water. It challenges me to not ignore but to be aware. Sometimes I have to take the swim goggles off to see clearer, but I have never been left to drown.


Staying quit for me has touched so many avenues in my life, I just can’t think of them all at once. I never realized how much the smoking habit effected so many areas of my life. It was the silent partner I never needed but was so sure I did. I’m glad to have ended that relationship ~ for good.


God Bless all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here for me and allowing me to be a person of change as I journey on with my quit of 4 years and 2 months :)

I was recently asked what was my favorite quote here  on Ex. Thats hard to answer because I have several. the following are the ones that touch me the most.


The first one and the very last one....I used at the gym for years and will always be among my top quotes. 



We change behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change



What comes easy won't last, what last....won't come easy



If it doesn't challenge won't change you 



If it's important to you, you will find a way. If it's'll find an excuse



The cause of most folks unhappiness is sacrificing what they want the most for what they want now.



You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.



Be the change you want to see.



Sometimes we have to let go of whats killing us even though it's killing us to 'let go'.



Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.



If you want somethings you've never had then you've got to do something you've never done



DESTINY is not a matter of chance ~ It's a matter of CHOICE


Surgery date finally set

Posted by Mandolinrain Oct 25, 2018

This has been a crazy medical year for me but FINALLY the surgery I need to have done has been approved by my insurance and the Date has been set.


Monday of next week I have to have yet another EGD done so I won't be around on the site that day. The surgery then to repair the paraesophgeal hernia and also do the LINX procedure is set for December 14th. They are still contemplating also removal of my thyroid at that time also. I am concerned thats too much at once, but they claim it is doable. Guess its not really up to me. I guess it beats going under the knife twice.


I'm off now to go volunteer at Hospice. Ya'all have a great day.


FYI....I am 100% certain my past smoking habit is directly related to this problem with my esophagus , the LES valve not working and GERD. I am fortunate that it is being caught BEFORE it turns ugly. So be forewarned.....anyone who is smoking is putting themselves at risk for this and this is NOT any fun to go through nor are all the Manometry tests I had to go through and PH testing etc... to qualify for this procedure.


Work your quits hard AND YOUR DETERMINATION HARDER!!! 


Worn out in a good way

Posted by Mandolinrain Oct 20, 2018

Our company left here about an hour ago. We had a super good time. I just didn't have time to get on this site the past week enough to post but I did read some.

Anyway, I was so sorry to see our Youngatheart.7.4.12 had yet another fall and I think I may take up a collection of bubble wrap for that woman, lol. I hope she's back home and resting. We all love our Nancy.

Thats the cool things about this site. We truly are a family and we truly do care for each other. I think theres something about smokers and the heart. A connection, we always seem to stick together no matter what....we went out and froze our butts off together as we smoked and then we encouraged each other through thick and thin as we worked on our quit journeys and we continue to provide that as we grow stronger in our quits and journeys everyday.


So friends, its good to be back. I missed you all and as soon as I catch up with an overflowing laundry room, I will be back regular on the site.


Enjoy your weekend. Cold and cloudy here but the leaves are changing and I can smell the aroma of burnt leaves as hubby is burning the fire pit. All is good here at our home and I pray its all good at yours 


Laundry room here I come.......

I made a great dinner, house is perfectly clean, all chores done and even mowed the yard…then Hubby comes home late, dinner is cold…its dark out so he can’t tell I mowed for him, He’s tired and so he can’t notice how great the house looks….so I made a choice and smoked


The dog decided to urinate on the new carpet…And thats when I made a choice to smoke


My Dad Died…I made a choice to smoke


We are going out to dinner, I feel fat and nothing looks right on me….so I made a choice and smoked.


My kids are acting like kids and my patience is running out, so I made a choice to smoke.


I have just finished a nice long walk and then worked out…and thats when I made a choice to smoke


Darn telemarketers, I made a choice and smoked.


Are you kidding me, the kids forgot to latch the pasture gate, now the horses are loose …again! Better smoke.


I can’t find my cell phone. …so I made a choice and smoked.


I just banged my elbow on the door that I neglected to close, so I made a choice and smoked


Ahhh a glass of Vino, and I made a choice to smoke


I need to relax, so I made a choice to smoke


I have important decisions to make, so I made a choice to smoke


I am on the phone for Petes sake, so I made a choice to smoke.


I am in between chores, so I made a choice to smoke.


I am sick with a horrible head cold, so I made a choice to smoke ( wow-really)???


I am happy-Sad-Frustrated-Worried-impatient-Concerned-Tired-Elated-hungry-thirsty-Angry-and a hot mess of many many emotions….and at one time in my life, I MADE A CHOICE AND SMOKED OVER EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. 


Its freezing outside, so I made a choice and went out and smoked


I made a choice and an Excuse


I am still all of those things somedays. But now I make different choices....

I Choose not to smoke over anything anymore. No more Excuses, ( like Tony Horton says), lol.


Smoking only enhanced everything above. It didn’t bring my Dad back, or fixe a bad situation, it didn’t help me get over a head cold or make any decisions for me any easier. It didn’t round up the horses for me, it just made them get further from me catching them. It never relaxed me…the situation was always still there when I put out the cigarette.


Only you have the power to make a choice

   choose wisely


Tell yourself and others "I don't do that anymore"


Have a great Saturday everyone!

Gonna be gone for awhile

See ya in a week or so