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I know , I know... I am a couple days early, but here they are anyway. I think if more people practiced these our world would be  so much nicer and our problems fewer. What are your favorite Quotes by MLK ?



Have a nice weekend. We are in midst of freezing rain, our entire woods is all iced up, its pretty till it starts popping, yuk. Staying home today. Supposed to change to snow and go down to 15 degrees here tonight!

I have been in touch with our Ellen, elvan in regards to getting a photo from her to paint for the Wall of Elders. I don't check my mail everyday but I just did and she did send one.


HOWEVER, she is in MUCH discomfort and pain and having very labored breathing. It truly scares me. One of the pics she sent was a live feed and I could see the very labored breathing and pain in her beautiful face, it made me cry, seriously, and I feel so helpless. As many know she has had partial lobe removal of both lungs, I believe, in the past


So please you guys, there's power when more people pray, I believe. Lift her ups as she has given so much to this community.  She ALWAYS made time to encourage and greet each and every new person on this site, but lately her health has not allowed her to be as active.


Please pray for healing comfort and any and all assistance she needs right now.

I know she would be on this site more if she was up to it. Please please pray

Thank you~






Are you Fading Away...???

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 11, 2020

You may not realize it, but you may be fading away of you're still smoking.


It ( Nicotine ) will beat you, it's only a matter of time....UNLESS you beat it first.


 "The way I see it, If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain" 

(By Dolly Parton)



This side of the rainbow is well worth the rain and storms.

We are here to help you over



Permission to FEEL

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 9, 2020

Smoking was a release for me. I relaxed and felt in touch with myself or so I thought so.


I smoked to feel the fullness of what ever emotion I was experiencing. Joy, sadness, guilt, shame, loss, grief, happiness, love,….all of it was celebrated with a smoke.

So when I quit I was extremely a mess of mixed emotion. HOW would I get through day to day, hour to hour…there was nothing to ‘catch’ me, nowhere to find comfort. I assumed I would live forever uncomfortable. Forever stressed when I quit.

Now I do have a strong faith in God and although I never quit believing during that time, I found that faith was never applied to its fullest until I did actually let go and let God and for that I am forever grateful but, I am speaking of something different here….


Smoking took away all my inhibitions of all feelings really. It denied me to feel when I thought it was allowing me to feel. I see that now as I am well into my quit headed to my 6th year, in fact.


The next time you worry your losing this battle to quit or think you will miss smoking…remind yourself this…Nicotine is nothing more than a drug. A drug that steels lives everyday.

Its been lying to you each time you light up. Its a great deceiver and the tobacco companies want you to stay hooked so they can line their fancy pockets with your hard earned money as you get more and more dependent on them to feed your crave. They WANT your ‘feelings’ to be weak to stay dependent to them.


Yes, quitting is very hard. Yes you will struggle, but then comes the day you don’t anymore. And thats because it beats you or you beat it.


Stick around…we will help you beat IT. Stay committed and one more thing…..


Today I feel EVERYTHING, in such a BEAUTIFUL full way I never dreamed possible. Its so much more valuable now to me than it ever was when I smoked and I mean that and speak it from the bottom of my heart.


We are worth our quits and YOU are worth it. Don’t let the tobacco companies have one more penny or day of your life or steel you Feelings anymore.



Missy 1956 DOF and you bet I am proud of it!

Heidi Ho Friends!!! I had a wonderful Holiday and little time to make tokens, but now it's 2020, a New Year upon us and I am ready to get caught up!


For those who are new to Ex or plain just not heard of these......I make them for ANYONE  ( QUITNETTERS....YOUR INCLUDED IN THIS) who has at least ONE FULL YEAR QUIT of Nicotine. They are made from Vintage Silver-plated Silverware. I engrave them with your 'EX Handle name' as well as your quit date.  They are 100% FREE to you. It is my way to give back to a community that has always been here for me. It also is one of the ways I maintain my vigilance for my own quit of a little over 5 years. ( yay me )


You just need to PRIVATE MESSAGE me your mailing address, which can also be a work address if you prefer. I NEVER share your address, Ever. I will private message you back with a USPS Tracking number when it has been mailed to you.


All that Hoopla out of the way now....Here are the ones going out in the mail tomorrow :

Ralph1955  , abbynormal42  , Beck37 

( I will message you guys tracking numbers tomorrow)


I usually do a monthly shout out blog to remind people if they are getting near their year. But if I miss a month don't hesitate to message me


Have the best, wonderful , safe , healthy and SMOKE FREE new year EVER!!!





And so its a New year

What will you do?

Will you keep on smoking?

It will kill you


Do you have a plan now?

You know we are here

Waiting to sooth you

When you start to fear 


And so its a new year

You've only begun

A new year smoke free

The new year to be won


Please try to stay near us

When things get heavy

Let us surround you

And take you away


Put on your armor

Be ready to fight

We are here with you

Everyday and night


Oh yes its your time now

The New Years begun

When you get weary

To this site you run


And we are here waiting

Hands outreached to you

Lets do this together

My New Year prayer for you

I Know I have been absent a lot from the site and it just can't be helped, but all is well.


We have had out of State company. The we had grandchildren as a family member needed surgery so we kept kids. Holiday functions and more kids and tomorrow we head South to our sons for Christmas.


Just wanted to let all of you VERY SPECIAL FRIENDS know your on my mind everyday and in my prayers everynight. I PROMISE I will be much more active on EX after holidays


Meanwhile I wanted to wish ALL of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!













1. Staying active on EX holds me accountable

2.Keeping busy with my hands

3. Helping others in the community when I can without over extending meself and spending time with loved ones






Posted by Mandolinrain Dec 10, 2019

Taking care of me

Is why I have not be around

Im doing good though

Healthy -save and sound


Taking care of me

its a busy time of year

Holidays are lurking

But I am filled with Christmas cheer


Taking care of me

So I don't hit overdrive

Im no good to anyone

When I throw myself aside


I'll make more time for Ex

Once the Seasons past

But you can bet I will protect my quit

For that will always last




I will be more active after Holidays)






Posted by Mandolinrain Nov 22, 2019

Thats what my almost 2 year old twins grand-daughters are doing now. They have been here for 2 days and go home tomorrow.


I like to use the word recharging because when they wake up they are full of energy and bursting at the seems to get into everything all over again and scream…and wow do they scream, but they are so fun…..


Then a few hours later, thats when the tears and fighting begin. They are also starting to get very good at saying NO to everythng.when they are tired which got me to thinking…


EX SMOKERS should too


So a little Nana advice…..if your tired just say NO and go take a nap. When you ‘recharge’, all will look better. Tired people need to say NO more often :)


I'm tired and going to bed when they do tonight around 8-8:30…and I won’t have any trouble saying NO to that

I will just be re charging


Is FEAR holding you back?

Posted by Mandolinrain Nov 16, 2019

Fear has caused its share of damage to many a good quit. It may bring forth intimidation, lack of reason, lack of makes us weak in our compromises, choices and excuses. It truly can manifest in so many ways.


What ways has it interfered with your own quit now or in the past and what do you do or have you done to to recognize it now and get past it?


Myself....I pray first. I remind myself I am never alone unless I choose to be. I go to the God of my understanding first then I come here if I feel my quit being threatened.


Fear truly hurt me in my early quit until I understood that it was the addiction talking in me head. Fear wanted fed and it wanted me to surrender to it completely. Fear told me I would never be able to relax and enjoy myself again if I quit and THAT was probably the biggest lie it ever told to me. I had several failed quits at first until I came to really grasp the addiction and the truth about fear.

So did FEAR relate to your quit and how to you overcome ?

Happy Saturday Everyone




The Pain of Change

Posted by Mandolinrain Nov 9, 2019

The only way out is through


Accept the hardship and get busy getting busy

Have some cheese with your wine

If you keep doing what your doing...`HELLO' will keep getting the same result.

WOW-Mind blowing information

If not ~ maybe you need to readjust your attitude

Worked for me anyway-just a thought........ can keep going around the same ole mountain....FYI,,,the view is the same.


Better yet.....Accept that yes  , you will endure some difficult moments , but POWER THOUGH THEM.








Think of it this way if you must.....if you had a child and they were stuck in a horrible situation but it was within your power to stop it...of course you would do whatever to takes to keep your child safe,


YOU are the child.

Keep yourself safe~whatever it takes, okay?


PS: I mean this all in a friendly way.....I know it's hard to quit. Terribly hard. Sometimes though it's necessary to ' go through' uncomfortable circumstances to get the results we desire.



Peace out

We all do or rather thought that we did at one time early in our quit or before we quit.

Personally, for example, I thought smoking was my motivator, my internal massage for stress relief, my courage, my friend.....and the list goes on.




Only when I understood the technical part of addiction was I able to see past what I THOUGHT I loved doing................ ( smoking) for the various reasons listed above as well as several not listed AND because I just THOUGHT  I LOVED to smoke.


Dig deep into your reasons then dig deep into all the knowledge offered on this site and though books such as Alan Carrs THE EASYWAY TO STOP SMOKING, so that you can truly see for yourself the truth and how your brains receptors have been holding you back from it from the moment you smoked your first one.


Then my friend you will be on the road to true freedom, and let me tell you you, it’s mighty fine.

(That  coming from a gal who smoked over 30 years and never thought it would be possible for me to stop and feel as good as I do today.


Have a great smoke free weekend everyone!



5 years 2 months and 6 days free ( Or something like that )


Update on me

Posted by Mandolinrain Oct 19, 2019

I'm doing better but vision is still blurry. I try to get on here and read a little everyday but its hard to see after awhile.


I did start painting again  and even that's a challenge. I hate this. I know its temporary, but still.


I have not forgotten you all and I will be back as soon as I can. Meanwhile know I am reading as much as I can here and thinking of you all often. I see so many NEWBIES, WOW! Thats so awesome! Can't wait to meet you all. I'm supporting in a silent way for now though. Larger print helps


Vision improves a tiny bit each day so long as I don't overstay on computer, so time on Ex, texting and email..... is limited for now.


Blessings and N.O.P.E. to all ~Missy



Posted by Mandolinrain Oct 10, 2019



Why di I care…cause someone did for me

why do I encourage because someone di for me

why do i come here most days after days…yes, , because someone did for me


You can choose to be a part of something good ( ex) and help others as you have been helped


You can make new friends on the way.Friends teach us things that water our life and bring new growth…maybe about gardening, about family about love  or maybe just letting someone know your care and are thinking about them…is al. Is enough


We keep areas on this site to do that…its open to all and although perhaps not related to nicotine addiction, it reminds us we are human….and builds our trust and friendships


Sorry for typos, blurry eyes.


Im doing great. Im not smoking and thanks to the persistent Exers on this site of which would not exist without them. Im glad your here and I am grateful to be a part of such a magnificent site. Thats why

Thank you