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Waiting in the dark

Posted by Mandolinrain Champion Jan 12, 2018

Using iPhone, which should probably not do to conserve batteries.


Sorta like a blizzard outside, snow, wind, ice, whiteout conditions.


Heard transformers boom a few hours ago. Apparently a tree somewhere on our road came down and crews are working on getting power in but storm is to much to work in right now. Hubby walked down and talked to firefighters who were parked somewhere out by the road. 


We we are fine though. No smoking here. Just bored . Oh well.  So good to see so many newcomers on the site and others who have not been here in awhile to stop by and say hello. 


Welp....gotta go find the mandolin. Good time to practice:)



True enough. This is a lesson we taught our boys growing up. The lesson stuck with them.

I applied this lesson ( better late than never...) with my own quit as I started my journey to freedom. It helped .


Have a nice day everyone!


Looking back those were some of my first thoughts when I was struggling with my quit. What I would miss , in my mind, was what was making it so hard for me to quit.


I remember clearly. I was going to miss those evening smokes out on the deck or by the fire pit as my day melted into night.


It would be hard...hard because I would turn to a smoke to help me relax after a difficult decision or chore or...well just about anything.....I smoked after completing most projects. It was like my intermission. I would surely miss that.


I would never be able to enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine again...therefore rendering me unsociable at gatherings because how could I ever enjoy a drink without a cigarette?


Do you follow? It was hard. I put so much emphasis on what I would miss and why it would be so hard that I ignored where my focus should be...what would I gain? Easy?, it was not. 


I learned from this site to focus on the gains rather than the losses. I honestly worried and feared for nothing back then but I didn't know it then. I had to go through to get the breakthrough. All of you led the way. 


So I miss nothing about smoking, ends up. I do just fine at social gatherings and still enjoy a cold one once in awhile. I actually have adjusted fine to dealing with difficult times without thinking I need to 'light up' first to meet a demand. 


I am focused more on taking better care of myself now. Making healthier decisions on food and activity that my husband and I do bonus-bonus.


Quitting is hard. If it was easy, this site wouldn't be needed. You'll mean the world to me and I am ever so grateful for EX and all of you. If your on this site, its no accident. Your where you need to be. Its where I need to be to maintain as well. Have a good night everyone!



My quit token

Posted by Mandolinrain Champion Jan 3, 2018

Giulia, I hope your seeing this. I can’t find the original post you made. Awhile back you asked , I think, if we have something that we hold onto that is a reminder to us of our quits,....or something like that.  My fever has lifted, but I still have brain fog, lol. Anyway, this is my  spoon necklace I wear a lot. Has my Ex name on it and quit date on it. Each silver bead represents one year of freedom. 

Am taking a little break from the site cause have not felt well. I WILL get the triain on the tracks on Monday though! 


So so here’s my token, I left it with the natural patena to show the etching better. 


Flu I think.....

Posted by Mandolinrain Champion Jan 1, 2018

Started about 3:30am. Happy New Year to me. . Just took my second hot bath to try to get warm, fever and horrible joint and muscle pain...everywhere., nausea bad headache..and starting to cough, deep in chest, UGH! And I am SO tired.  Feel like I got hit by a Mac truck. Will be absent from posting awhile but will be reading on here when I feel up to it. I did have the flu shot and the pneumonia shot but have been told the flu shot not to great this year, only 10% effective. yea me.


I made the traditional pork and sauerkraut for hubby and the smell is making me wanna yak. Lol

Stay well alll, this stinks.




Posted by Mandolinrain Champion Dec 29, 2017

There was an old woman who chocked on her smoke

She wanted to quit cause she felt like a dope

It was so cold outside, her breath she could see

But no matter what , she'd do the deed...


She would smoke when she was mad

She would smoke when was Happy

Heck, she even smoked  when she felt a bit crappy


She kept a spare smoke hidden in the cabinet above

Just in case someone else would smoke

These death sticks she loved


Then came a day she'd thought never come

She got very sick and thought

This smoking is dumb


She failed many times at the beginning

She even had 3 months in and thought she was winning

But the nicotine monster kept nagging at her

And she ended up smoking...that day is a blur


It was time, she decided

To clean up her act,

she went back to the Ex Site

As a matter of fact.


She buckled down quickly

And did all that they said

She knew if she didn't

She soon could be dead


Now this old lady is finally free

The craves have all left her

She's happy as can be

I know this is true

For the lady is me


So if your one that stumbles and fall

And relapse and think no big deal at all.....

The secret, be told..if you want to stay quit....

Study this site and chew on it.... a bit


Thats my lil ditty to ya 'all on this fine COLD evening.

Gotta go watch the Buckeyes now, make popcorn and chill with my hubby!

Nite all!


Last minute thought: if you really want to quit something you will find a way to quit...or you'll find an excuse.

This has always been my personal favorite in more areas of life than one...



Missy - 1212 DOF


One more thing:

 What comes Easy won't last....What Last's, won't come easy . Truth.

You gotta love Nat King Cole and 'Unforgettable'.


That my favorite song by him...that and 'chestnuts roasting on an open fire...' as far as a Christmas Song my mind, it doesn't get much better. Oh man, and when his daughter Natalie does a voice over with, just wow. Love them both. Miss them both.



I wish you ALL a very safe and happy Christmas. May the love of Christ live in all of your hearts and extend to all of your friends and loved ones.


Busy day tomorrow. Going to see all our kids and grandkids, cannot wait!

I will be back to start the train engines on Christmas morning, just hoping I don't derail it or get lost, lol.


Your all 'unforgettable ' to me. You have ALL touched my heart in different ways, I wish you all the best now and always.


xoxo Missy

Nat King Cole, Unforgettable - YouTube 


Nico and Merlin say Merry Christmas too!


Actually not even close to topic, lol...2 things I need...


1. I need a recipe and hope SOMEONE will have for Christmas jello salad. Normally my Mother in law makes and brings it and its a family favorite, but she can't remember it or find her recipe. It has 3 layers, made in a 9x13. One green layer, one white layer...cream cheese...and a red layer...and does red later have cherries in it and if so, do you drain them first?


2. I am picking back up on knitting and wondered if we have any knitters here? I need the EASY instruction for basic washcloth. I think its starts with casting 3 on, but can't recall how far before you backtrack????


Have a blessed evening everyone. Am trying to get my menu together for Christmas. Wrapped Asparagus, Beef tenderloin, Baked sweet potatoes...jello salad, IF I can figure it out. HELP...PLEASE, its a family tradition but nobody has the recipe!!!!!


Thought for the day

Posted by Mandolinrain Champion Dec 22, 2017


Its tuff....this quitting thing, and we tell ourselves in the beginning that its just to hard to do. Thus many people continue to smoke.


The truth is hard. It rarely comes easy.


This saying holds true  enough matter if its eating to much, drinking addiction, drug addiction, smoking addiction...really...any addiction  or activity that we know in our heart is unhealthy for us.


It will not stop until you put the brakes on and stand firm.


Go the Pledge page and STAND FIRM today.

N.O.P.E ( Not One Puff Ever )...

It IS doable

It IS Freedom

Stand your ground and fight for it! You deserve to be free!

The past couple of days I have so enjoyed taking care of our 17 month old grandson, Cillian. He brings such joy to our hearts! 

He loves to snuggle before going down for naps or bed and its a special time. Even more special because he has NEVER, nor will he EVER smell nasty cigarette smoke on me. This is a non smoking house-home and property . Period . No Exceptions. 


Just another blessing I am counting today for being grateful that        'I don't do that anymore'!


This is me holding one of the twins ( Vivian) a week ago at their house when I got to babysit very happy, non-smoking, Nana

So Im thinking, perhaps none of us may experience quitting the same either. The following is MY journey and may apply to you, or not....but if this will help one person, its worth the time to type it.


I know I have failed when I first began my quit journey. I always came back feeling so shameful....I felt worthless and I felt I left everyone here down. I learned later, it was myself that was let down the most.


One very wise elder told me that once you quit it changes your smoking should you start again, and he was right. Everytime I started to smoke again....I would soon have terrible guilt hovering over me.Shame. How could I ever come back in here and hold my head up again?


At first I had done the required reading. I blogged, stayed active. BUT...I didn't stick it out. I didn't pull out my toolbox and use the wisdom shared by all the great friends I made here on EX. I caved in....And looking back, for me anyway.....

Shamefully, I think I just desired to smoke too much. I just THOUGHT I enjoyed it too much to give up. So I thought.....Truly, I had just not understood the WHY.


It would mark the end of freedom, happiness, restlessness, anxiety, stress relief....I had no idea ( then ) it was all lie.I thought I could get by reading the material once and have a hold of this addiction and be done with it...but no.. i NEEDED TO UNDERSTAND THE 'WHY'.


It was not until I finally , throughly and utterly forgave myself and submitted myself 100% to gaining the understanding that IT had ALL THE POWER...and until decided to take it back and follow through with everything daily...IT would win. It would eventually take my life...I had to decide and commit to 'going through to get a breakthrough that I so desperately wanted, needed and finally achieved on September 2, 2014. I got serious with understanding the WHY, by reading reading reading and more reading.......old blogs, new blogs, elder blogs, newbie blogs ( everyone was my teacher on EX, all very important to my quit )


So whatever is holding you back from your  feelings on the matter are, until you totally understand the WHY of this addiction, you will be going around the same ole mountain. Listen....the view of the mountain has so much more in store for you to see, but you have to quit going in circles to see them.


Also, I do give 100% credit to my personal Savior, Jesus. This girl knows she would never even have found this site, had HE not led me.


Thank you to everyone here at EX. Old and have help me to see a better view of the mountain and experience life ups and downs without the smokes. It is doable. I promise.




We all did, or something darn close...

We would not allow weather conditions-or get togethers or dinners-or yada, yada,yada....

stop us from having that cancer stick!


Its snowing like crazy here and it made me think that I would be outside smoking in it had I not quit back in 2014.

I would go out in to to smoke even when I had bronchitis! Stupid!

I remember after dinner at a restaurant feeling so shameful that I needed to excuse myself to outside to smoke and was ELATED if someone from the table joined me ( All the while secretly wishing I didn't smoke ).

I dont do that anymore!


Can I get an AMEN!


I love sitting in here looking out and knowing I do not have to go outside to smoke..... need a smoke nor do I want one. I love this freedom. I worked hard to get it. I NEVER in a million years thought this possible, when I quit. The program works if you work it!

Have a safe nice evening everyone!


Big type tonight cause am having some vision trouble, but no worries, all will be handled, nothing wrong, nothing serious, I am FINE....but makes it easier tonight to type tonight

When our sons were in High school, although they were both very involved in academics and sports....they both were tempted , as many kids are, to partake in activities that would have most likely gotten them kicked off of teams or even worse.....involved in illegal drug activity. 


A lesson they BOTH remember to this day and have said they will apply to their own kids when they are older is this.  BOTH of ours sons have told us that this lesson saved their skins many a time. Here’s the lesson:


We told them to THiNK THROUGH the action BEFORE you partake....

In detail......Is the immeadiate gratification going to last? 

Or.....will the end results cause you grief - pain- humiliation- sorrow, will it hurt you or someone else?

THINK it  all the way through. Then decide.


As a former smoker who had many unsuccessful quits before I smartened up, I can honestly say I did not heed my own advice back then. I went for the immeadiate gratification and gave up a strong quit to feel good, only to feel terrible right after. I threw away several days, weeks,  months of a good quit to feel great for a few seconds. Are you doing that too.?


Ya know, truth be told...

I have honestly never met a person who didn’t regret starting smoking again.

I have met many who wish they could quit.


Think through your next temptation before you light up.

The only way to get past this through it.

Its snowing here and very cold. I am tucked inside getting ready to wrap present, which I DREAD. BUT I will play some Holiday tunes and get in the mood.....or maybe I need to reorganize my little studio area....????


I am noticing a lot of nice ENCOURAGING comments on this site......Love seeing that!

The Spirit of Christmas should live in our hearts EVERYDAY.Oh yes there is......


Anyone else getting snow? I am in Ohio...not to close to the snowbelt, but close enough. Id run out and make a snow angel and post a pic, but currently it would look more like a muddy angel. 


Have a great SMOKEFREE day and remember....