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I sincerely want to thank all of you for all the thoughts and Prayers. My husband is doing fine. The Dr. said It could take up to a week to know if it worked. My husband said all the pain is gone in his leg. So I am saying that could be a good sign. 

Again thank you all so much for caring!!!


P.S. I didn't even think about smoking!!!


Well tomorro's the day !!!

Posted by Magstoyou Feb 18, 2015

My Husband is going in for the shots of his boldging discs and arthritis in his lower back that is pinching a nerve!!!

 Feeling a little nervous but not going to smoke over it!! Going to bed early!!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!


We have been going to different Drs. for the past three months and He had an Mri and he has a bolging disc or protrusion that is pinching the  nerve which is causing his Siaticia Nerve to hurt and his leg. He has been home and on the couch or in bed.

Thursday at 8:00 California time in the morning he is having a procedure at the Surgery Center to be injected with some shots with the hopes of shrinking down the inflamation of the spot that is giving him the trouble. So I would appreciate any prayers and prayers for me also (i'm getting a little Nervous)

Thanks so much


I can't believe it!! I am at 500 days!!!!

I want to thank everyone on this site, I know I would not be 500 days quit with out all you!!!

The Elders, the inbetweens and the newbies!! All you blogs help me along and going forward.

I think just knowing what I was going through was normal helped a lot!!

At first i was so tired, couldn't get enough sleep, then emotional-crying. Angry, sad, lonely all of those emotions!!

They kept telling me, it would get better!!! And it does!!!

Most of the time I don't even think about smoking. I am on my second set of holidays and doing good!! I still watch my back!!

Life is good!!!

Thanks to all of you

So Grateful


Just got back from a vacation for 2 weeks. Went to Washington State to see our daughter and grandchildren. Her husband and she are separated and it is sad. Besides the
Sadness of the going to be divorce. It is life!! We had a great time with her and the 3 grandchildren we have up there. That was what I wanted to do for my one year anniversary.  Went thru
Oregon and Washington and got to see some beautiful country. One road across Oregon went up to 5500 elevation and the wild flowers were still blooming and there was still snow on the big mountains!! Leaves were falling and you could smell the crisp cool fresh air!! There are so many Dams in Washington and lots of water.

This was a big first for me!!! Stopping at gas stations, before  I would walk to a corner and smoke, this time I would walk around because I just got my boot cast off a week before we left after I broke my ankle and that helped my ankle. My eyes didn’t even go to the cigs when I went into the gas stations. Smoking on my daughters deck-just a short memory, I didn’t romance it. Short memory only and most of the time didn’t even think about it. Went to two Casinos’, Won and Won-Won a little money and didn’t smoke. Won some money and didn’t smoke so I was a double winner!!! If I lost money I was still a winner because I didn’t smoke!!

I was so great to get out and see nature, no reservations for motels, stopped when we decided to, no time to be any where.   That has always been one of my things to do when I would have a crave at the beginning of my quit!!! I would go out to the country and just drive!!!

For all you in your early days of your quits, It does get better. I promise Thank you to all my Ex Family for helping me, pushing me. And cheering me along!! And for telling me it would get better!! Love you all!


  Thanks to all of you for the congratulations!!! And being with me thru my journey to 1 year!!!

I couldn't have done it without all of you and I do mean that!! Made me smile and hold my head high and say to myself, I am going to have a good day, and I did. You all mean so much to me!!! As for me I will keep going forward!!!

Love Ya Mag367d

Walking through the doors of the 6% club!!!! I did it!!!

 One day you will wake up and all the fog has lifted, one day you will wake up and you will feel less tired, one day you will wake up and say I feel great!!

I can taste better, I can see better, I feel better and more energetic, I can breathe deeper and really can smell the fresh air and the Roses, I feel more relaxed, my allergies are much better and I can breathe thu my nose. I use to be not able to breathe thru one side of my nose at night from allergies and now I can!!! My smell is better!!

I do have to still watch my back and be prepared.

    I couldn’t have done it with out all of you cheering me along!!  Sometimes pushing me along!! Promising me that it will get better!! It does!! I know I couldn’t have done it by myself. A great big thanks to all of you and a HUGE HUG to all!!!

Life Is Good

Mag-1 Year


WOW - 350 Days Today

Posted by Magstoyou Jul 1, 2014


    I can't believe it 350 Days today!! Knocking on that 6% club!!!

Thanks to everyone for all their sharing, being there for me, the Elders, in be tweens and the newbees.

I am very grateful!!!


      I was able to look at the ex rays and my Ankle he said I fractured on both sides!! Have to be in the boot cast for 4 more weeks. Started Physical Therapy Thursday and have to do exercises with my foot at home and elevate ankle and ice!!! He did say it was healing well!!! And also bummed is because we were going to go to Washington  State and visit our daughter, and 3 of our grandchildren in a couple of weeks!!! 4 weeks of physical therapy!!! Can't drive because it is my right ankle!!  I guess this is life and I need to accept it!! Needed to get it out and vent-thanks!!!

   Not  smoking over it!!!


Mom, 3 girls, grandma, 9 grandchildren!!

Happy Mothers Day photo: Happy Mothers Day gif MothersDaygifmmm400.gif


Need A Hug and Prayers

Posted by Magstoyou May 3, 2014

 Need a hug and prayers.  I fell a week ago and I thought I was O.K. My ankle kept acting up so I went to the Dr.-Orthopedic on Friday and I fractured- my ankle and have to wear a leg cast up to my knee for 4 weeks and then see the Dr... It’s heavy (it’s a velcrose one) and   when I walk it hurts my knees which have arthritis and my back.

My boss thinks I will be fine by next week and be able to work!!! Because the cast will help a lot!!! I just don’t get my boss sometimes!!!  I work for a Diesel Mechanics Shop and if I fall that would not be good, these boot casts are clumsy!!

Feeling O.K. but down!!!

Not going to smoke over it!!

Guess I need to make a gratitude list!!

Mag 291 days


9 MONTHS !!!! Yay Me!!!

Posted by Magstoyou Apr 16, 2014

8,250 cigs not smoked and $2062.50 dollars saved!!

Living my life with out cigarettes. I rarely think about smoking, sometimes  I will have a smoke memory and I just let it slide off my back, I don’t give it any power. I tell my self you don’t smoke!!

Very happy I do not smoke anymore and feel Blessed. I read the blogs of others and learn from all. Keep educating myself and keep going forward!!

I still carry my quit kit and am vigulant.  I still have sad days, feel lonely, etc. But I would anyway because it is part of life.I feel more at peace not smoking and not as stressed out over things, more relaxed.

When I am in nature or driving I see so much more than I saw before because I had to pay attention to smoking. I missed so much!! The cig took that away from me. I sit out side sometimes in the dark and look at the stars. I was before more involved in my cig. I really didn’t see. It really robs you of so much.

For all you newbies, it gets a lot better-sooner than you think. And you will be so proud of your self!!! Use all the tools you have and keep going forward. One day at a time’

Life is Good!!!

I am thankful for all of the elders with their wisdom. The ones walking beside me(that would be everyone) and the newbies for all your help. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for this site and all of you!!!


Sincerely Mag


Made it Smoke Free!!!

Posted by Magstoyou Apr 7, 2014

Made it through Smoke Free

Have been gone for a few days to my cousins Funeral and a Celebration of his life.   As they say here a first.  People were smoking and it didn't bother me. That was a giant step for me. First time being around smokers at a function.  A lot of emotions, sad, crying, tension, stories being told about him and the good times and memories.  Pictures of him and his life. Used to be all good reasons to smoke!! I was able to make it through with out even saying to myself I need a cig. I was able to set and talk to relatives I hadn’t seen for years!! Not once did I feel I needed a cig.  Before I would go have a cigarette to ease the pain. I felt more calm by not smoking!!  Even the car ride home when we got gas at the gas station I always would find a place to smoke, didn’t have to do that this time!!!

Thanks to all the reading, educating, all the information I got from this site and all the help, I did it!!  So to all the new ones it does get better!!! So stay strong and keep going forward one day at a time!! So grateful for  every one. Thank you all.



Mag at 265 days of freedom

Thank you for all your prayers!!!

My cousin Jim went to heavon early this morning!!!!

God Bless You All!



Asking for Prayers!!

Posted by Magstoyou Mar 27, 2014

My cousin was diagnoised with liver cancer last year and they said they got it all!!

He had a seizure two weeks ago and what was found out was he has terminal cancer!!

Hospice is taking care of him now and he doesn't have much time and is in a lot of pain!!

Please pray for him, his name is Jim and he is only 4 years older then I am!!  Feeling Sad!!!

Thanks and God Bless you All!