Blog Post created by Magstoyou on Jul 16, 2017

One day you will wake up and all the fog has lifted. One day you will wake up and feel less tired. One day you will wake up and feel great. You have walked the walk and now you begin to see smoking is not part of your life any more. You can taste your food, smell, smell the fresh air. and  breathe better. Allergies are so much better with out smoking. When I was new to my quit I used nature a lot to help when I had a crave. I would get in my car and go out in the country and watch the leaves falling in the fall. I would go to the beach and watch the ocean and smell the fresh sea air. Or sit by a creek and toss pebals in the creek. Breathing exercises was in my tool box, a straw, lots of cold water, and a rubber band. I would put a large rubber band on my wrist and snap it and that would remind me to not entertain or dwell on the crave-do something else.  Keep living your life.


I still come to the site and read blogs almost every day. And I say-I remember going thru that.  Just knowing it was normal made me feel better. Crying and not know what you are crying for. Very sensitive.


I was told it gets better. I promise it does. Sooner than you think. I was told-Keep going forward and don't look back, that is not were you are going.

 I couldn't have done it with out all of you cheering me on. Sometime pushing me along. Walking the walk with me. Promising me it will get better. It does. I know I couldn't have done it myself. A great big thanks to all of you and a Huge Hug to All.

Life is good