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Up date on Brides Dad

Posted by Magstoyou May 12, 2016

He gets to go home  to night late and he has to rest in bed for 2 weeks. They ran the tests again and nothing changed. Haven't heard all the details but he doing o.k. His head hurts a lot, but they said it was normal .

Thanks for all your prayers 

Love yau

sincerely Mag


Asking for prayers please

Posted by Magstoyou May 10, 2016

Friend of ours Daughter got married Saturday and the Brides Father tripped and fell and split his head open. He has a concussion. Was released yesterday from the hospital.and is now back with a fever and confused. he was on blood thinners and had a small brain bleed (that what they called it). Any Prayers would be much appreciated.!!

Thanks Mag