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1000 Days-YES

Posted by Magstoyou Apr 11, 2016

Wow hard to believe. All last year I have been tossing around retiring-yes -no -yes. And then I had a week off for Christmas and it just seemed to feel right that it was the right time. So In January I gave my notice and retired on Febuary 12th. I need a knee replacement  and am going to be 69yrs  old. Change-I started thinking, I could sit out on the patio and have a cup of coffee and look at the stars and have a cig. What, where did that come from. I don't smoke any more. Its not part of my retirement plans. NOPE NOPE-GEEZ. Always protect your back. My new normal is I don't have to wake up to an alarm clock, I can go to water Arobics two to three times a week to help take weight off I gained  and exercise.  Can stay up as late as I want,

I am thankful for all the Ex"s and the site for helping me get where I am. I truely believe I couldn't have done it with out you helping me, cheering me on, sometimes pushing me-keep going forward, It does get better-It really does, sooner than you think.

For the new  just starting, educate your self. There is so much offered  on this site  as you go along. The support is awsome. Tired, lack of sleep, can't concentrate, mood swings-no one cares, (doesn't my family know what I am going through). Helped me to know they were all normal feelings. What worked best for me was the deep breathing, relaxation tapes. Meditation. Staying as relaxed as I could. Going for rides in the country and watching the leaves fall and going to the Beach. Nature was one of my crave busters. Drink lots of water and nap when you can to make up for those nights  you had a hard time sleeping. Blog and read others blogs every day. Stay close to the site.

I come on the site and still read blogs  almost everyday and sometimes comment. It keeps me in check. I also go to the pledge site and pledge almost everyday, it keeps my quit strong and gives others strength too.

Life is good

Love Ya All