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2 Years-WOW

Posted by Magstoyou Jul 16, 2015

All I have to say is thank you every one for all the support along my journey. I wouldn't have been at 2  years if it wasn't for all of you.

I remember two years ago of wakeing up in the morning and saying to myself, I am done, no more, its time, Staying close to the site gave me a lot of hope and courage, cheering me on, sometime pushing me along.

Just knowing everything I bloged, Ex"s would say-that is normal, made me feel better. Being told it will get better helped me a lot. It does get better-a lot better-I promise.

I went thru being tired, sleep problems, sad, crying, no one cares, feeling foggy. All those emotions .

I decided to do a gratitude calender, where you write down 1 thing you are grateful for each day, even if it is something small. It helped me stay more positive and gave me a thankful mood of gratitude.

My days got better and better and today i am happy to say, smoking is not part of my life.  I hardly ever think of it. I want all you newbies to know, reading you blogs keeps me in check. I can relate a lot to what you blog because I have been there.  Keep going forward and don't look back. I wish you all a great quit.

To the Oldies, thanks for cheering me along and being there for me.

Sincerely Mag