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I sincerely want to thank all of you for all the thoughts and Prayers. My husband is doing fine. The Dr. said It could take up to a week to know if it worked. My husband said all the pain is gone in his leg. So I am saying that could be a good sign. 

Again thank you all so much for caring!!!


P.S. I didn't even think about smoking!!!


Well tomorro's the day !!!

Posted by Magstoyou Feb 18, 2015

My Husband is going in for the shots of his boldging discs and arthritis in his lower back that is pinching a nerve!!!

 Feeling a little nervous but not going to smoke over it!! Going to bed early!!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!


We have been going to different Drs. for the past three months and He had an Mri and he has a bolging disc or protrusion that is pinching the  nerve which is causing his Siaticia Nerve to hurt and his leg. He has been home and on the couch or in bed.

Thursday at 8:00 California time in the morning he is having a procedure at the Surgery Center to be injected with some shots with the hopes of shrinking down the inflamation of the spot that is giving him the trouble. So I would appreciate any prayers and prayers for me also (i'm getting a little Nervous)

Thanks so much