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Just got back from a vacation for 2 weeks. Went to Washington State to see our daughter and grandchildren. Her husband and she are separated and it is sad. Besides the
Sadness of the going to be divorce. It is life!! We had a great time with her and the 3 grandchildren we have up there. That was what I wanted to do for my one year anniversary.  Went thru
Oregon and Washington and got to see some beautiful country. One road across Oregon went up to 5500 elevation and the wild flowers were still blooming and there was still snow on the big mountains!! Leaves were falling and you could smell the crisp cool fresh air!! There are so many Dams in Washington and lots of water.

This was a big first for me!!! Stopping at gas stations, before  I would walk to a corner and smoke, this time I would walk around because I just got my boot cast off a week before we left after I broke my ankle and that helped my ankle. My eyes didn’t even go to the cigs when I went into the gas stations. Smoking on my daughters deck-just a short memory, I didn’t romance it. Short memory only and most of the time didn’t even think about it. Went to two Casinos’, Won and Won-Won a little money and didn’t smoke. Won some money and didn’t smoke so I was a double winner!!! If I lost money I was still a winner because I didn’t smoke!!

I was so great to get out and see nature, no reservations for motels, stopped when we decided to, no time to be any where.   That has always been one of my things to do when I would have a crave at the beginning of my quit!!! I would go out to the country and just drive!!!

For all you in your early days of your quits, It does get better. I promise Thank you to all my Ex Family for helping me, pushing me. And cheering me along!! And for telling me it would get better!! Love you all!