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  Thanks to all of you for the congratulations!!! And being with me thru my journey to 1 year!!!

I couldn't have done it without all of you and I do mean that!! Made me smile and hold my head high and say to myself, I am going to have a good day, and I did. You all mean so much to me!!! As for me I will keep going forward!!!

Love Ya Mag367d

Walking through the doors of the 6% club!!!! I did it!!!

 One day you will wake up and all the fog has lifted, one day you will wake up and you will feel less tired, one day you will wake up and say I feel great!!

I can taste better, I can see better, I feel better and more energetic, I can breathe deeper and really can smell the fresh air and the Roses, I feel more relaxed, my allergies are much better and I can breathe thu my nose. I use to be not able to breathe thru one side of my nose at night from allergies and now I can!!! My smell is better!!

I do have to still watch my back and be prepared.

    I couldn’t have done it with out all of you cheering me along!!  Sometimes pushing me along!! Promising me that it will get better!! It does!! I know I couldn’t have done it by myself. A great big thanks to all of you and a HUGE HUG to all!!!

Life Is Good

Mag-1 Year


WOW - 350 Days Today

Posted by Magstoyou Jul 1, 2014


    I can't believe it 350 Days today!! Knocking on that 6% club!!!

Thanks to everyone for all their sharing, being there for me, the Elders, in be tweens and the newbees.

I am very grateful!!!