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Need A Hug and Prayers

Posted by Magstoyou May 3, 2014

 Need a hug and prayers.  I fell a week ago and I thought I was O.K. My ankle kept acting up so I went to the Dr.-Orthopedic on Friday and I fractured- my ankle and have to wear a leg cast up to my knee for 4 weeks and then see the Dr... It’s heavy (it’s a velcrose one) and   when I walk it hurts my knees which have arthritis and my back.

My boss thinks I will be fine by next week and be able to work!!! Because the cast will help a lot!!! I just don’t get my boss sometimes!!!  I work for a Diesel Mechanics Shop and if I fall that would not be good, these boot casts are clumsy!!

Feeling O.K. but down!!!

Not going to smoke over it!!

Guess I need to make a gratitude list!!

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