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9 MONTHS !!!! Yay Me!!!

Posted by Magstoyou Apr 16, 2014

8,250 cigs not smoked and $2062.50 dollars saved!!

Living my life with out cigarettes. I rarely think about smoking, sometimes  I will have a smoke memory and I just let it slide off my back, I don’t give it any power. I tell my self you don’t smoke!!

Very happy I do not smoke anymore and feel Blessed. I read the blogs of others and learn from all. Keep educating myself and keep going forward!!

I still carry my quit kit and am vigulant.  I still have sad days, feel lonely, etc. But I would anyway because it is part of life.I feel more at peace not smoking and not as stressed out over things, more relaxed.

When I am in nature or driving I see so much more than I saw before because I had to pay attention to smoking. I missed so much!! The cig took that away from me. I sit out side sometimes in the dark and look at the stars. I was before more involved in my cig. I really didn’t see. It really robs you of so much.

For all you newbies, it gets a lot better-sooner than you think. And you will be so proud of your self!!! Use all the tools you have and keep going forward. One day at a time’

Life is Good!!!

I am thankful for all of the elders with their wisdom. The ones walking beside me(that would be everyone) and the newbies for all your help. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for this site and all of you!!!


Sincerely Mag


Made it Smoke Free!!!

Posted by Magstoyou Apr 7, 2014

Made it through Smoke Free

Have been gone for a few days to my cousins Funeral and a Celebration of his life.   As they say here a first.  People were smoking and it didn't bother me. That was a giant step for me. First time being around smokers at a function.  A lot of emotions, sad, crying, tension, stories being told about him and the good times and memories.  Pictures of him and his life. Used to be all good reasons to smoke!! I was able to make it through with out even saying to myself I need a cig. I was able to set and talk to relatives I hadn’t seen for years!! Not once did I feel I needed a cig.  Before I would go have a cigarette to ease the pain. I felt more calm by not smoking!!  Even the car ride home when we got gas at the gas station I always would find a place to smoke, didn’t have to do that this time!!!

Thanks to all the reading, educating, all the information I got from this site and all the help, I did it!!  So to all the new ones it does get better!!! So stay strong and keep going forward one day at a time!! So grateful for  every one. Thank you all.



Mag at 265 days of freedom

Thank you for all your prayers!!!

My cousin Jim went to heavon early this morning!!!!

God Bless You All!