I found out what-watch your back means and they are serious when they say that!!!

Blog Post created by Magstoyou on Mar 1, 2014

Well I will go back about 2 weeks!!! I was in a car accident, wasn't my fault and I am fine.Just shook me up!! My car is in the body shop and I am driving another car!!! But I didn't smoke over it. We are having heavy rain (started thursday night and really torential on Friday yesterday at work all of a sudden I had a big crave and it was a first of having real bad down pooring rain my mind took off and before I would smoke thu it. I realized that I don't have my Subaru Forester with the four wheel pulling that goes thu torential rain and pulls and grips the road good. I have to get on a major freeway to get home and there are trucks and people going too fast!!! I had to do some real talking to my mind to back out of this stinken thinking. This is the first time I have ever felt that a cig would help. After over 7 months of not smoking!!! I was feeling anxious!! I got home fine.  Talk about knock you off your feet!!!

Went to bed early and while sleeping had my first smoking nightmare!!! I was at a Wedding and I was helping in decorating and the other lady was smoking and I said give me a drag off that!!! So glad to wake up.

I am 7 months 12days. Had no bad craves during no mans land that I couldn't handle and just let slide off my back!!! Mostly smoking memories!!! Feeling out of sorts today!!!