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7 Months

Posted by Magstoyou Feb 16, 2014

  It hard to believe I am at 7 month!!!

Thanks to all of you, the newbie's, inbetweens (that's me) and the elders!!

Thank you all so much, love you all!!!



To all going ot Orlando

Posted by Magstoyou Feb 4, 2014

Want to wish you all lots of fun and can't wait to see the pictures!!!

Have a great time!!!



200 days WA HOO!!!!

Posted by Magstoyou Feb 1, 2014

Can't believe I am at 200 days today. What a milestone for me.

Don;t really get craves any more. Don't even think about smoking.

Smoking is not part of my life. I still am vigulant.

Life is good!!!!

I still try to come on once a day and read the blogs and help who I can on their journey!!

Coming on reading the blogs keeps me in check!!

Thanks to all the elders, inbetweens i walk with, and the newbe's.

To the newbe's, Keep educating yourself.Read the blogs and don't hesitate to post a blog!!

Thanks and love to all, I know I wouldn't be where I am right now smoke free if it  wasn't for this site of elders, in between and newbe's!! 

Sincerely Mag