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6 Months Today-Yay Me

Posted by Magstoyou Jan 16, 2014

Can't believe I am 6 months today.

4600 cigs not smoked and $1288.00 dollars saved

After I walked out of NML i was told to be vigilant. You can have a crave come out of nowhere when you least expect it. Be prepared and always ask for help no matter how many months you have.

Now at 6 months, I feel I don't need cigarettes as part of my life. I have learned how to live life smoke free. I do have smoke memories off and on, I just acknowledge it and go on. I don't give it any power or dwell on it. I do ever one in a while still get a romancing of a cig  some times. They said it would get better and it really does!!!

I feel now is the time for me to work on getting some weight off I put on during this journey. My main priority was to quit smoking and will still be. I can use this site program for quit smoking to take off weight, It will work. I'm not going to stress over it.

Thanks so much for everyone on this site you all have helped me, the elders with there wisdom, all the bloggs of the new, the ones walking beside me, all just keep reeducating me on my journey and keep me going forward. Cheering me on.

And the words to keep me in check: You just can't have one. You don't smoke any more. N,O,P,E, Just keep it away from your mouth. I really don't feel I would be were I am today if it wasn't for all of you. I feel grateful today for all you!!!

Thanks so much!!! Life is Good

Keep going forward and stay strong!!!

Sincerely Mag


Got the Cough Cough Stuff

Posted by Magstoyou Jan 13, 2014

Not feeling well, this sinus cough stuff is getting to me and then i tweeked my lower back.-go figure!!

Going to Bed and sleep it off!!!

Not going to smoke over it!!!