Merry Christmas!!!

Blog Post created by Magstoyou on Dec 21, 2013

      Hope everyone has a great Christmas!!! As for me I have almost 2 week off from work. My boss closed the whole shop because they were traveling this year!!! Going to sleep in and take it easy!!

      My main goal is to stay smoke free. I will. I am going to a Party on Sunday!!! One on Christmas Eve (ugly Christmas Sweater Party) !! This one is going to be hard for me, we get together every Year and a lot of smokers. This will be some good work for me. I'm prepared.

Christmas with my family on Christmas Day. 

I feel so grateful and thankful for all of you on this site, I know I wouldn't be at 158 days of freedom if it wasn't for all the elders, the new, and the ones walking beside me. So thankful for you all!!!

I found my self stressing on getting things done-STRESS=CRAVE for me, so I simplfied. With money from not smoking I hired someone to clean my house!!!

Again I wish Every one A Merry Christmas and thank you all for being there for me!!!

Love Ya Mag