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Merry Christmas!!!

Posted by Magstoyou Dec 21, 2013

      Hope everyone has a great Christmas!!! As for me I have almost 2 week off from work. My boss closed the whole shop because they were traveling this year!!! Going to sleep in and take it easy!!

      My main goal is to stay smoke free. I will. I am going to a Party on Sunday!!! One on Christmas Eve (ugly Christmas Sweater Party) !! This one is going to be hard for me, we get together every Year and a lot of smokers. This will be some good work for me. I'm prepared.

Christmas with my family on Christmas Day. 

I feel so grateful and thankful for all of you on this site, I know I wouldn't be at 158 days of freedom if it wasn't for all the elders, the new, and the ones walking beside me. So thankful for you all!!!

I found my self stressing on getting things done-STRESS=CRAVE for me, so I simplfied. With money from not smoking I hired someone to clean my house!!!

Again I wish Every one A Merry Christmas and thank you all for being there for me!!!

Love Ya Mag


15 days out NML

Posted by Magstoyou Dec 8, 2013

I am on 145 days and 6 months is my next goal.

This is my story

Sleeping has been a lot better. I have always believed in getting as much sleep and rest as you can when quitting smoking.

The more sleep you get the less stressed out you are and I think that has helped me with craves. I have tryed to stay as relaxed as I can and do relaxing things and I think also you have less craves. You really need to take care of yourself.

At 145 days I have very few cravings. The smoke memories are there more because it is my first holidays smoke free. So far so good, no bad cravings. With the smoke memories I have to tell my self, I don't smoke any more. I'm a non smoker. Kick it to the curb. Don't intertain it and don't let it intertain you.  The biggest smoke memory I have on a regular basis right now is when I get in my car after work at the end of the day. I  have even flipped my ash tray down. I just laugh now and play a CD. I am 30 minutes away from town when i am at home, so if I have a crave, I would be over my crave by the time I got to town.  Other things I say to myself, You just can't have one, they come in packs. N.O.P.E.!!! I do the breathing exercises during the day just to relax. I do it every day craves or not. I know I have to still be prepared for the sneaky ones. I am so thankful for this site and all the ones on here who have helped me thru and all the blogs of the elders and the newbe's I know I would'nt be almost at 6 months if it wasn't for you. I learn something new every day!!  

So for all you who are just starting and in NML, It does get better, keep going forward, one day at a time!!

Best wishes for a great quit!!!


     Please keep praying for my brother-in-law Bill. The hospital they took him to by ambulance ran their tests and found out there was more damage done to the heart then they expected. Even tho it has a heart unit, they don't feel that they can do the surgery needed, so he will be going to a hospital from Huntsville, Alabama to a hospital that is more skilled for what he needs!!! Please keep praying for Bill and his wife and children and his Mom.

Thanks so much, love to all!!!


Thanks everyone for your prayers for my brother-in-law!!! Still asking for prayers!!! They took him to another hospital by ambulance and the new hospital has a cardiac unit for the heart. From the tests right now he will need bypass surgery. He has 3 arteries to the heart not good. This hospital wants to run their own test and more. My brother-in law Bill is doing O.K.-He talking and pretty alert. Please still pray for him and his wife and children and his MoM!!! May have his surgury on Thursday or Friday!!!!

Thanks so much