132 Days smoke free!!

Blog Post created by Magstoyou on Nov 25, 2013

    132 Days!!    Life is good!!! I feel good!!! Don't get hardly any craves and if I do they are not like before. Do get some smokemares, They just come and go, I just acknowledge them and let them go.  What I do get is a cig would taste good and smells good right now. Romancing the cigarette. I have to remind my self I DON'T SMOKE any More. I JUST CAN"T HAVE JUST ONE, IT LEADS TO PACKS< NOPE.  My mantra is I don't smoke any more and I am glad. Like I was told, be aware of the sneak attacks!!!Have to be on gaurd!! I keep all my reasons for quiting smoking still in my purse and still reread the book by allen carr and keep reading the sites that were given to me when I first stopped smoking!! Looking at the blogs every day and gaining as much knowledge as I can!!! Look at how far you have come, not how far you have to go!!!

Still going forward-Life is good!!