I'm Walking out of NML Ya Hoo

Blog Post created by Magstoyou on Nov 23, 2013

My Journey thru NML

I remember when I was on 30 days smoke free and was told about NML by the community. I was very thankful to have this site and all the elders with a lot of knowledge and all the new people to share the journey with.  I would Blog and  ask for help and they would be there. Always with a positive encourgement, keep going forward, you are doing good, hang in there, it will get better-I promise!! Hang out in the Blogs. Other people are going thu the same thing. You can do it. Reading all I could about NML really helped a lot. What to expect when going thru NML and the Wednesday Blogs on NML. So I took all I had learned with me and  my quit kit. I took one day at a time and I delt with the craves as they came. I didn't go looking for any. Started living my life without cigs. Started doing things that i usually did when smoking, I could do them. I did it. There is some kind of strengh i gained (but I can't put my finger on it yet) but I can feel it.  I really am thankful for everyone on this site for being there for me, all the elders of wisdom and the new and the ones that are in NML that i shared the experience with, I know I wouldn't be where I am today without all you Blogs-Newbe's and elders I am very thankful for all of you!!! Love you all!!! And I made it thu NML----YAAA HOOO--Love you all

Still going forward!!!

Sincerely Mag 130 day of FREEDOM