Wow-110 days already

Blog Post created by Magstoyou on Nov 3, 2013

Looking at my number 110. I looked at where I was at my 10th day (double digit) to 100 (tripple digit) to 110 days!!

Almost out of NML by what the elders say. But be prepared for sneak attacks.

Where I am now I don't have the craves like I use to. Have once in a while some kinda- a ciggarette would taste good right now. I have to tell my mind you don't smoke any more. You are a non smoker. N,O,P,E. I take deep breaths and it reminds me of how well I can breathe.

Went out to dinner the other night and I didn't even miss the cigs!!  I was told at the beginning it will get better. It does!!! 

 Thanks to the Ex Community, all the new and elders that  have helped me on my journey to where I am today!!! I am very grateful to belong to such a caring and loving site!!!