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     My brother in law in Alabama had a heart attack yesterday morning and is in the hospital in ICU.

He will have tests done on Monday,  Please pray for him!!! Thanks so much!!



Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Posted by Magstoyou Nov 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving To All.

I have a lot to be thankful for and wish you all a safe and smoke free Thanksgiving!!

Love to all



132 Days smoke free!!

Posted by Magstoyou Nov 25, 2013

    132 Days!!    Life is good!!! I feel good!!! Don't get hardly any craves and if I do they are not like before. Do get some smokemares, They just come and go, I just acknowledge them and let them go.  What I do get is a cig would taste good and smells good right now. Romancing the cigarette. I have to remind my self I DON'T SMOKE any More. I JUST CAN"T HAVE JUST ONE, IT LEADS TO PACKS< NOPE.  My mantra is I don't smoke any more and I am glad. Like I was told, be aware of the sneak attacks!!!Have to be on gaurd!! I keep all my reasons for quiting smoking still in my purse and still reread the book by allen carr and keep reading the sites that were given to me when I first stopped smoking!! Looking at the blogs every day and gaining as much knowledge as I can!!! Look at how far you have come, not how far you have to go!!!

Still going forward-Life is good!!


My Journey thru NML

I remember when I was on 30 days smoke free and was told about NML by the community. I was very thankful to have this site and all the elders with a lot of knowledge and all the new people to share the journey with.  I would Blog and  ask for help and they would be there. Always with a positive encourgement, keep going forward, you are doing good, hang in there, it will get better-I promise!! Hang out in the Blogs. Other people are going thu the same thing. You can do it. Reading all I could about NML really helped a lot. What to expect when going thru NML and the Wednesday Blogs on NML. So I took all I had learned with me and  my quit kit. I took one day at a time and I delt with the craves as they came. I didn't go looking for any. Started living my life without cigs. Started doing things that i usually did when smoking, I could do them. I did it. There is some kind of strengh i gained (but I can't put my finger on it yet) but I can feel it.  I really am thankful for everyone on this site for being there for me, all the elders of wisdom and the new and the ones that are in NML that i shared the experience with, I know I wouldn't be where I am today without all you Blogs-Newbe's and elders I am very thankful for all of you!!! Love you all!!! And I made it thu NML----YAAA HOOO--Love you all

Still going forward!!!

Sincerely Mag 130 day of FREEDOM

I realized so much this last weekend.

Friday night we went out to dinner with some friends at a Steak House!! The food tasted so good!!!

Saturday got up and went to one of our grandaughters soccer play offs. Love watching our grandchildren play sports. Went to lunch with our daughter, son in law, and grandaughter.

Came home and took a  nap.

I got up and realized I didn't crave a cig all day. It is getting less and less as I look back for just a moment.

When I went to bed I took a deep breath and realized i could breathe deeper than before.

I got out in the yard Sunday and pruned back my rose bushes and I thought, I have more energy today.

I can see clearly now the fog is gone.  Reminds me of the song-(I can see clearly now the rain is gone}

I can taste food. I can breathe better. I can enjoy being with friends and going out to dinner.  I have more energy, yet I feel relaxed. All of this without a cigarette!!!

I know I still have to be vigillant and do my work and may have to ask for help some day, but this weekend was a great one for me.

Thanks to all the EX's who got me to this point. They kept saying it will get better and it does!!!


Wow-110 days already

Posted by Magstoyou Nov 3, 2013

Looking at my number 110. I looked at where I was at my 10th day (double digit) to 100 (tripple digit) to 110 days!!

Almost out of NML by what the elders say. But be prepared for sneak attacks.

Where I am now I don't have the craves like I use to. Have once in a while some kinda- a ciggarette would taste good right now. I have to tell my mind you don't smoke any more. You are a non smoker. N,O,P,E. I take deep breaths and it reminds me of how well I can breathe.

Went out to dinner the other night and I didn't even miss the cigs!!  I was told at the beginning it will get better. It does!!! 

 Thanks to the Ex Community, all the new and elders that  have helped me on my journey to where I am today!!! I am very grateful to belong to such a caring and loving site!!!