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Have to work tomorro so I am a little Early!!! Tomorro will be 100 days (tripple digits) Ya HOO. I am so excited!! I  know I had good and bad days and still do. But it has been worth it. Starting to have more good and feeling much better. Am still trying to be on gaurd, because I am still in NML..I know there is no such thing as one Cigarette, they come in packs. N>O>P>E not even one puff. I keep reading and re-reading  Allen Carrs Book and the sites that are mentioned on the site. Keep reading Posts of others on the site to get any new words of wisdom to help me with my quit!!!

 I am very thankful for everyone on this site for helping me get to where I am.

I know I couln't have done it without all of you on this site and every one"s posts and suggestions.

Thank you all so much!!! Going forward!!!


I Will be 3 month on Thursday-Yay Me!!!!. I have to work so I shouted out early.

91 Days today!!! Staying Strong and going forward. I ran into a clerk I hadn't seen for a while and I knew she had quit smoking a couple of year ago. She is still quit and she said to me : you have to be real strong at three months. So I thought about it and 9 days ago started the course of with John Ryan. If you give a donation he will e-mail you every day a email to get yo thru the first 21 days of quiting smoking with how to get thu the day. I am on day 9. I think you can always learn something new. I think we need to keep re-reading and gaining more knowledge as we go on our journey. I look at the blogs and write down in a book tools that I think would work for me.

I am thankful for each and every one of you on this site, I have learned so much to get me where I am today.

I can breathe in fresh air

I can taste my food

I don"t have to have a cig to have fun

God Bless Every One-Stay Strong


Had a Great Day Yesterday

Posted by Magstoyou Oct 10, 2013

    85 days smoke free!!!  Got up. Felt good. Felt Entergetic. First Day of a little rain and the smell of crisp cool fresh air. Didn't realize what I was missing  before when I smoked. Had smoke memories floating thu my head off and on . Told them I don't smoke any more. I decided in the morning I'm going to have a good day all day and celebrate me not smoking!!! It worked. So for me when you feel good and get up with energy get out there and enjoy that feel good energy day. Don't dwell on yesterday or tomorro. Just do today!!!


77 days today-feeling out of sorts. Don"t want to smoke. But last night I was at my desk and I kept thinking I will go out and have a cigarette and come back. Thats what I did before. Do work at my desk, go out and smoke and come back and do somemore. My hardest time is in the evening after dinner. Will be going back to work tomorro after my shot in my knee. I don't know if it is because of what is going  on with my knee or just NML. Has any one else experienced this. Any comments would be appreciated!!!

Thanks Mag