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Went to Dr. Yesterday and a while back I blogged about having the Arthritis in my knee and the Dr. gave me a cortizone shot!!! I was bone to bone on my right knee. Well the cortizone shot did O.K> but not O. K.  So yesterday my Dr. gave me a  cush like jell  injection. Have to not put any pressure on it or stand for a long time on it for 48 hours. So I feel tied to the house again. This injection, if it works will take one month to work. Have to have patience with it. 70 some days into my quit. Generally I think I could handle this. I think. I was always able to do what i wanted to do, I just knocks me off my feet. NML's feelings or what? Is this NML or Life? Confused and sad and feel foggy out os sorts!!! Any Suggestions!!! Generally work Wed. Thurs and Friday.


70 days-Having cravings!!!

Posted by Magstoyou Sep 22, 2013

 Went out to the country and spent the weekend in our 5th wheel. Same place we always camp.

Sat down in my chair outside where I generally set. Had a lot of craving for a cigarette, for me they were coming on more  than usual. Also going up to the site and coming home. Do you sometimes get more cravings when you get to the 70 days mark. Never had them that strong. It was like umm the smell of a cigaritte would really taste good right now. Was glad I took my Allen Carr book with me I got it out and started reading it and then took a nap. Generally have that craving at night after dinner, not so much during the day. Am going to catch up on everyones blogs tomorro, just got home about an hr ago. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Lots of fall colors out there for California!!!

Hi everyone!!

  Once a year My husband and I drive over to the valley to a Casino and gamble. Generally in September.

Got up this morning a little nervous-but ready.  Put my survival kit together. This is the first time we went on a long drive since I Quit Smoking. Got my thoughts together in my head for survival.  My survival kit was something to squeeze with my hands, something to twist and mess with in my hands, a straw, my list of why I want to quit smoking. Some honey cough drops. A cd by Louise Hay (you can do it). A meditation tape-relaxation. Player with ear phones.  I chewed on a straw in the Casino because that is where I use to smoke. Going over I used the twisty. Coming home i drank water.

Had a great Day and did well!!!

I want to do that so i can count my days, I have seen it on others home page!!!

   Thanks Maggie

Wow- now I know about all of a sudden out of nowhere!!! No reason, could not connect it to anything except I went down to 7mg patch today. Hit at 11 today. I was at work. Deep breathing, Yes, but it lasted for almost an hour. Wow. Any suggestions for cravings at work!!! Any ideas would be appreciated!! Love and prayers and blessing to all!!



Hi Every One-54days

Posted by Magstoyou Sep 7, 2013

Just wanted to know what is PM you and how do you do it. And how do you attach the beautiful pictures!!!

Thanks so much and have a good weekend.

 Got a shot of cortizone in my knee. Exrays showed bone to bone on two sides.  Arthritis under my knee cap,I have other choices instead of surgury right now. Theres another shot that puts cush in there the DR. said he would do if this shot doesn't work.  I didn't tell the person who was driving me, to stop in town because I needed something from the gas station!! Made it thru. I have always been so active and could do what I want and boom-knock me off my feet!!! NML took me to the worst thoughts in my mind-I call it Gerastic Park. Thank you all for the support and caring and Love <3


Am definatly in NML- Went to the ER on Saturday. Am waiting for my appointment at one o"clock. Very nervous about what the Dr. is going to say or do. Am Thankful I am going to get in this week. Have been in bed with a knee-leg problem with a velcrose like cast from my hip to my ankle to mobolize my knee and icing my knee. Can walk wth the brace on (kinda) in the house. Can't cook. Can't clean.  Can't work right now. Can't drive because of the brace. Feel tied to the house and don't have any freedom. I just had to vent-need prayers-Whats going thu my head is why did this happen at or around my 50 non smoking. Not smoking!!! Need an atttitude adjustment!!! I guess it all boils down to I have never been tied down like this.

50 days into not smoking. I'm went  down to the 14mg patch on Wednesday. That is the way i started before I found this site. I went to the Er Saturday morning. Could't  walk on or put pressure on my right leg-knee. Hurt my right knee down to my ankle. They said I tore a legament or the meniscus. am in a velcrose knee stabilizer from my hip to my ankle. Can't bend my leg. Will see a dr. I hope Tuesday.  Still reading  the Allen Carr Book and looking at the posts when I can. In bed icing my knee and when have to get up using the brace.  Trying to keep a positive attitude!! I'm a new be to all this and ejoy reading the newbe posts, they help me and all you with so many days-thats  what I am working for, just like the other newbes. thanks for all your help and am still going forward the best way I can.