Hi-New to site-need support-friends!!!

Blog Post created by Magstoyou on Aug 19, 2013

Hi My names Maggie,

I am 65 years old and work part time as a secretary-bookeeper.

My quit date was July 16th. Have not smoked for 35 days Am feeling like I am all alone in this. My family says, thats great, We are so proud of you. But they don't know what I am going through. I am using the nicoderm patch 21 mg. And will soon be going down to 14mg. I'm scared that when I go down further I am going to start smoking again. As for now i will all of a sudden have a craving for a cigarette and I keep telling myself it will pass and it does and I keep going. I get an extra anxious feeling or gitty if that makes sense feeling off and on and feel not focused well, tired.I have a craving for sugar and I am really hungry. I have been on a low colestral diet and took off 42 pounds. I feel like I have gained weight. I feel all alone in this because I am doing it all by myself. So glad I found this site and am hoping to get some friends on this site as a support system!! I guess this is normal to feel this way. Still going forward . What I have seen on the site (haven't been all around it-are people really trying their best to quit),

Sincerely Maggie