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Yesterday felt like I had a flu bug!!! Feeling much better today!!! Went to bed most of the day. am reading  Allen Carrs book and was able to find the Wednesday Posts Sarah posts on Wednesday about no mans land!!! I am going thu some of that already, 41 days and almost 41 & 1/2!!! Thank you every one for you support and all the good ideas and much more-Have a good Sunday!!!


Feeling Sad

Posted by Magstoyou Aug 24, 2013

Hi it Maggie,

   40 days non smoking on patch, will be changing to 14 mg patch on wednesday. Had upset stomach yesterday and had to leaved work at about 3. I had gone to accupunture on Tuesday because I picked up a laundry basket full of clothes pulled my lower back out..  I have to say-she made me feel relaxed & got a good nights sleep. I don't know if there is a stomach flu going around or what. Fill sad and want to go back to bed!!  My back is still hurting and still filling blaugh. But no ciggarettes. Fell like going  back to bed!!!!


Thank You

Posted by Magstoyou Aug 22, 2013

Thank you everyone for responding to my new to site !!! It is really nice to hear from everyone on how they are doing and some are about where i am now with my quit smoking and some have a lot more days than I have. Thanks for posting all your comments about how you are progressing forward, it really helps me. It's nice to know that people are out there for you and what their experiences were. Where you are now in your journey and the links and sites to help you!! I wish every one the best and thanks so much!!!

Sincerely Maggie

Hi My names Maggie,

I am 65 years old and work part time as a secretary-bookeeper.

My quit date was July 16th. Have not smoked for 35 days Am feeling like I am all alone in this. My family says, thats great, We are so proud of you. But they don't know what I am going through. I am using the nicoderm patch 21 mg. And will soon be going down to 14mg. I'm scared that when I go down further I am going to start smoking again. As for now i will all of a sudden have a craving for a cigarette and I keep telling myself it will pass and it does and I keep going. I get an extra anxious feeling or gitty if that makes sense feeling off and on and feel not focused well, tired.I have a craving for sugar and I am really hungry. I have been on a low colestral diet and took off 42 pounds. I feel like I have gained weight. I feel all alone in this because I am doing it all by myself. So glad I found this site and am hoping to get some friends on this site as a support system!! I guess this is normal to feel this way. Still going forward . What I have seen on the site (haven't been all around it-are people really trying their best to quit),

Sincerely Maggie