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He made it through the surgery good.  The Dr. Says he got this cancer early and it was isolated. (Men Personals). 

Thank you for all your prayers. I really was glad I could be with my daughter thru this. 

Thanks again, I am so grateful.


It will be Thursday at 7:30. Thanks for your prayers and  please continue prayers for him.

Love to all



Asking for Prayers

Posted by Magstoyou Oct 31, 2017

Our Son in Law is going in for surgery tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning.

Asking for Prayers!! Thank you in advance!!




Posted by Magstoyou Jul 16, 2017

One day you will wake up and all the fog has lifted. One day you will wake up and feel less tired. One day you will wake up and feel great. You have walked the walk and now you begin to see smoking is not part of your life any more. You can taste your food, smell, smell the fresh air. and  breathe better. Allergies are so much better with out smoking. When I was new to my quit I used nature a lot to help when I had a crave. I would get in my car and go out in the country and watch the leaves falling in the fall. I would go to the beach and watch the ocean and smell the fresh sea air. Or sit by a creek and toss pebals in the creek. Breathing exercises was in my tool box, a straw, lots of cold water, and a rubber band. I would put a large rubber band on my wrist and snap it and that would remind me to not entertain or dwell on the crave-do something else.  Keep living your life.


I still come to the site and read blogs almost every day. And I say-I remember going thru that.  Just knowing it was normal made me feel better. Crying and not know what you are crying for. Very sensitive.


I was told it gets better. I promise it does. Sooner than you think. I was told-Keep going forward and don't look back, that is not were you are going.

 I couldn't have done it with out all of you cheering me on. Sometime pushing me along. Walking the walk with me. Promising me it will get better. It does. I know I couldn't have done it myself. A great big thanks to all of you and a Huge Hug to All.

Life is good



Magstoyou Archived Profile

Posted by Magstoyou Jan 23, 2017



Hi every one. My name is Maggie. I am 65 years old , live in California. Am  on a patch and  My Quit date was July- 16- 2013. Have not smoked for 35 days. Am working part time as a Secretary-Bookkeeper. Just found this site yesterday and really like it. Looked at some of your help for other people, by sharing your experiences while quitting with other people and definately can relate to a lot of what they are going through!! And that what I am feeling is normal. It still is hard for me. I thought it would get better after a couple of weeks. Wish the best for us all!!! 

83-days not smoking!!!-In NML-having a lot of smoke memories. They just float by, don't get too attached to them.Had a couple" really boy would a cig taste good right now,"Had to remind myself I don't smoke anymore!!! I am a non smoker!!!

85-days (10-9-13) -had a great day- got up, felt entergetic, had first rain, everything smelled so fresh and crisp cool air outside. Celegbrated 85 days and feeling great. When you get those entergetic, good days, get out there and have fun!!!Take advantage of them!!!

100-days-I felt so proud of myself. Yes!!!  The only thing I noticed was all of a sudden I would have the thought to go have a cigarette(this was mostly at home)-Had to tell myself I am not a smoker. I don't smoke anymore. N>P>P>E. Not   one cigarette ever, they come in packs and then cartons!!! And it would go away. Days so much better like they promised. Feel more energetic, can breath real deep (which I couldn't do before). Do Deep breathing exercises all day wheather I need to or not. Haven't had any bad cravings or all of a sudden big cravings. Have had some smoking memories and I just let them float on by like a cloud. Food tastes better, smell better, can see better. Am still going thu NML, so not letting my gaurd down. Life is good!!


My Journey thru NML

I remember when I was on 30 days smoke free and was told about NML by the community.  I was very thankful for the EX's, the elders with  a lot of knowledge. And all the new people I shared the journey with. Always with positive comments. keep going forward, NOPE, you just can't have one. You can do it. I would blog and they would be there.  They kept saying it will get better, and it does. So I took what I learned with me and my guit kit and started doing the things I use to do when I was smoking. It works. I can do it. I took one day at a time and delt with the craves. I didn't go looking for any. I had less and less and had more smoke mares because i was entering into first time places to be smoke free.

I had to keep telling myself, you don't smoke any more. There is some kind of strength I gained during this time, but I can't put my finger on it. I can feel it. I really am thankful for every one on this site for being there for me, all the elders of wisdom, the newbe"s and the one inbetween, I know I wouldn't be where I am today with out your blogs, I am ver thankful for you all. YAHOO- and I made it thru NML. Love to all

Still going forward

Sincerely Mag 130 Days of freedom


6 months -184days

Can't believe I am at 6 months.

I feel like I don't have to have a cig to function in life. I do have smoking memories off and on, but I don't romance them. Just let them go. I don't give them any power.

I feel now is the time for me to work on my weight. I can use the stop smoking site to help me take off weight. I',m not  going to stress over it.

Be vigilant, You can't have one. You don't smoke any more. N.O.P.E. Just keep it away from your face.  I don't really feel I would be where I am today if it wasn't for this site and all of the Ex;s!!!

Life is Good    

7 months218days- Was doing so good and then got into a car accident but am O.K.  Having a lot of indigestion, acid reflex. Still have a cough!!!  but don't know if it is from a cold. On 218 days woke up and just felt kinda sad. Been still wanting to get proper sleep. Don't crave smoking any more, but still start to romance it. Decided instead of staying home alone and feeling alone  and dwelling on aloneness and a lot of emotional family things. Decided to go to town and take care of some errands I needed to do. Came home and felt good!! Finished my last Dr. Appointment for a while except my teeth cleaning!! Made me feel good. The weather was gloomy and so was I.

2-31-2014 -Was at work. Had Big Rain Storm, really raining and bad winds. In the afternoon I started feeling anxious. I have always smoked my way thru them. It was a first!! Was driving another car because my car was in the body shop. I truly believe now when they say protect you back. It hit me so hard and I had to talk back to my mind and make positive decisions to protect my quit. I needed to really be positive about this because there was a negative voice setting on my shoulder.(the nico) trying to get me to smoke. I got myself together and made some decisions and protected my quit!!! ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR BACK AND BE PREPARED!!! I came out the Winner!!!

9 Months

8,250 cigs not smoked and $2062.50 dollars saved!!

Living my life with out cigarettes. I rarely think about smoking, sometimes  I will have a smoke memory and I just let it slide off my back, I don’t give it any power. I tell my self you don’t smoke!!

Very happy I do not smoke anymore and feel Blessed. I read the blogs of others and learn from all. Keep educating myself and keep going forward!!

I still carry my quit kit and am vigulant.  I still have sad days, feel lonely, etc. But I would anyway because it is part of life.I feel more at peace not smoking and not as stressed out over things, more relaxed.

When I am in nature or driving I see so much more than I saw before because I had to pay attention to smoking. I missed so much!! The cig took that away from me. I sit out side sometimes in the dark and look at the stars. I was before more involved in my cig. I really didn’t see. It really robs you of so much.

For all you newbies, it gets a lot better-sooner than you think. And you will be so proud of your self!!! Use all the tools you have and keep going forward. One day at a time’

Life is Good!!!


July 16 2014

Walking through the doors of the 6% club!!!! I did it!!!



 One day you will wake up and all the fog has lifted, one day you will wake up and you will feel less tired, one day you will wake up and say I feel great!!


I can taste better, I can see better, I feel better and more energetic, I can breathe deeper and really can smell the fresh air and the Roses, I feel more relaxed, my allergies are much better and I can breathe thu my nose. I use to be not able to breathe thru one side of my nose at night from allergies and now I can!!! My smell is better!!

I do have to still watch my back and be prepared.


    I couldn’t have done it with out all of you cheering me along!!  Sometimes pushing me along!! Promising me that it will get better!! It does!! I know I couldn’t have done it by myself. A great big thanks to all of you and a HUGE HUG to all!!!


Life Is Good

Mag-1 Year

My 1yr Celebration-Took A Vacation!!!!

Just got back from a vacation for 2 weeks. Went to Washington State to see our daughter and grandchildren. Her husband and she are separated and it is sad. Besides the
Sadness of the going to be divorce. It is life!! We had a great time with her and the 3 grandchildren we have up there. That was what I wanted to do for my one year anniversary.  Went thru
Oregon and Washington and got to see some beautiful country. One road across Oregon went up to 5500 elevation and the wild flowers were still blooming and there was still snow on the big mountains!! Leaves were falling and you could smell the crisp cool fresh air!! There are so many Dams in Washington and lots of water.

This was a big first for me!!! Stopping at gas stations, before  I would walk to a corner and smoke, this time I would walk around because I just got my boot cast off a week before we left after I broke my ankle and that helped my ankle. My eyes didn’t even go to the cigs when I went into the gas stations. Smoking on my daughters deck-just a short memory, I didn’t romance it. Short memory only and most of the time didn’t even think about it. Went to two Casinos’, Won and Won-Won a little money and didn’t smoke. Won some money and didn’t smoke so I was a double winner!!! If I lost money I was still a winner because I didn’t smoke!!

I was so great to get out and see nature, no reservations for motels, stopped when we decided to, no time to be any where.   That has always been one of my things to do when I would have a crave at the beginning of my quit!!! I would go out to the country and just drive!!!

For all you in your early days of your quits, It does get better. I promise Thank you to all my Ex Family for helping me, pushing me. And cheering me along!! And for telling me it would get better!! Love you all!



I highly recommend Allen Carr's “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.” This is an easy and entertaining read. Here is a link to a free PDF version of it:


Nov 1 2014-   11,850 cigs not smoked!!!

2 Years-Hard to Believe

Thanks every one, elders,tweens,newbies for all you help to get me to my two years!!! It wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all  the support, hope and encourgement on the Ex Commiunity. I remember day one , I got up in the morning and said thats it. I am done and put on a patch and didn't look back. Found this site about 35 days into my quit. Was going to a quit smoking program in my town. Did all the Readings I was told to do And educate myself on the site. Kept reading blogs and bloging myself. I felt better when I was told it was normal to feel that way. Sleep problems, no body cares, sad, crying, lonely,foggy.

Well the fog does lift and the emotions go away and I can see clearly now the fog  is gone. I still have some hard days, but it not due to not smoking. I'ts Life. I can see better and enjoy nature  more, smell and breathe deeper. and  smoking is not part of my life any more. I hardly think about it any more. I  have a calender and every day I write down something  I am grateful for, even if it is something small and it helps me stay positive and grateful.!!

All you newbies, i read blogs every day and reading yours keeps me in check. Keep going forward-one day at a time, use your quit Kits, keep educating yourself. Stay close to the site and blog and read others blogs. I wish you a great quit!!!

Sincerely Mag

1000 Days -The Quad Squad- April 11th 2016

Change-I retired on February 12th, am 68 and need to have aknee replacement. With retirement I  am able to go to water excercises 2-3 times a week. Get into a class on eating clean and loosing weight.

I know I wouldn't be at 1000 days with out all the help I got from the EX's on  here. Keep going forward.. Pushing me along, telling me It does get better and it does(i Promise).

Smoking is not part of my life or my retirement. I had a flash of me sitting out on the patio and  having a cup of coffee and  looking at the stars at night and having a cig-Geez, where did that come from-NOPE-NOPE -NO WAY.

Thanks to all of you for walkink with me to the Quad Squad!!

Sincerely Mag

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Posted by Magstoyou Dec 6, 2016

Magstoyou is my new user name, I had to change from Mag10Q.

I hope it is not the season for falling? Pati fell last night. I fell Friday in our garage leaving to meet my sister

for coffee and ended up at the ER. I fell on my knee's (which already have austeo authuritis). They are deeply bruised and I must have hit my shoulder. Aching all over!! I didn't ever think about smoking to take the pain away.

Happy about that. They want me to put ice on it!! Its soo cold!!


My sister-in law Rhonda, who was air lifted to southern Calif USC for her heart in August is home now resting.

They were able to put some stints in for now. She is a canidate for a heart transplant.

She is not well, well. But is doing O.K. They did all they could for her so she is still not out of the woods!!

Thanks for all the prayers, and continued prayers for her would be appreciated.



Asking for prayers please

Posted by Magstoyou Aug 12, 2016

My sister in law had a heart attack and was flown to a heart unit down south in California!!

They tried to give her a by pass and ran into other complications. Other heart issues. So they closed her chest up and have her in a heavy sedated state right now and are looking at other alternatives. They can't give her a by-pass because her veins are too small. She had 2 heart attacks prior to this one. She is only 55. So sad.



3 years!! WOW

Posted by Magstoyou Jul 17, 2016

Thanks to all of you for the congratulations on my 3 years!!

I thank all of you for being there for me and I do mean all of you.

I still read the blogs almost every day. Smoking is not part of my life.

Life is Good



Up date on Brides Dad

Posted by Magstoyou May 12, 2016

He gets to go home  to night late and he has to rest in bed for 2 weeks. They ran the tests again and nothing changed. Haven't heard all the details but he doing o.k. His head hurts a lot, but they said it was normal .

Thanks for all your prayers 

Love yau

sincerely Mag


Asking for prayers please

Posted by Magstoyou May 10, 2016

Friend of ours Daughter got married Saturday and the Brides Father tripped and fell and split his head open. He has a concussion. Was released yesterday from the hospital.and is now back with a fever and confused. he was on blood thinners and had a small brain bleed (that what they called it). Any Prayers would be much appreciated.!!

Thanks Mag  


1000 Days-YES

Posted by Magstoyou Apr 11, 2016

Wow hard to believe. All last year I have been tossing around retiring-yes -no -yes. And then I had a week off for Christmas and it just seemed to feel right that it was the right time. So In January I gave my notice and retired on Febuary 12th. I need a knee replacement  and am going to be 69yrs  old. Change-I started thinking, I could sit out on the patio and have a cup of coffee and look at the stars and have a cig. What, where did that come from. I don't smoke any more. Its not part of my retirement plans. NOPE NOPE-GEEZ. Always protect your back. My new normal is I don't have to wake up to an alarm clock, I can go to water Arobics two to three times a week to help take weight off I gained  and exercise.  Can stay up as late as I want,

I am thankful for all the Ex"s and the site for helping me get where I am. I truely believe I couldn't have done it with out you helping me, cheering me on, sometimes pushing me-keep going forward, It does get better-It really does, sooner than you think.

For the new  just starting, educate your self. There is so much offered  on this site  as you go along. The support is awsome. Tired, lack of sleep, can't concentrate, mood swings-no one cares, (doesn't my family know what I am going through). Helped me to know they were all normal feelings. What worked best for me was the deep breathing, relaxation tapes. Meditation. Staying as relaxed as I could. Going for rides in the country and watching the leaves fall and going to the Beach. Nature was one of my crave busters. Drink lots of water and nap when you can to make up for those nights  you had a hard time sleeping. Blog and read others blogs every day. Stay close to the site.

I come on the site and still read blogs  almost everyday and sometimes comment. It keeps me in check. I also go to the pledge site and pledge almost everyday, it keeps my quit strong and gives others strength too.

Life is good

Love Ya All




2 Years-WOW

Posted by Magstoyou Jul 16, 2015

All I have to say is thank you every one for all the support along my journey. I wouldn't have been at 2  years if it wasn't for all of you.

I remember two years ago of wakeing up in the morning and saying to myself, I am done, no more, its time, Staying close to the site gave me a lot of hope and courage, cheering me on, sometime pushing me along.

Just knowing everything I bloged, Ex"s would say-that is normal, made me feel better. Being told it will get better helped me a lot. It does get better-a lot better-I promise.

I went thru being tired, sleep problems, sad, crying, no one cares, feeling foggy. All those emotions .

I decided to do a gratitude calender, where you write down 1 thing you are grateful for each day, even if it is something small. It helped me stay more positive and gave me a thankful mood of gratitude.

My days got better and better and today i am happy to say, smoking is not part of my life.  I hardly ever think of it. I want all you newbies to know, reading you blogs keeps me in check. I can relate a lot to what you blog because I have been there.  Keep going forward and don't look back. I wish you all a great quit.

To the Oldies, thanks for cheering me along and being there for me.

Sincerely Mag


Thanks to all of you

Posted by Magstoyou Jun 17, 2015

Thanks to all of you for the Congratulations on my 700 days!!

You all mean so much to me!!

Love Ya Mag701DOF


700 Days-Yes

Posted by Magstoyou Jun 16, 2015

700 Days-headed for 2 yrs.

What have I learned on my journey. One day at a time. Try to keep your stress level down if possible. Had to ask myself-is this really worth stressing about!! Get lots of rest and naps if possible and take care of your self.

Stay close to the site and read others blogs-I still do. when i first started my quit I bloged a lot.

I do once in a while have smoke memories and still having some 2nd time memories. Smoking is not a choice for me. I don't want to go back to day 1 again.

I can smell, taste my food, and breathe deep. Really smell the fresh air, taste you food and breathe deeply after quiting-it keeps you going forward. So much time was wasted on smoking my cigs than really seeing. I would set out on the back patio at night in the dark and look at the stars. I didn't really see them. I was too busy smoking. Once the fog lifted I could see a lot clearer. Feel more relaxed. Enjoy nature. When I had a good day, I would  get out and have a good day-take advantage of it.

Keep going forward-Day to Day and don't look back.

They told me it would get better and it does-I promise!!!

Everyone here on this  Ex's Community played a part in my succeeding and you all still do. I sincerely couln't have done it without all of you!!!

Thanks to all of you