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Posted by LisaAnnIndy74 May 3, 2017

So how is everyone doing today? It has been a crazy last few days here. We are gearing up to sell our house. So we had to repaint and have new carpet put in. It went on the market today so we are praying it sells quick. How is everyone doing with their quit? Remember I'm here for anyone!!! You can do this! Sending out hugs to everyone!!! 

Love y'all!


The more I sat here last night into today, the more I thought about the fact that I made the Elders List. And not just that I made it, that sooo many of us made it! It is such a huge accomplishment for all of us!!! I am so proud of every single one of us!!  As for me, I never in a million years thought I would ever make a list of people who have been free of cigarettes for so long!! I did it!!! I conquered that nicodemon!!! I beat it out of my life!!! If I can do this then trust me all you newbies, YOU CAN TO!!! Love and strength to you all!!!!

Hugs Lisa


It's been awhile

Posted by LisaAnnIndy74 Apr 20, 2017

It's been awhile since I wrote a blog post. May 1st is coming up and it will be my Anniversary date. I still cannot believe I made it! I did it!!! I believed I could and I did!! Now don't get me wrong I had my moments, just read my earlier blog posts. I want everyone who is new to their quit or about to quit that you all can accomplish it! You all have the strength, the power and all of us here in this amazing group!!! Don't be afraid to ask questions, to reach out. Read people's posts. Educate yourself as much as you can. But most importantly, don't give up!! Remember: NOPE: Not One Puff Ever

    Love and hugs to you all!!! 

I set myself free from the smoke cloud I was living in on May 1st 2014. 



41 I am  finally living free from the smoke cloud I was in! Want to know anything else?  Need a buddy to talk too? Please feel free to ask away :-)















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Enjoying the fresh air and freedom I now have!


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gardening, reading, dancing, singing, music in general, old classic comedy movies, old classic musicals, baking and of course my family


hmmm....i am a mother to 4 daughters so i have acquired a lot of skills throughout the years


ARRGGHH!!! ugh.

Posted by LisaAnnIndy74 Jun 14, 2016

Ok so tell me why in the heck I am having strong urges and cravings??!! I am two years into this quit!!!  I have had really strong urges this whole last month!!! What is happening?? Has anyone else experienced this???

Today I celebrate my 42nd birthday. I am so proud to be able to do this and be smoke free too. It is a blessing that I found this place and all of you!!! THANK YOU for always having my back and for always being here!!! 

So with that being said help me celebrate 42 years young!! Love and hugs to you all!

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Wow it has been a very long time since I have been in here!!! I am celebrating 2 YEARS TODAY!!! Yes two years! It has been a wonderful ride and I love being smoke free. I am also proud to say that I never slipped up, not that I didn't want to sometimes. But having my heart fixed 2 years ago as well has made me think a lot differently. I hope that everyone here has been doing good. Forgive me for not being here for so long. I needed to make sure I had this quitting thing down pretty good, and I can honestly say I am doing fantastic. I want to THANK YOU all for always being there in the beginning for me. I always knew that If ever i needed you all, you would be there for me. I hope I can be of some help to someone trying to quit. I will be trying to check in more. Love and UGE hugs to you all!!!!


May 1st. 2014 Quit Date

Celebrating 2 years today 

Hello everyone!!! It sure has been awhile since I have been in here!!! I would like to start off by saying that it has been 299 days since I quit smoking. I have not had a slip up yet. I am holding strong and very happy with this success!!! I hope everyone is doing good!!! I have missed you all! Life took me away for awhile to deal with some family issues. I want all the new comers to know tha quitting is possible!!! If I could do it, you can!!! I know we have al heard that before, but it is true! I really believe the key was finding the right motivation! Whether it be your kids, your spouse or your health. WHATEVER it may be. Figure out what will work for you. Oh and this website is a HUGE factor in my continuing to reamniln smoke free. Even when I didn't check in every day I always knew that I could check in here any time and someone would be willing to help or just listen. So trust me, it is possible!!! Huge  Hugs everyone!!! I will be back when I can!!! I pray everyone is good!!!

Lisa~ 299 days smoke free!!!!



Posted by LisaAnnIndy74 Nov 1, 2014

Hay everyone! Checking in! It has been 184 days!!! I can't believe it!!! I am still dealing with major foot pain and going to have another test on my foot on Monday. I am praying they figure it out!!! But all through this and all through the pain I have held strong!!! I know I haven't been in here much to blog and to let you all know how I am doing, and for this I am sorry. Life just happens like that at times. And lately my life has been a roller-coaster. I do hope you are all doing good!!! I heard there is a bonfire happening??? Where is it being held?? I hope you all have a blessed day!!!


Feels good to be back

Posted by LisaAnnIndy74 Oct 7, 2014

Hello all....

 I have been doing ok. I am hanging in there. I do have cravings and some have been so strong. There have also been times where I sat there and saifd I was done and I was going to go buy some cigarettes. I never acted on it because I knew deep down inside that I would be so upset with myself and I DO NOT want to start this all over again. I am proud of how far I have come. I will keep trudging along and protecting my quit. I hope you all are doing good. I am back in here now, blogging like I should be when I am feeling low or tempted. I thought I was good to go and that I didn;t need any support or back up... Boy was I wrong. It feels good to be back. I send love and hugs and all my support to you all!! 


Good evening everyone!! I hope you all had a good day today. My day was busy, but good. Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a good night! HUGE HUGS!!!!





Good Thursday Morning!

Posted by LisaAnnIndy74 Oct 2, 2014


Good Morning everyone!! I moved my computer into my dining room so I can access it more often so I can come in here and vent and talk when I really need too. I hope everyone has a really good day. I am in better spirits since my last blog post here. Ii have no idea what really surred me on. Well actually I do, but honestly I was being petty and just downright mean at times. My hubby and I worked out what I was feeling towards him. I just really need to get away for awhile. I have been dealing with my health issues and doctors and tests off and on since April! I am tired right now andjust want a break. My huby really needs one as well! But until we can do that I am going to just be strong and hold on. I want to THANK YOU all for being there the other day and rushing to be there! You are al amazing! I do need to be in here more often and I am really going to try too. 

HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa


UGH! Really?!

Posted by LisaAnnIndy74 Sep 28, 2014

I have been fighting off depression the last few days. I am sick of dealing with everything concerning my health, I know I have to keep moving forward(and of course I am going to) but I am tired! I have been pissed off at my husband lately. And now I am craving a smoke sooo damn bad! I think I need to go back to bed for a few days!

Hi everyone! I have been MIA for awhile now. I wanted to pop  in and let ya'll know I am doing ok. I am still smoke free, no slip up at all. I am protecting my quit with my life! I am still dealing with some health issues, but it isn't my heart anymore. I know I will be fine. I hope everyone is doing good! Miss talking with you all!!! LOVE AND HUGS!!!!



Triple Digits

Posted by LisaAnnIndy74 Aug 29, 2014

Yep I am a triple digit woman! I am proud to say that. I will say that recently I have been having a hard time with things. I sometimes feel like who would it hurt If I went to buy smokes. I mean who would I really be hurting? Well let's see.... My family for one. They have all been so incredibly supportive. My youngest daughter who is 14 tells me that I am a huge inspiration to her and that she looks at me like a hero. How can I light up a cig knowing how much it would crush her? Let's see who else..... My husband Jake. He has been there for me through everything that I have gone through, He has supported me through thick and thin and he is so very proud of how far I have come with my quit. He has bragged about me and how awesome I have done with my quit to his family and his co workers. How can I light up a cig knowing it would hurt him? Let's see who else.... ME. Yep I said Me. I did this quit for ME. Yes I know, it sounds selfish, but ya know what I DO NOT CARE! This quit was for me and me only. I have tried to quit a million times before and used my kids or my hubby as my reasons. It never worked and I always failed. So this time I did it for me and everyone knew it. Yes I would upset my kids and hubby if I slipped up or gave up and yes that would in turn hurt me, But they also know that I have done this quit this go round for me and no one else. I had to. I NEEDED this. I had to prove to myself that I did have the strength to do this and to make it stick. I am proud that I actually did it this time and that even though I have my rough moments, I can still hold onto my quit. So for anyone who has just started their quit, remember one very important person that you ahould be quitting for, YOU. Well I have rambled on enough. I hope everyone is doing good. Stay Strong! Love and Hugs Lisa