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Posted by Lisa308 May 24, 2018

hi everyone!  I feel somewhat ashamed I’ve quit so many times.  But here I am again planning on quitting tonight. This site has been very helpful to me in the past.  I’m 59 and have been smoking 40 years. Thank you all for the support  

Good morning,  thank you for all the great help here at this site.  It's two weeks today and I'm thrilled. My cough stopped woo hoo!  I've done a lot of reading and just refuse to smoke.  Thank you everyone for the support ✌️ 


Good morning everyone!

Posted by Lisa308 Jun 21, 2017

Hi!  Here I am day 8!  It's a little hard to believe but it's true.  Smoking took such a big chunk of my day n the past I.e. Looking for cigs, lighter, where do I go where it's allowed and on and on.  I usually am on Facebook but am working on coming here instead. Everyone is so welcoming and it's appreciated     Things are going pretty well, NOPE HELPS, hard candy list of reasons posted around my home.  My daughter face timed me this morning and she had a cigarette it looked appealing. I told her and she got rid of it and encouraged me to keep on keeping on.  She hates smoking and so do I. My chest feels a lot better. I coughed like a banshee for a good 6 days now that has subsided.  Thank you all.  I'm so glad "hell week" is over the patch helps too!  Wishing everyone a beautiful day!  Lisa  


6 days but who's counting!

Posted by Lisa308 Jun 19, 2017

Hi everyone!  Thanks sooo much for all the support it really helps.  I'm not doing too bad using the patch, deep breaths, hard candy, getting up and doing something just for today.  I'm trying not to project. NOPE helps too.  All the posts and blogs are wonderful!

peace, Lisa 


Day 16!

Posted by Lisa308 Feb 1, 2017

Hello day 16. How wonderful to have another smoke free day and a place to share it.  It's so helpful knowing there are others who have walked the road I'm traveling on my quit journey. I've been walking my dog a longer distance and my breathing is better. It sure feels great. Thank you all for being there for me  


Coffee and...

Posted by Lisa308 Jan 26, 2017

Good morning!  A miracle happened this morning. My coffee pot broke and I had to go out to DD for coffee. Many times in the past when quitting I would act impulsively run out of the house early and buy cigarettes, even in my pjs once.  I said a prayer cause the urge was strong.  I drove past the store and did NOT buy them. I am very Greatful and wanted to share this.  This has always been my downfall in the past but not today!  Thank you all for being there.

peace, Lisa


Lisa308 Archived Profile

Posted by Lisa308 Jan 23, 2017



Hi,  I'm a 58year young lady who has been smoking since I was about 14.  I enjoy football (Go Steelers!), listening to music ,The Allman Brothers) and nature.  I have 2 adult children and an 8 year old grandson whom I adore :)  I quit smoking once before for 4 months and hopefully this is my "forever quit".  I am on 3 inhalers (go figure) and want to be around for some time yet.  That's it for now.  Peace,  Lisa

ps I've been here a few times before but I keep trying Mild COPD  Hope this time is the charm <3



Brief Description

A 58 year young woman.  Proud mother of 2, (one daughter and one son) with one 5 year old grandson whom I adore :)


No website in profile.




listening to classic rock, spending time with family and friends, good movies, playing on the computer.


i am a good typist.  i crochet and knit.

If nothing else I'm determined .... I've tried to quit many, many times but here I am day 2.  I'm feeling good about it but also remain guarded.  My son quit two months ago that helps encourage me even though my husband chain smokes in the house!!!  But this is my quit that I'm responsible for.  Thank you everyone for your great support.  I have to remember to stay close to this site.  I hope everyone has a great smoke free day including me! ✌️️


Happy Thursday

Posted by Lisa308 Oct 13, 2016

Hi everyone


Happy Fall

Posted by Lisa308 Oct 4, 2016

Hi it's day two for me going easier than I expected I've tried quite a few times but I'm hopeful about this time. I really get a lot of encouragement here so thank you all.  




Here I am

Posted by Lisa308 Feb 4, 2016

Hi one more day to quit  though it's not my first time. COPD diagnosis and just feeling  badly a lot brings me back to this wonderful site. I want to live to spend time with my family. My mind tells me it's too late to quit the damage is done. Trying to get ready to let these things go. I am very grateful for this site it's very helpful. Peace✌️Lisa 


I've slipped

Posted by Lisa308 Jul 20, 2015

Hi. I managed to remain smoke free for 3 months & 2 weeks. I went to a party where almost everyone smoked. Bad choice. I received so much help here   I'm disappointed and so is my hubby. He still smokes and keeps his smokes in the house also. Any tips etc is greatly appreciated. 

Peace Lisa


Not too bad

Posted by Lisa308 May 14, 2015

Hi, tomorrow will be 3 weeks smoke free. I have been keeping busy which helps. Blogging and reading here helps too.  I have earlynewly diagnosed COPD which really scared me. After 43 years of smoking I figured this was last call. The first week I felt like I lost a good friend but then I realized cigarettes are my worst enemy.  I need to stay honest with myself. Thank you all for the encouragement and support. 



Good morning from Connecticut!  Well I made my first day!  I am so glad I didn't pick up when tempted.  I feel like I jjust might be well on my way to day two.  YEAH!!!   I woke up feeling good not smoking, the morning coffee is my BIGGEST difficult time.   My hubby is flying today and the airline website is useless.  I'm currently on hold with the airline.  He's departing from JFK and with the high winds the tv said 137 flights cancelled.  i did get aggravated and the first thing I did was reach for a smoke, which of course, was not there.  

When I felt tempted first thing this morning came to this site knowing I would get support :)  Thank you to everyone for being here.  I know this is the very, very beginning but I am pleased I made it through the first day.  Peace, Lisa


Hi Everybody!

Posted by Lisa308 Feb 9, 2015

Hello from snowy Connecticut!   I have been helped here before but went back to smoking.  My quite date is Valentine's Day.  I'm quitting with my daughter, Daria.  I just wanted to get my "hat in the ring" so to say.  Hope you guys are having good days.  Peace, Lisa