Today went smoothly.

Blog Post created by lee76 on Mar 23, 2012

Today was an excellent day for me. I honestly didnt have much of any cravings at all (although Im getting used to this extremely up and down pattern. Im living for the good days right now haha.) It was sort of funny actually. I went out to eat with a good friend of mine and we had this really nice waitress. Before we left though, she took a few minutes to come back with the bill- but when she did come back, I knew exactly why it took her an extra minute or so. She smelled so badly of smoke and, again, I found that I was really repulsed by the smell of someone who just smoked a cigarette. It almost smelled worse than stale tobacco to me. I turned to my friend after she left and asked "Is that really how I always smelled to people?" She looked at me and smiled and replied "Yes, it was terrible." I completely believe her about it smelling awful though because this lady did not smell good at all. Im a bit surprised I was SO turned off by the smell, but Im really glad I was. I think it deterred me even more. I guess one thing I can always refer back on is the fact that at the VERY LEAST, I smell a lot better now, instead of like a huge disgusting ash tray.
Day 20!