Weather triggers?

Blog Post created by lee76 on Mar 20, 2012

Today was a really nice day out where I live. It was warm, but not hot and had just a little bit of a spring breeze. It was amazing. On the down side though, it seemed to be triggering feelings of wanting to smoke. I remember that whenever this type of weather would come around each year, I would LOVE to just go sit outside and smoke a cigarette. So, it makes perfect sense that my brain, after all this time, would associate the want for a cigarette with this nice weather. Regardless, I found other things to do instead and still was able to enjoy the outside for a little bit. Im honestly trying to avoid going outs a bit though, because as I mentioned, these were the ideal times for a cigarette when I did smoke. Some people really have a hard time with cravings after meals, or when they're in their car, etc...apparently I have a really hard time when the weather is nice LOL. In all seriousness, though, there wasnt a time that I felt I enjoyed smoking more. So Im trying to almost re-introduce myself in a way and make new habits. Im still going strong though and am now on day 17 with being smoke free!