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I like this phone app

Posted by Learn2Breath Jun 12, 2018

It's a shame that becomeanex doesn't have a matching phone app.  I think it would be very helpful.   I searched around for a while for an Android app to help back me up and I've found SmokeFree.  As someone who has not yet quit, it's a good tool to help count down to my quit date that is set for seven days from now.  This app has the ability to put my quit date in, and it's helping me reduce my smoking in a simple ladder-step way.  It does not take into account my smoking triggers.   Instead simply gives me a measured time between cigarettes, but it's still a convenient way to track how much I am smoking and inspires me to try to wait for the app to tell me when I'm 'allowed' to smoke.   Where I am not quite able to follow the guide lines, I have in fact reduced my smoking to 4 or 5 cigarettes a day.  In two days I have an appointment with my primary care provider where I expect to go on Chantix.


Though it isn't perfect, I still recommend SmokeFree for people who are trying to cut down.  It's free, and it's very easy to use.


Good luck everyone.androidmobile_app

Sometimes I've been able to stop for years.  Then something terrible happens and I start up again.  I haven't quit today, my quit date is 23 days from now.  I'm using SmokeFree as a mobile app to partner with this program to help.  My goal was to not smoke more than 7 ciggs today, and I am meeting that goal.



I'm a 45 year old woman living in the Pasific Northwest.  It wasn't working being a singer and a smoker.  Or a smoker and an athelete.  So here I am. 

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I'm 31 Days Free

Posted by Learn2Breath Jan 16, 2014

It's still going very well.  I feel lucky.  I'm not going to stop following directions, however.  In the past I've made mistakes thinking I could invent this process. I was trying to re-invent the wheel.  Clearly, these folks have studied.

I can do this. Who knew?

Posted by Learn2Breath Dec 20, 2013

I knew why I had to quit smoking, I just didn't know how.  Funny how I'd never thought to join a free quit smoking program before.  Intentional blind spot.  I knew that if I came here and did everything the computer told me to do, I'd quit. And I have. Four days in and this is entirely 'do-able'.  I never expected the medication to be this helpful, but it's made all the difference.