The Silent Ones

Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on Dec 5, 2020


There is a difference to me between comments/likes received from “oldie” members versus “newbies”.  They are truly appreciated from ANY member but even more so for me by those who are new & mostly or entirely silent on the site.  This blog post is just to acknowledge them & say I notice your silent presence.  I see glimpses of you here & it is most meaningful to me.


I was reminded of the mostly silent ones recently because a blog authored by someone else over a year ago in which I commented upon then was resurrected by a newbie comment made on it.  And then two of my old posts were also recently liked by another silent newbie.  It reminded me of the power of our past posts & the huge potential for others to still learn from them.  Oldies:  Never doubt that others coming along afterward may continue to find your old posts useful to them as they start their own personal journey (or are struggling to keep their quit!).


You, the “newbie” Silent Ones, are seen.  You are important members & the reason sites such as this one exists even though you may choose not to actively participate (so far), nor are wanting or needing personal attention or public acknowledgement of your presence here.  That’s perfectly okay.  I know there are many “just” reading, learning, and growing confident in themselves & their ability to overcome this addiction.  Knowledge IS power.  


Bravo to you!  Keep absorbing knowledge about this addiction from many sources and getting stronger in your resolute quest for freedom from nicotine.  It’s absolutely doable!  Believe in yourself!  I SEE YOU.  Best wishes.