Starting Over

Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on Dec 3, 2020


Did you smoke again after being quit?  


Did you post for help & wait for at least three (3) responses?  If you still needed help, did you post again (& again)?  


Did you go buy cigarettes & a lighter or did you already have them on hand?  


What will you be doing different the next time (if there even is one)?  If nothing changes, nothing will change for you.  You need to reassess your Quit Plan before you quit again.  


Do you believe it is harder for you to quit smoking than for others?  That’s self-defeating talk.  You are not unique.  It’s doable for you too.  Taking the word “try” out of your vocabulary & thinking would be a good start.


The reason it gets harder & harder to quit again is because you keep giving yourself permission to smoke.  Once given it’s harder to say no.  Only you & you alone are in charge of the “permissions gate” for yourself.  Tell yourself NO and mean it.


You learn how to stay quit by not smoking.  You learn how to navigate life’s ups & downs without smoking … by not smoking.  Simple.  I didn’t say easy.  It’s always a choice.  Yours.  Choose to be done with smoking.  Best Wishes.