Stay Quit . . . or Not

Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on Sep 28, 2020

Do you want to stay quit or do you want to be a smoker again?


When I quit smoking there were times when I just wanted to smoke.  Most of us felt this “want to” in our early days & even much later into our Stay Quits.  It may even occur years later.  It means you are a normal still recovering nicotine addict.

One of the things I asked myself during these temptation times was, “Do I want to go back to smoking again?” or “Do I want to stay quit?” because I knew those were my only two choices.  I knew I couldn’t have just one or even a few and then stay quit long term which was my goal.  


Eventually, maybe not that same day, maybe not in a week or even a month, chances were extremely high I would have another “just one or a few” again if I did smoke.  A relapse always starts with that first one when we give ourselves permission to smoke again after we are quit.  


So when you are tempted, maybe it would help if you ask yourself, “Do you want to stay quit?” or “Do you want to return to being a full fledged smoker again?”  It worked for me.  Remember . . . it always has to be NOPE.  Not One Puff Ever.  There is no gray area.  Tell yourself you are quit & want to stay quit.  It’s a choice.  Yours.  Best Wishes.