The Robot

Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on Sep 8, 2019

Do you sometimes feel like you are on auto-pilot when you smoke (you are!)?


Do you feel like you are a robot to the Master nicotine (you are!)?


Do you feel like this most of the day (you most likely are depending upon how much you smoke!)?


Do you like feeling this way (who does!)?


Do you want to change it (say yes!)?


Do you feel that you can’t change it (believe that you can!)?


As smokers we live on “auto-pilot” having to feed our nicotine addiction every 30 minutes or so.  Name one other thing in your life that absolutely required your personal attention that often each & every day (excluding kids of course lol).  It not only called to us during our waking hours but often woke us up so we could pay ritual homage to our “need” for it.  


Did you smoke after a dental procedure when it was recommended not to afterwards so you wouldn’t get dry socket or it wouldn’t hamper your healing? Why have a bone or gum graft surgery or get an implant if you’re going to risk its success by smoking?  But we did it anyway.  (Smokers are at high risk for dental problems as it restricts the blood vessels in our mouth.)


We don’t always have a choice in what happens to us in life, good or bad, but the good news is smoking is one of those choices we have total control over. We can choose to change it for ourselves by doing whatever it takes for us to break the active addiction hold on our lives and kick it to the curb.  Get rid of the robot.


Your attitude when you quit smoking is important.  How we choose to think about the process can make a difference in its outcome or at least in the hardship we endure to stay quit.  Instead of looking at what you are changing/losing look at what you are gaining & are free to improve upon in your new smoke free life.


I hope you choose self-esteem, empowerment & control rather than remaining an active addict and continuing to choose instant gratification & auto pilot smoking (& living).


Smoke free is a wonderful way to live!