Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on Mar 28, 2019



Have you ever looked through a Kaleidoscope?  If you turn the cylinder (or instrument) you are looking through a little bit to the right or left you get an entirely different picture or perception of things.  The shapes & colors change into a totally different visual experience.


That's how life is too.  We've all heard stories about how a person decided not to take a scheduled flight which ended up crashing.  The person who decided to take a different road to work or delayed leaving for work for a few minutes and avoided a catastrophic accident.


Again, that's life.  The choices we make results in changing the specific events we experience in our life.  When (not if!) you make the choice to become smoke free (or stay smoke free) your life will look & become different.  It shifts.  You will be changed.


If you are open to see, acknowledge, and appreciate the different possibilities now available to you because of your smoke free status you can get a different perspective on life. Your personal resources (time & money) can be used in more positive life affirming constructive ways.  A smoke free life allows for many more possibilities for us to choose from for ourselves.


Choose to quit.  Choose to stay quit.  Choose to then pick up your personal Kaleidoscope and don't be afraid to turn it to change your pattern & explore new pathways to make a different life & better ending for yourself.


Freedom is awesome!  Happy discovery!