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4 Years Smober!

Posted by Ladybug--7-3-12 Jul 3, 2016

Four Years ago today I made a life changing CHOICE & COMMITMENT to myself to quit smoking.  It feels great to be in control instead of nicotine running my life.  It is totally within my power to remain smoke free.



Every once in a while Nic O. Demon still presents itself as an option for my consideration.  I recognize & accept that smoking was such a big part of me while I dealt with life (events, people & emotions) for many, many years so that's OK.  Smoking memories or reminders of my smoking past are just that & are not commands for me to smoke.



In fact, I don't necessarily want to entirely kill the nic addict in me because it serves me well in maintenance now -- a reminder -- my Personal Relapse Insurance Policy.  I've become friends with mine (it IS a part of me after all).  I acknowledge it, laugh at the stinker & then dismiss it from my mind whenever it shows up (I don't romance it).  It moves along fairly quickly now due to my time smoke free & from practice.



I am GRATEFUL to be free of smoking & continue to appreciate & treasure my smobriety every day.  It's been such an awesome journey of self-discovery & still is as my personal healing & recovery continues at 4 Years Smoke & Nic Free (& Counting).  I wish the same Freedom for all of you too.





A NOTE TO NEWBIES (or those struggling in their "Stay Quit"):  If my smoke free time seems daunting to you just remember -- I have not smoked today.  If you have not smoked today either then we have the same time.  One Day.  Today.  It is the only day that counts.  That's how we all do it.  One Day At a Time. 



IF YOU ARE STILL SMOKING:  I encourage you to quit to have a better QUALITY of life & to make a better ending for yourself.  Smoking kills but when it doesn't -- it maims.  Choose self-esteem, empowerment & control rather than remaining an active nic addict and continuing to choose instant gratification & auto pilot smoking (& living)



JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE:  Quit and then no matter how you may feel, or what you may tell yourself (keep your self-talk positive!), or whatever happens to you in life -- DO NOT SMOKE!  It will always be YOUR choice.





Patty -- 4 Years & Counting!