Blog Post created by KMC56 on Mar 24, 2019

The next couple of days we'll be spring in Ann Arbor, for testing and possible diagnoses of Parkinson's for my husband.

It took  4 months to hav the appointment scheduled.

During that time, we both have been approved for long term heath care for our geriatric years, as we both don't want to be a mental, monetary or physical burden to our children.

We have always had our ducks in a row, but after taking care of my mom, and being apart of the baby boomer generation...I am predicting that long term care will sky rocket both financially and in admittance.  Scary thought.

This pacing back and forth for actually two years, possibly more could be a huge trigger.  This involves the future for both of us.  

Knowledge is power, and I know our power together will sustain us. So far, if he is in a foul mood...I will calmly ask..bad day, or bad Parki day.  Big difference in how it's handled.  Mostly handled with me out for a walk about, picking up sticks from the winter, or working out.  By that time, he has fallen asleep.  I know this wont be pretty.  Im hoping and praying for this dieses is at the snails pace.

I think of our dear Ellen, who gives me much keep your ears on gurl!

One thing I am sure of,  a nicotine break will not solve a gosh darn thing, nor has it even occurred to me to turn for that 'break in life`.

Thanks to all of you, I have great strength in the power of knowledge you have passed down to us all!

~Kathy 1066 DOF