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I work independently as a bookkeeper, 1 day a week.  With the complications  of Covid19 in our world, I found that I`m an essential employee.  At least once a day, I've been off to  either to the office, or opening my laptop for unemployment  webinars, payroll, monthly income/expense reports, and corresponding with the Arcdiocese with whatever gopher fire that jumps up for attention.  

This will all pass, but it is amazing that the skeleton crew can solve the issues at hand, and those that suddenly appear!  Team work, no matter what size the team is, we will be tough and beat this!!


When all is said and done, I will never crap about going to workout.  I miss the gym!!  My walks are awesome, but right now they're fair weather.  


My hubby is working from home, and I don't want to distract him with my inclement weather workouts.

We are amazingly strong in our quits during this bizzare time period.  Continue to stay strong fellow Exers!!




Posted by KMC56 Mar 23, 2020

Just received wonderful news, my niece is in-flight from Peru to Miami.  Not sure what their itinerary will be once she is in Miami, but at least she will be on US soil.

What a historical story she'll be telling!!

Thank you to my special EX family and friends.





Posted by KMC56 Mar 22, 2020

To my EX family, I'm asking for prayers to US university students in Peru, to be returned home safely.

My niece from Ferris State, travel to Lima as an foreign economics student.  It is a great opportunity for her.bright career.

She and her fellow students have completed their quarintine time, and are on a day by day basis to be flown back to Michigan.

Our family is keeping in touch with US Embassy, with prayers that they will be able to fly home before Peru clloses their boarders.

Many of us are in various states of  vunulbility, please stay smoke free, this crisesis will  pass, and we will be happy and stronger that we stayed smoke free.  To those in the beginning stages of their quit, hang tight..ride through this challenge to success!!




Posted by KMC56 Mar 17, 2020

With all that is happening I our world, I'm glad I'm not contributing by smoking and inhaling toxins.  

Healthier as a non smoker to handle any health issue that may come my way, much better than a smoker.

I'm being pro active in light of of the CV19, delivering meals to those unable to drive.

In light of media madness, or serious info. from media, not enough to return to smoking.  Here I always thought it pick that cigarette in end times!!! 

Those of you in the smoke free world, and rose I the midst of quitting...Be Proud!!

We are STRONGER than this current situation.




Posted by KMC56 Jan 23, 2020

This past Wednesday, my heart sank to my toes.

My best friend from who lives in Wisconsin has just been diagnosed with non small cell carcinoma-lung cancer.

When she lived in Michigan, we were three incredible gals.  Ran the PTA, Girl Scout leaders, bowlers, crafters, home bartenders and incredible cooks!!  If it involved our kids and family, we were all in! We would teach and learn from each other.  I learned a lot from her, how to use spices, and cross stitch.

We all smoked...and have become successful quitters.

She quit 15 years ago.  I remember during her quitting process (she was now livingin WI) she called me to let me know she called an ambulance, as she thought she was loosing her mind from withdraws.  Her husband was out of the country at the time. I went back to smoking!

I really don't know where I'm going with this, except, I am enjoying my life smoke free, as does she.  

Was this caused by smoking, don't know, but I do know it's not worth returning to an addiction with the's going to happen anyway.

Once I know what her treatment option is, I'll be flying out to be a buddy of whatever she or family needs.


Stay smoke free...always protect that precious quit, we all worked so hard to be successful quitters.



Happy New Years to All!

Looking forward to a great get together with friends for a Roaring 20's New Years celebration.

It will be a long night, that will end too soon as there will be some friends I haven't seen in a long time.  Some of them still smoke, and will be shocked that I no longer am amongst them!!

Taking heed and care of celebratory beverages,  and I have my wonderful support team. 

My husband is our DD...and not into the 20's fashion, so my son and I are roaring in!!

Happy 2020!  This ought to be a blast!





Merry Christmas to All

Posted by KMC56 Dec 25, 2019

..and the Word became flesh.  Oh come let us adore Him!

Merry  Christmas from my Michigan home to yours.  

Alleluia, another smoke free Christmas..for me!  My family still smokes...and outside they go.  I don't even notice anymore, and I can honestly say..don't miss it!!

Holiday dinner was ready to go hours before our time to sit to eat, so I managed to get my 5 mile walk in. That's a first for so many reasons, the weather for one!

Enjoyed our little foursome family, our laughter is contagious, and will enjoy the memories of 2019!  One being, it was a Star Wars Christmas here...our Christmas music piped through a X Wing fighter jet under my son's Star Wars tree!  Boys never grow up..right!

Enjoy your families, and celebrate being smoke free!



20/20 for 2020

Posted by KMC56 Dec 24, 2019

Love the beautiful meaning of Christmas first and foremost, also the secular festivities.

Wishing all the Exer's a Wonderful Christmas - keep it smoke free and stress free - enjoy all the magic memories  that it will produce! In less than 10 years, our Christmas gatherings have gone from 30 to our little family of 4 on Christmas Day.  Thankfully, my husband's side which is HUGE, still gather the weekend before Christmas Day, and my dad's side is on Christmas Eve with all the cousins taking our turns to host..the Italian side!!  So enjoy, celebrate, but mostly the celebrate the beautiful meaning of Christmas!


I had to be mindful of the necessary appointments to close the year end  (meeting the obligations of use it or loose it from our health care spending balance).

In less than 8 hours, my annual vascular appointment informed me of the great possibility of surgery to my right carodic artery.  A CT on Jan. 3, 2020 will determine the out come. Not really not what I wanted to hear, but knew two years ago the 80% blockage would most likely increase to a higher percentage -and would need to be addressed sooner or later, without experiencing a stroke first.  Of course this is smoking related, another reason to keep the quit!


My next appointment was a post op for cataract surgery, that was determined by me, so I could exhaust my spending account for 2019. To my absolute surprise, the result of post op, is my retina of my right eye has become detached. This really was something that I DID NOT expect to hear.  I'm still in shock. So January 8 will be informative from the specialist in scheduling a surgical appointment, and education on the procedure and recovery.  

Dang, I was so looking forward to crystal clear vision for 2020!  Now, I will need to wait 12 months for cataract surgery, which will bring me closer to being on Medicare coverage...which will cover the surgery.

I do believe early cataracts and the detached retina  is also smoking related, shoot, I'm only 63!!

So the closing of the 2019 year, has handed me a clear 20/20 visual of 2020!  Once again, I feel blessed (although I'm not looking forward to any of these procedures)  that my medical guardian angel above is looking out for me!

With all that being said..I am ready to party down at a roaring '20's theme New Years eve party..I am celebrating another smoke free new year,  darn blessed to be amongst all my friends, relatives and my Ex friends, old and new!

May God bless you all!





Posted by KMC56 Sep 23, 2019

This really goes out to my fav. Ex friend Marilyn, and her 33° weather forecasts!!

We enjoyed a wonderful warm, humid sunny day on Lake Huron.  Taking advantage of every single second of it..,smoke free of course!  

This can't be our Indian summer yet, as we've not yet had our first frost...anything 60° and above I'm hanging on with every thread of it!

Time rolls on, and I'm happy that my time is rolling on, and the seasons change, and I'm still smoke free!!




Posted by KMC56 Aug 12, 2019

Its been a little over 3 years since I smoked my last sicerette.  Baby steps, and each milestone I (we) take is HUGE!  I have not taken a solo road trip, that is over 2 hours in over 3 years.  Took a deep breath and put it in drive, drove 4 hours to the upper part of the state to beautiful Harbor Springs.  Not even one thought when traffic crawled to one lane..Success is attainable!

#Gods Country#Local calls to heaven#Feel the family love#Miss them already!!



Happy Summer from Michigan!

Posted by KMC56 Jul 29, 2019

I know I'm going get some flack from this, but Michigan tomatoes are the BEST!

Walk out to the deck, pick my tomatoes and basil...CAPRESE salad!!  Taste so much better smoke free!!



4th Smoke Free Summer

Posted by KMC56 Jul 21, 2019

This is the season I feared the most being smoke free.  Walking the boardwalk, going to the event tents, and not having to find a spot out of the way of the crowd to have a smoke.  ..and I am a minority here, as I don't care and really have never cared for the smell of second hand in a walking crowd.

It goes without saying, summer brings out the festive side of us all.  

This year, another Boat weekend, my daughters birthday, HS class reunion...non stop festivities until Labor day.

Sharing my views from the lake, the sail boat races, and my other 'favorite view - my hubby' for the past 45 years!

Those in doubt, in their early stages of CAN succeed.   One day, one step at a time it truly is a gift of time enjoying moments you may miss.




It's still early in the day, but so much done in this weekend thus far!

Started with purging a truckload of VHS tapes that I found pitched them alll!!  ( I have a hunch who 'misplaced them')! Participated in a garden sun catcher class, and also managed to consign some of my work for upcoming holidays.

Successfully had my students participate in the May Crowning..they were awesome!  After mass, tedious job of weeding my garden, not to mention sliding in my walks with my awesome dog, Grace.

Will end this weekend going out a little restraunt on the river to celebrate Cinco Dr Mio..maragaretas and fish tacos!!

Enjoying all without smoking!!  Even the weeding,  incredible how much you get done in less time when your not taking smoke breaks!!

For those that are on this journey to is doable!!

Enjoy a Fab Weekend!


Talking a nice brisk smoke free walk along the boardwalk in my little piece of the world I call home!!   So blessed to live and enjoy in such a beautiful place.  Enjoying the moment now, as tomorriw..forcast is snow!




Posted by KMC56 Mar 24, 2019

The next couple of days we'll be spring in Ann Arbor, for testing and possible diagnoses of Parkinson's for my husband.

It took  4 months to hav the appointment scheduled.

During that time, we both have been approved for long term heath care for our geriatric years, as we both don't want to be a mental, monetary or physical burden to our children.

We have always had our ducks in a row, but after taking care of my mom, and being apart of the baby boomer generation...I am predicting that long term care will sky rocket both financially and in admittance.  Scary thought.

This pacing back and forth for actually two years, possibly more could be a huge trigger.  This involves the future for both of us.  

Knowledge is power, and I know our power together will sustain us. So far, if he is in a foul mood...I will calmly ask..bad day, or bad Parki day.  Big difference in how it's handled.  Mostly handled with me out for a walk about, picking up sticks from the winter, or working out.  By that time, he has fallen asleep.  I know this wont be pretty.  Im hoping and praying for this dieses is at the snails pace.

I think of our dear Ellen, who gives me much keep your ears on gurl!

One thing I am sure of,  a nicotine break will not solve a gosh darn thing, nor has it even occurred to me to turn for that 'break in life`.

Thanks to all of you, I have great strength in the power of knowledge you have passed down to us all!

~Kathy 1066 DOF