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...Rather Be Biting My Nails...

Posted by KMC56 Feb 17, 2018

25 years ago, I would be outside taking a Hockey Mom break...

Watching the USA vs OAR game, and right  now going into the 3rd period, it's not looking good. Like I said, I'd be out the arena a couple times in these frustrating moments.  I guess that's why my hubs would be standing behind the goalie, and I was up in the stands.  Where is he now?   Outside  taking his break.

Will call for a mani after the game is over...better than a pulamaist!




Posted by KMC56 Dec 31, 2017

Another wonderful welcome to a new year...smoke free!!

I wish all new members of ex a successful quit, we`re all here to get you through this addiction!

I do have to share this conversation with my sweet best friend, who also is an ex smoker.  (Both smokers for over 40 years) We were going shopping..and out of the blue..she asked  hey Kath..have you had strong cravings these past few days. were cracking up, how honestly..cravings at sub zero temps...shaking uncontrollably..and that's just trying to get your lighter to work..without ripping the skin off your thumb, then there's smoking as quick as you can while your complaining how COLD it is.. like we`re entitled to warm weather for this addiction!  Ladies and gents, I don't miss it a bit when you stand back..and take a hard look at this addiction, and what we did for nicotine.

I thank  my GOD for giving me faith and strength in myself in quitting, my family and friends, for finding this sight, and my wonderful (some crazy) Ex family/friends.

HAPPY NEW 2018 YEAR, may it bring much love, laughter and happines to you and your family!

~Kathy 616 DOF


Another Smoke Free Christmas!

Posted by KMC56 Dec 25, 2017

Well, then festivities of Christmas have come to an end for now.  We have been with both side of the families for them past 24 wonderful hours.  

..and it all ended in my home.

The house is back in order, and there's just enough of this chocolate wine  (that was a big hit) for me. I'm kicking it back, relishing in them memories that have been created.  And ever so grateful not missing a moment by taking a this below freezing weather!

Cheers...Merry Christmas everyone!

~Kathy 611 DOF!


Santa Has Until Monday....

Posted by KMC56 Dec 23, 2017

It's not a secret that my Sig Other loves gagets and gizmos, must be the engineer in is blood.  He disclosed that this is NOT a Christmas gift.  Just something to make my life easier!  I hope none of the cats has a hairball attact or...worse while its in operation!

He should know after 40+ years, I like to vacuum, iron and wash dishes.  Its my zen thing!!!

....So I hope he remembers I asked Santa for something in a bottle...that spritzes!

Too funny to smoke about it.  So back to the final touches of prepping for Christmas dinner!  My time line is DONE by 8pm tonight, then do absolutely nothing tomorrow! Our annual thing on Christmas Eve is to hang at the mall with a Tim Hortons...with a little something extra in it...and watch ALL the last minute shoppers...and maybe get a chance to play secret Santa with somebody!

Enjoy a Merry Christmas and all the prepping, wrapping, and crowds at the stores!  Were soo blessed to have such 'problems`!  

And the least of our problems is being smoke free!

~Kathy 609 D.O.F.



Posted by KMC56 Dec 17, 2017

My hubby and I went to see the Last Jedi last night....LOVED IT!

When the movie was over, and washing my hands, there were a couple young teenage girls who were giggling about their dad soo crying at the end of the movie.  

THEIR DAD IS PROBABLY MY SONS AGE!  I could have grandchildren that age!

N.O.PE.  on that thought, but I will shake my head and wonder..where did the time go!

Enjoy a great Sunday!


I am DONE shopping, my kids are adults, I have no grand children, or little family  tikes to buy for...(I already did that for our giving tree..always fun!  

So with 8 care givers where my mom is residing, and they are all made of gold, they are all getting a bottle of Chadony, and Moose Munch, with a `special` gift in there Christmas card.

My wonderful husband probably  would have  if he could made himself disappear if he could while I am haggling at the counter with all these discount cards they have sent I just told 'am out like I'm playing poker and say..what's going took best for me!  I looked at him and said...yep, this is my life...saving a buck!  I have never  heard of Moose Munch, and just about passed out at the price of this chocolate covered POPCORN!

But being the thrifty shopper, and at 60% off,  plus the additional discounts, I bought out the dark chocolate Moose Munch!  I can only imagine what the other shoppers were thinking, but I did see more customers checking out the Moose Munch counter!

Hubbys Christmas gift is a No payment due on the credit cards!

I think it took more time at the register, than shopping.  

I was roasting with my down jacket on, frustrated, being nice..figuring out how to save and use these coupons, and for a brief second, the nico demon with an elf hat flew by!  Where the heck did that come from.  I've had to deal with a lot more serious stuff than that , that would make more sense for a fly by!

So these two elves are home,  kicking back, enjoying a glass of Chardony, Moose Munch ( uh yeah...have try this stuff out),  watching It's a Wonderful Life.

And with all the crazy stuff going on in our world, it is...a wonderful smoke fee life!


Every year we manage to get family and friends to hop on our little towns party bus,  go to a hockey game, and the best holiday transformed bar in the world, the Brass Rail, shoulder to shoulder grab the first tabe that is being vacated, like you were playing musical chairs!

Just when you think any one you knew in your hometown life fell off the face of the earth, someone manages to resurface this time of year!  This year, everything seemed to roll in on one weekend!  Not many of us smoke any longer, but still a few, and it is just so liberating not to excuse yourself to take a break, knowing you may 'miss' something.  Added bonus, our adukt children decided to join the festivities, which is rare with all their schedules not synching.  Here's to my dear sweet husbands mom, whom i loved dearly, and miss her at this annual event...CHEERS!

It took me until today, to have enough time to post!

Here's a couple of pics of the most festive Christmas bar in the world, my opinion, that serve the best Tom and Jerrys!

Merry Christmas to my wonderful Ex friends!


Two, Three, Four...

Posted by KMC56 Nov 24, 2017

This is all on Daniela!  

All I wanted for this long weekend is to have the bedroom painted...not a big secret.  WE picked out the colors.  

For some odd reason...a chore that should have been done in the discussed, became a priority today!! The patio door wheels have been dragging since spring.  I special ordered the parts...IN THE SPRING!!! 

Since the November gale winds weren't wisteling... and i guess waited after the anniversary of the Edmond Fitzgerald anniversary, I was a good day..  Well here comes the complications..I ordered the right parts...but because of the age...there is some sort of part that protects the wheels from weather...worn completely out.  Nice...that means a 45 min trek each way...only to find the store is closed!

Now we go to the store to purchase the paint that I selected weeks ago...

It's now 3pm...just getting started to paint...which will only give me 3 hours, before I have to make dinner...

This IS one of my triggers...I'm a planner...I like continuity.  Pretty simple and straight forward. 

Shoot...even my daily to do list is always on the case anyone feels the need to pitch in ..some of the to do's I can't manage, and they never manage to get crossed off...just roll onto the following week!

My turn to up pop the cork at he the end of this day...hopefully in a new painted room!

Guys...what manuel did you read before becoming a husband???  LOL

Clink again Daniela-3-11-2016, and to my sistas having the same frustrating day!



A Little Birdie Told Me...

Posted by KMC56 Nov 20, 2017




Posted by KMC56 Nov 19, 2017

It’s been a bit since I’ve blog on this site….but have stayed close!
This is probably the first time I’ve been able to sit with my feet up.
In the past month, lost two precious fur babies, we purchased a new car…which I have to get used to… I call ‘her’ ‘Rosie’ from the Jetsons. ( Do you CD players in the new cars..bummer right!)  Our bedroom is getting a makeover…and surprise..the schedule is running late, I want to sleep in my own bed!!! Heartbreaking decision to place my Mom in Hospice care. Did get a social night out, which was actually a beautiful pilgrimage to Detroit, for a Beautification Mass for Fr. Solanus Casey, but even that was an experience, pouring rain, walking a mile, getting soaking wet, 30 stairs..4 times (no huffing and puffing thank you very much)! We were just minutes from home, and a passenger passed out, and we turned around to the hospital, then the buss's brakes locked at the RR tracks…
Bottom line, no smoking…and so thankful for all that I have I this cra cra world.
Wishing everyone an early Happy Thanksgiving Exer’s!!



Stress at 552 DOF

Posted by KMC56 Oct 27, 2017

Since Monday afternoon, I have been at the hospital, with my mother.

I have been her right hand ever since I can remember.   The past 10 years since my father passed, and she was diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s.  

As most of you know, I placed her in a beautiful AFC home this past spring.

Apparently they've diagnosed her with Encephalopathy.  Big word for her since it is pretty much taking over is a hallucinating manner.

So now again, I'm in discussions with her primary, a psychologist, and a neurologist.  They're talking,  and I'm responding like I'm NOT buying land under the bridge that they're trying to sell me!.  ALL of her test are now it's playing with psychotic meds.  She's never been a smoker or drinker.

This really takes a toll on a daughter, or son…

Bottom line is, the length of time I've been in her room, or in the lounge, a thought of a smoke break has never entered my mind.  And it is confirmed as a proud decision, when I walk out to leave, the amount of individuals taking a break.  Do not miss it at all!!

Because I'm a type A individual, the darn snack machine is tempting, so I load up on the celery, carrot sticks and my Kindle for reading.

We all have those gosh awful stressful days, and I am so thankful to this site, those who are in my small group of ‘my heros’.

Hang on, hang on very tight, to your quit journey as it will be one that gives you pride and FREEDOM!



For 11 years my best friend stood beside me, protected me when the kids were living independently  or in college, and my husband was transferred to Europe.

She was there through death of parents, illness of family and helped me rehab after breaking my leg.

She was so intelligent, kind and sweet!!

She was as graceful as an otter swimming in the lake every summer.

She loved playing street hockey with the neighborhood kids and would play ball if she could 24 hours every day.

She NEVER left my side,even when her health was decaying her beautiful body.

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my sweet Emma.

She left an unbelievable impression to everyone that had the privilege of knowing her.

This is a day I knew enviably would arrive, and would  the closing of her life cause me to return to an addiction that would normally distract the reality of life.  It never crossed my mind..


In memory of my Sweet Emma ~9-20-2017


~Kathy 516 DOF

There is Zen in this house for sure!!!  So we're just chillin', putting together a quilt rack to hang on the wall..Who could smoke with all this love!  My two favs, Emma and Walter (cat)!  This is a daily routine for these two!  I also have a beautiful Ragdoll...his only job is to sit and look beautiful, while we bow!!!

Enjoy a wonderful, safe, smoke free weekend!





Posted by KMC56 Aug 20, 2017

Just a little smoke free evening stroll in my hood!  

It's our view of the Bluewater Bridge, separating Lake Huron and the St. Clair River.

Enjoy a beautiful smoke free Sunday!


Okay....went against the grain last night.  

Girls night out...concert...lots of adult beverages.  I am by no means an @adult beverage consumer, HOWEVER...somehow they kept right on coming.  

All through the night...I was aware...that I was a non smoker, and succeeded!  youngatheart, you were there with me girl all night long!!!   (Country Concert)...back stage party...I don't know how these entertainers, stage hands, and the other staff members keep going!

Woke up this morning...ummmmm afternoon...dragging,  but proud!

Enjoy a great day and weekend 'yall!!!