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Posted by KMC56 Sep 23, 2019

This really goes out to my fav. Ex friend Marilyn, and her 33° weather forecasts!!

We enjoyed a wonderful warm, humid sunny day on Lake Huron.  Taking advantage of every single second of it..,smoke free of course!  

This can't be our Indian summer yet, as we've not yet had our first frost...anything 60° and above I'm hanging on with every thread of it!

Time rolls on, and I'm happy that my time is rolling on, and the seasons change, and I'm still smoke free!!




Posted by KMC56 Aug 12, 2019

Its been a little over 3 years since I smoked my last sicerette.  Baby steps, and each milestone I (we) take is HUGE!  I have not taken a solo road trip, that is over 2 hours in over 3 years.  Took a deep breath and put it in drive, drove 4 hours to the upper part of the state to beautiful Harbor Springs.  Not even one thought when traffic crawled to one lane..Success is attainable!

#Gods Country#Local calls to heaven#Feel the family love#Miss them already!!



Happy Summer from Michigan!

Posted by KMC56 Jul 29, 2019

I know I'm going get some flack from this, but Michigan tomatoes are the BEST!

Walk out to the deck, pick my tomatoes and basil...CAPRESE salad!!  Taste so much better smoke free!!



4th Smoke Free Summer

Posted by KMC56 Jul 21, 2019

This is the season I feared the most being smoke free.  Walking the boardwalk, going to the event tents, and not having to find a spot out of the way of the crowd to have a smoke.  ..and I am a minority here, as I don't care and really have never cared for the smell of second hand in a walking crowd.

It goes without saying, summer brings out the festive side of us all.  

This year, another Boat weekend, my daughters birthday, HS class reunion...non stop festivities until Labor day.

Sharing my views from the lake, the sail boat races, and my other 'favorite view - my hubby' for the past 45 years!

Those in doubt, in their early stages of CAN succeed.   One day, one step at a time it truly is a gift of time enjoying moments you may miss.




It's still early in the day, but so much done in this weekend thus far!

Started with purging a truckload of VHS tapes that I found pitched them alll!!  ( I have a hunch who 'misplaced them')! Participated in a garden sun catcher class, and also managed to consign some of my work for upcoming holidays.

Successfully had my students participate in the May Crowning..they were awesome!  After mass, tedious job of weeding my garden, not to mention sliding in my walks with my awesome dog, Grace.

Will end this weekend going out a little restraunt on the river to celebrate Cinco Dr Mio..maragaretas and fish tacos!!

Enjoying all without smoking!!  Even the weeding,  incredible how much you get done in less time when your not taking smoke breaks!!

For those that are on this journey to is doable!!

Enjoy a Fab Weekend!


Talking a nice brisk smoke free walk along the boardwalk in my little piece of the world I call home!!   So blessed to live and enjoy in such a beautiful place.  Enjoying the moment now, as tomorriw..forcast is snow!




Posted by KMC56 Mar 24, 2019

The next couple of days we'll be spring in Ann Arbor, for testing and possible diagnoses of Parkinson's for my husband.

It took  4 months to hav the appointment scheduled.

During that time, we both have been approved for long term heath care for our geriatric years, as we both don't want to be a mental, monetary or physical burden to our children.

We have always had our ducks in a row, but after taking care of my mom, and being apart of the baby boomer generation...I am predicting that long term care will sky rocket both financially and in admittance.  Scary thought.

This pacing back and forth for actually two years, possibly more could be a huge trigger.  This involves the future for both of us.  

Knowledge is power, and I know our power together will sustain us. So far, if he is in a foul mood...I will calmly ask..bad day, or bad Parki day.  Big difference in how it's handled.  Mostly handled with me out for a walk about, picking up sticks from the winter, or working out.  By that time, he has fallen asleep.  I know this wont be pretty.  Im hoping and praying for this dieses is at the snails pace.

I think of our dear Ellen, who gives me much keep your ears on gurl!

One thing I am sure of,  a nicotine break will not solve a gosh darn thing, nor has it even occurred to me to turn for that 'break in life`.

Thanks to all of you, I have great strength in the power of knowledge you have passed down to us all!

~Kathy 1066 DOF


Jammin' and Spring Cleaning

Posted by KMC56 Mar 22, 2019

Ill be out 9f town for the next 4 days...and so yoday is designated Spring cleaning day...with all my 70's music blowing the roof off..and I'll be danged if it's not snowing....

Been at it since 7...interruptions of phone calls here and there.  Yep will take a break here and there...but nice not to take a break without a cigarette...or how beautiful that is.'s doable!!!



Re: Loss of Luke Perry

Posted by KMC56 Mar 6, 2019

This truly is sad to hear of the passing of someone so young, sad for any one who experiences a vascular stroke.   My prayers are with his loved ones.

As stroke survivor, I still have no concept of how truly blessed I am to have been treated so quickly ( hubs had his chance!) , the only trace of my stroke is the scare on my neck. My vascular surgeon did confirm and stated that vascular strokes are 100 thousand percent the cause.  I had been smoke free for almost 2 years, been living a stressed out life with caring for my mom, husband working out of state..the list goes on and on.  And that is the life most of us are living.  I too have a type A personality..but stress did not cause my stroke, nor did it contribute to it.

PSA from the likes of TMZ...need to inform folks that smoking was indeed a factor of his short life.

So if EVER..I have a little craving, or EVEN think I'm missing out in life by not smoking, I just place my fingers on the left side of my neck....and thank God for my life.  With that said...I still seek the purpose of my life here on earth, and hope it is fulfilled by following His direction.


~Kathy 1040 DOF


Sharing a Christmas Laugh

Posted by KMC56 Dec 24, 2018

Merry Christmas to all...for some reason, this a three day event..again, at my house.

Thought I'd share a Christmas photo of my two awesome nieces and moi.  

Our Siamese, Walter is loved by everyone, and is a lovey of a cat.  But this, didn't want to be in the pic!  

My niece who is a 1st year at Ferris, her sister is a Sophmore in High School, and me...I'm just old!!  We always have a good time, all the time we're together.   Im so bummed they live so far away.

   Kathy 974 DOF


Celebrating the Holidays

Posted by KMC56 Dec 13, 2018

This is  absolutely the only place to kick off the Christmas season!  Brass Rail in Port Huron, MI.   It's Christmas on steroids, and jammed shoulder to shoulder every night, ofcouse, you can't celebrate without a Tom and Jerry!   And you can celebrate the holidays smomefree!!

You actually can Google this place, you'll get into the spirit!

Merry Christmas,



2018 - A year of changes.

Posted by KMC56 Nov 9, 2018

My sister from another mother, my cousin, who is 55, suffered a major heart attact a week ago last Tuesday.  55!!!  She was an excellent figure skater in her youth, a real go getter, never knowing when to quit, always on the go (hence my sista).  Well when all was said and done, her heart suffered 70% damage.  There's a  lot of life style she has to give up, breeding dogs, being in charge of the Sarnia CKC, working in the yard, taking care of the pool...All this at 55.  Yep, lots of stress and sadly, yep a smoker.  She is loosing 70% of her lifestyle, that's huge!  I pray that she gets through recovery stress free, and as successful non smoker.  I have recommended this site to her before, she doesn't need the 'talk'!

So far my year started out with loosing a non smoking cousin, a year older than myself, I suffered a stroke, but by th grace of my God, no damage, and lost my dear mother. 

I am so happy and proud to be a non smoker, it is worth the wicked terrain.

I am so pleased and proud that during the periods of grief and stress I maintained my smoke free lifestyle with pride...And shock!

I have so much to be grateful for, and I'm truly blessed.  But I'm ready to kick this year out the door!

I hope all the newbies reading this blog stay true to their quit, the quality of life is so worth it!

Xoxo ~ Kathy 930 DOF

Spent a wonderful...colorful weekend at the 45th parallel ..halfway between equator and the north pole...aka Traverese City, MI.  

4 hours of driving in a sea of color!

Great shopping, food and wine is sooo good without smoking!

Girls trip...same time again next year if anyone lives close by!!!

~Kathy 897 DOF


I'm Don't Want to Let Go!

Posted by KMC56 Sep 8, 2018

Last Tuesday spent 2 hours in the lake with my has been the BEST summer that I can remember.  In September, the sand bar is only a foot or so deep.  So Grace and I swam and walked for a good half hour on sandbar! Not a care in the world, and no need to hurry back to shore for a good for nothing smoke...or as I witnessed while walking into the Lake, there was someone actually smoking in the water.   Even I didn't sink to that level!!   Whaterver the season..enjoy it fully smoke free!




Posted by KMC56 Aug 25, 2018

Has anyone else experienced the need to have 'things on the to do list' completed before the end of your day.  I'm working on many's estate, teaching, my own business and my own home.  Thinking I'm setting unrealistic expectations and deadlines.  Not meeting them makes me more anxious than I remember.  It might be that now I'm no longer a smoker issue since I feel ther need to fill 'that's time productivity. It's been over two years, and wouldn't change this wonderful freedom for the tea in China!

At any rate, after a day of a stressful unexpected series of legal events..of course on a Friday...I had to put everything on the back burner for the full day...and be ready for a promised to be there event.  

It's now about 4pm...been up since 6am..non stop get 'er done projects..and I'm DONE..totally exhausted..

I need a personal assistant!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!