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Re: Loss of Luke Perry

Posted by KMC56 Mar 6, 2019

This truly is sad to hear of the passing of someone so young, sad for any one who experiences a vascular stroke.   My prayers are with his loved ones.

As stroke survivor, I still have no concept of how truly blessed I am to have been treated so quickly ( hubs had his chance!) , the only trace of my stroke is the scare on my neck. My vascular surgeon did confirm and stated that vascular strokes are 100 thousand percent the cause.  I had been smoke free for almost 2 years, been living a stressed out life with caring for my mom, husband working out of state..the list goes on and on.  And that is the life most of us are living.  I too have a type A personality..but stress did not cause my stroke, nor did it contribute to it.

PSA from the likes of TMZ...need to inform folks that smoking was indeed a factor of his short life.

So if EVER..I have a little craving, or EVEN think I'm missing out in life by not smoking, I just place my fingers on the left side of my neck....and thank God for my life.  With that said...I still seek the purpose of my life here on earth, and hope it is fulfilled by following His direction.


~Kathy 1040 DOF


Sharing a Christmas Laugh

Posted by KMC56 Dec 24, 2018

Merry Christmas to all...for some reason, this a three day event..again, at my house.

Thought I'd share a Christmas photo of my two awesome nieces and moi.  

Our Siamese, Walter is loved by everyone, and is a lovey of a cat.  But this, didn't want to be in the pic!  

My niece who is a 1st year at Ferris, her sister is a Sophmore in High School, and me...I'm just old!!  We always have a good time, all the time we're together.   Im so bummed they live so far away.

   Kathy 974 DOF


Celebrating the Holidays

Posted by KMC56 Dec 13, 2018

This is  absolutely the only place to kick off the Christmas season!  Brass Rail in Port Huron, MI.   It's Christmas on steroids, and jammed shoulder to shoulder every night, ofcouse, you can't celebrate without a Tom and Jerry!   And you can celebrate the holidays smomefree!!

You actually can Google this place, you'll get into the spirit!

Merry Christmas,



2018 - A year of changes.

Posted by KMC56 Nov 9, 2018

My sister from another mother, my cousin, who is 55, suffered a major heart attact a week ago last Tuesday.  55!!!  She was an excellent figure skater in her youth, a real go getter, never knowing when to quit, always on the go (hence my sista).  Well when all was said and done, her heart suffered 70% damage.  There's a  lot of life style she has to give up, breeding dogs, being in charge of the Sarnia CKC, working in the yard, taking care of the pool...All this at 55.  Yep, lots of stress and sadly, yep a smoker.  She is loosing 70% of her lifestyle, that's huge!  I pray that she gets through recovery stress free, and as successful non smoker.  I have recommended this site to her before, she doesn't need the 'talk'!

So far my year started out with loosing a non smoking cousin, a year older than myself, I suffered a stroke, but by th grace of my God, no damage, and lost my dear mother. 

I am so happy and proud to be a non smoker, it is worth the wicked terrain.

I am so pleased and proud that during the periods of grief and stress I maintained my smoke free lifestyle with pride...And shock!

I have so much to be grateful for, and I'm truly blessed.  But I'm ready to kick this year out the door!

I hope all the newbies reading this blog stay true to their quit, the quality of life is so worth it!

Xoxo ~ Kathy 930 DOF

Spent a wonderful...colorful weekend at the 45th parallel ..halfway between equator and the north pole...aka Traverese City, MI.  

4 hours of driving in a sea of color!

Great shopping, food and wine is sooo good without smoking!

Girls trip...same time again next year if anyone lives close by!!!

~Kathy 897 DOF


I'm Don't Want to Let Go!

Posted by KMC56 Sep 8, 2018

Last Tuesday spent 2 hours in the lake with my has been the BEST summer that I can remember.  In September, the sand bar is only a foot or so deep.  So Grace and I swam and walked for a good half hour on sandbar! Not a care in the world, and no need to hurry back to shore for a good for nothing smoke...or as I witnessed while walking into the Lake, there was someone actually smoking in the water.   Even I didn't sink to that level!!   Whaterver the season..enjoy it fully smoke free!




Posted by KMC56 Aug 25, 2018

Has anyone else experienced the need to have 'things on the to do list' completed before the end of your day.  I'm working on many's estate, teaching, my own business and my own home.  Thinking I'm setting unrealistic expectations and deadlines.  Not meeting them makes me more anxious than I remember.  It might be that now I'm no longer a smoker issue since I feel ther need to fill 'that's time productivity. It's been over two years, and wouldn't change this wonderful freedom for the tea in China!

At any rate, after a day of a stressful unexpected series of legal events..of course on a Friday...I had to put everything on the back burner for the full day...and be ready for a promised to be there event.  

It's now about 4pm...been up since 6am..non stop get 'er done projects..and I'm DONE..totally exhausted..

I need a personal assistant!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!


Thought I'd share my view of my hometown, not far from my childhood home..A great late night stroll my fur baby  Grace.  Smoke free..doesn't get better than this!

I think everyone by now knows, i am a beach girl..So this is my kind of summer!

I know I am very bleesed to live along the beautiful blue Lake Huron.  

The temps were in the high 90s, perfect August summer weekend, so I was able to enjoy the lake all day.  Ended the day with a swim and a lake bath with my beautiful lab, Grace!

Taking a 'bath' in the lake is refreshing, and such a great scent!  Wish i could bottle it.  

Point is, no smoke smell to take it away.

Enjoy a great summer evening!

~Kathy 834 DOF



Posted by KMC56 Jul 12, 2018

Here's a pic of some of the boats in their slips...ready for Saturday Port Huron to Mackinaw race.  It was the first time ever I've been able to see the boats without being shoulder to shoulder on the boardwalk.  Starting at 8pm and for the next 30 will  be Mardi Gras mayhem.  This will be my 3rd smoke free Boat weekend.  You actually can be in the beer tent without a cigarette and enjoy a great time!


~Kathy 810 DOF



Posted by KMC56 Jul 2, 2018

Just setteling in for the evening..and was  greeted by the DOF I've achieved..800!  This is truly unbeleivable.

Newbies..I was a miserable brat when I made the decision to quit.  I still take it one day at a time, and am proud to be a non smoker!

Aside from saving cha ching...I also splurge once in a while.  First of the year, I invested in having a teeth whitening system from my dentist and thats a great reminder not to return to the horrible addiction.  Today, I had to buy a new pair of sport sandals...Chacos, and they better last as long as my least 10 years!

So much freedom..and just two days from Indepenace Day...

Thank you again and again to this wonderful Ex family!


~Kathy 800 DOF



Posted by KMC56 Jun 6, 2018

Enjoyed a beautiful relaxing weekend in northern Michigan, in the bay area.

Wonderful time with family, and celebrating my nieces high school graduation.

First time in who knows when, I had a desire to relax with hot coca and a smoke on the deck over looking the harbor.  

I have had stressful moments that ya would think would be my trigger, nope it's the ahhh, the end of a day, enjoying a relaxing moment.

Must always remember to protect this quit..

Keep moving forward, and racking up your days of freedom!

Kathy 774 DOF



Posted by KMC56 Apr 27, 2018

I have procrastinated writing this blog for the past week.

On Easter Saturday 3/31 I had a stroke, surgery 4/3 and am home on 4/4 and am 100%.

I had lost time with my mom, so I had to wait until Saturday 4/6 to see her.  I knew she wasn't going be with us I managed to be with her almost daily...on 4/16 she passed.  Her favorite caretaker was with her.  

There is a void in my life without her.

On Monday, 4/ baby brother who is 52...called me from the hospital.  He had a STROKE!  I thought my world would crumble!  He's the health nut of the family!

So...somewhere in our genetics..we have no control of, have to keep the stress level down somehow, and keep on the healthy track.

Sooo..for those who are in the early quit...DONT STRESS, and keep smoke day at a time.

Through all this I did keep smoke free...never crossed my mind. I am, 733 DOF, one day at a time.




Posted by KMC56 Apr 4, 2018

Dancing with the devil!
I pretty much knew that I would pay for 40 years of smoking…and that time came Saturday afternoon.
Started out as a busy day Saturday…shopping for last minute ingredients, visiting my mom…finally home to make dessert for Easter dinner.
I was at the island prepping…hubs was in the den relaxing with our new lab (that he doesn't want to get attached to,,,lol).
My side of story…I was trying to think of words to tease him that I could see him on the sofa with Grace..snuggling and lavishing with movies.
His side of the story, I was babbling, and he thought I was teasing him…no once, but twice before he realized I was not being funny!
Remember him jumping from sofa with phone in hand telling me there was something very wrong with me. I was not speaking well. He called EMS anyway. I was not happy.
I told him I just needed a little break, water and some proteins as I'm hypo glycemic. I moved to the living room, actually took a baby aspirin…why, I don’t know.
EMS..came, blood sugar okay, BP normal, but speech is still impaired. Hubs is not convinced I’m okay. And is ready to catapult me to EMS vehicle. EMS team…also convinced me I should just go…just to be on safe side.
This is really going to interfere with my day and time if this isn’t a real emergency I’m thinking to myself!
So I went to local hospital…my speech is slurred..CAT scan is run..a few more test…next thing I know, I have definitely had a stroke, and am being transported to a specialized faculty that specialize in vascular treatment.
If you go back to my earlier blogs when I was in the beginning of my quit, I asked if anyone experienced a fuzzy numbness to their lower part of face…not anyone. So I did go to my primary. He ordered ultra sound…the CAT. Results were minimal. But I still would inform that fuzzy face. Came to the conclusion that it was a pinched nerve, something I would have to live with.
Apparently I have had 3 previous TIA mini strokes, that includes this stroke, so I have brain trauma. Normal course of action is go home for 5 days with blood thinners, keep calm. Return for a cath to the brain, then schedule for cardiac surgery.
18 months later, April 1, 2018, Doppler, MRI, cardiac cath to the brain… the medical interventionist state’s I am now a STAT patient scheduled for a carodic artery plaque removal, 99% blockage, ¼ inch of crud removed. April 2, 2018--- 2 hour prep, 3-4 hour surgery, 2 hour recovery.
Yep glad it wasn’t scheduled for April Fools day!
Will possibly need another survey for another booked artery in the stomach, will know more in 2 weeks.
I am BLESSED to be alive and writing this blog.
I am BLESSED that only my speech has been affected. I talk like I’m trying to disguise my intake of alcohol!
1. Extremely happy that I am a non smoker healthy for this emergency surgery and all the tests that went with it.
2. Recovery and speed of the recopy better as a non smoker.
3. Extremely blessed for awesome medical team and surgeons…they are the best…and they know how profusely grateful I am.
Now a days they wouldn’t have risked this surgery as a smoker..who knows.
The most amazing comment was from pulmonary, she thought I was a non a non smoker…not someone who smoked 40 years and quit almost 2 years ago!
So in conclusion, for newbies…the uncomfortable journey is worth every step, complaint and the trip to NML. For us elders, don’t cave to the crave right!
Hang tight with this group Exes…the best group in cyber space! Couldn’t have a better life support system!
~Kathy 711 DOF


...Rather Be Biting My Nails...

Posted by KMC56 Feb 17, 2018

25 years ago, I would be outside taking a Hockey Mom break...

Watching the USA vs OAR game, and right  now going into the 3rd period, it's not looking good. Like I said, I'd be out the arena a couple times in these frustrating moments.  I guess that's why my hubs would be standing behind the goalie, and I was up in the stands.  Where is he now?   Outside  taking his break.

Will call for a mani after the game is over...better than a pulamaist!