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Stress at 552 DOF

Posted by KMC56 Oct 27, 2017

Since Monday afternoon, I have been at the hospital, with my mother.

I have been her right hand ever since I can remember.   The past 10 years since my father passed, and she was diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s.  

As most of you know, I placed her in a beautiful AFC home this past spring.

Apparently they've diagnosed her with Encephalopathy.  Big word for her since it is pretty much taking over is a hallucinating manner.

So now again, I'm in discussions with her primary, a psychologist, and a neurologist.  They're talking,  and I'm responding like I'm NOT buying land under the bridge that they're trying to sell me!.  ALL of her test are now it's playing with psychotic meds.  She's never been a smoker or drinker.

This really takes a toll on a daughter, or son…

Bottom line is, the length of time I've been in her room, or in the lounge, a thought of a smoke break has never entered my mind.  And it is confirmed as a proud decision, when I walk out to leave, the amount of individuals taking a break.  Do not miss it at all!!

Because I'm a type A individual, the darn snack machine is tempting, so I load up on the celery, carrot sticks and my Kindle for reading.

We all have those gosh awful stressful days, and I am so thankful to this site, those who are in my small group of ‘my heros’.

Hang on, hang on very tight, to your quit journey as it will be one that gives you pride and FREEDOM!



For 11 years my best friend stood beside me, protected me when the kids were living independently  or in college, and my husband was transferred to Europe.

She was there through death of parents, illness of family and helped me rehab after breaking my leg.

She was so intelligent, kind and sweet!!

She was as graceful as an otter swimming in the lake every summer.

She loved playing street hockey with the neighborhood kids and would play ball if she could 24 hours every day.

She NEVER left my side,even when her health was decaying her beautiful body.

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my sweet Emma.

She left an unbelievable impression to everyone that had the privilege of knowing her.

This is a day I knew enviably would arrive, and would  the closing of her life cause me to return to an addiction that would normally distract the reality of life.  It never crossed my mind..


In memory of my Sweet Emma ~9-20-2017


~Kathy 516 DOF

There is Zen in this house for sure!!!  So we're just chillin', putting together a quilt rack to hang on the wall..Who could smoke with all this love!  My two favs, Emma and Walter (cat)!  This is a daily routine for these two!  I also have a beautiful Ragdoll...his only job is to sit and look beautiful, while we bow!!!

Enjoy a wonderful, safe, smoke free weekend!





Posted by KMC56 Aug 20, 2017

Just a little smoke free evening stroll in my hood!  

It's our view of the Bluewater Bridge, separating Lake Huron and the St. Clair River.

Enjoy a beautiful smoke free Sunday!


Okay....went against the grain last night.  

Girls night out...concert...lots of adult beverages.  I am by no means an @adult beverage consumer, HOWEVER...somehow they kept right on coming.  

All through the night...I was aware...that I was a non smoker, and succeeded!  youngatheart, you were there with me girl all night long!!!   (Country Concert)...back stage party...I don't know how these entertainers, stage hands, and the other staff members keep going!

Woke up this morning...ummmmm afternoon...dragging,  but proud!

Enjoy a great day and weekend 'yall!!!

Great day and evening in our subdivisions 'block party' ...  and enjoyed the entire very long day smoke free..even the evening at the bonus fire!!  Left the young ones to play on, this gal is exhausted.  Enjoy a great evening all!!

Wanted to wind down the evening with a walk near our I normally do around 7..rounded the corner...heard a LOUD rustle in the woods...startled the you know what out of me.  So I kind of jumped back...only to have a deer cross back into the woods.  Glad he stayed there instead of crossing my path.  Rethinking my time schedule now!!  Scared...but smoke free!!!



Posted by KMC56 Jul 1, 2017

This will be my 2nd 4th of July smoke free. Last year was my first summer event and cautiously calculated. I watched every nook and cranny, during the summer, especially living along the lake, which is bustling from memorial day to labor day. So with a year under my belt, I realize...I am not taking advantage of my surroundings...I am a ex smoker...non smoker! My beach bag (tool box) is filled with water...fruits and veggies, cause I still have friends who still smoke, enjoying the beach and festivities right along with me. Never the little engine that COULD and CAN! Happy smoke free 4th of July..and summer!


400 DAYS!!!

Posted by KMC56 May 28, 2017

Thanks to Evelyn, Marilyn and Nancy for bring it to my guys are the BEST!!!  

I've been reading the relapse blogs as well as the successful blogs.  Both keep me from relapsing.

This past year has been a year of emotional ups and downs.  Life is husband is back and  forth from one state or country...almost feel like a military wife.  Yep he's been gone when I need him most (Murphys law I guess), started a new business -  I thought I'd pull out every strand of hair I have out, marched through events of my mother mental health deteriorating, the decision to place her into an AFC daughters husband relapsing....(and thankfully she's filed for a divorce) happens.  I have no control of life, but right now, I have the strength and support to keep  my life in check from relapsing. 

When I first quit, I was damn sure my quit was more painful, more intense, and more stressful than anyone else, even the elders.  Well it wasn't, and neither are my life's ups and downs. 

For those who are quitting, keep up the good fight, and those fighting for a date to quit, get the red pen wishes to all the members of Ex.

Still keeping it one day at a time.





Posted by KMC56 May 20, 2017

Hopefully this attachment will open.  If not, here is are the lines from the infamous Gilda Radner and Jane Curtain.

It's over 30+ years old, and see folKS, nothing too much has changed in the fight to quit, except for better support system!!

Enjoy the laugh, and your evening!





Jane Curtain:
This past Thursday was the great American Smoke Out, a day that everyone in America was encouraged to stop smoking cigarettes for a 24 hour period. Here to comment further is Update Health correspondant, Roseanne Rosannadanna.

Roseanne Rosannadanna:
Thanks, alot, Jane. A guy from Forlayden, New Jersey writes in and says, "Dear Roseanne Rosannadanna, Last Thursday I quit smoking. Now I'm depressed, my face broke out, I'm nauseas, I'm constipated, my cheeks swell, my gums are bleeding, my sinuses are clogged, I got heart burn, and I got gas. What should I do?"

Roseanne Rosannadanna:
Well, you sound like a real attractive guy. You belong in New Jersey!



Posted by KMC56 May 20, 2017

I somehow stumbled on this while searching for something else.

Hope the attachment works!!

Loved, loved, loved my generation!!!

Enjoy a great weekend...smoke free!!!



Had to share this interesting conversation with a non smoker the other week. 

I had mentioned it's has been just a bit over a year since I quit...and was working yet a new budget report.  We all need to take a break, walk away from the task, regroup and return to tackle the task at hand...right? I stated that I walked away from frustration, and organized my plastic storage ware (BTW they're just like socks from the washing mashine...missing a top or bottom...necessary evils!)   It's ALWAYS...some sort of house project to distract me.

He replied back, that's why he's always cleaning house...Surprisingly this individual,  who has never smoked, said he could totally relate to why some folks turn to smoking.

And in the beginning that was really one of our first tools, the tool of a healthier distraction.  (St Vincent de Paul LOVED me)!  It's sooo crazy, because when I did smoke, my thoughts would always be tasks I should be doing.

I'm beginning to think that's how most folks distract themselves from a project.  I'm one of them, not much to sit and take five.

So at this point of my life as a non smoker, I can be thankful for cleaner window tracks, lazy susan, matching plastic ware and an organized spice cubbard!!!

My hubs..ofcourse is pleased that shopping is not the distraction!!!  Mmmmmm???

For those that are struggeling...there a many, many benefits  ( outside of your precious health) of quitting!

Take it one day at a time!


PS...Virginia Beach folks...Enjoy a great time...cyber hugs to you all!



Posted by KMC56 May 17, 2017

After three months of tests, today being the final test...all came back with positive results!   Sometime in February, when my stress level reached the cosmic sky, and was a frequent visitor of the facility my mother was in rehab for, the culmination of those two apparently were a deaday combination. No antibiotics would make it go off to the specialists.   So a lot of below the belly button test were done, 'nuf said!

Could have easily fell off the wagon with worries and concerns...wouldn't have helped, and proud to stay strong.  For those who were in the loop...thank you enormously for your positive thoughts and prayers.




Posted by KMC56 May 11, 2017

Have had a battery of tests within the past month, a lot of them required 'breathe and hold'.

While going through these tests, I was extremely thankful to be able to hold my breath,  resume breathing without coughing!!  

Just the little things that are a part of the BIG picture of quitting!

~Kathy 383 DOF



Posted by KMC56 Apr 10, 2017

First beautiful spring day.  Took advantage, michigan can rear her ugly head ...drop the temps, and let another noreaster  roll in.  Loved the smells during my am walk...then time to do a bit if the domesticsame and work on next year's budget. I may be a bit forgetful here and thereven,  but it's totally amazing how you know every bloody word of songs from 40+ years ago...I had the cd player on ramdom play.

Everything smells fresh...and not spoiled by the smell of smoke...another day won!   Breathing it all in!

Keeping it real one day at a time.