The next one!

Blog Post created by justsayno3 on Nov 27, 2012

I was driving home from work with my wife yesterday. I was proud that I had made it thus far through my first day of becoming and EX and had not smoked. We always smoked on the ride home together. I knew she wanted to smoke. I told her, "Go ahead. Have a cigarette. I cannot let your choice influence my decision to quit." She was nice and did not smoke in the car with me. Love her.

But the conversation about quitting resulted in the question she asked me, "What is your favorite cigarette of the day? Is it the first one in the morning with coffee? Is it the relaxing smoke after a meal? Maybe the last one of the day in the evening before bed? "

I thought about it and answered, " My favorite cigarette of the day is the next one. That is the one I crave."

The enjoyment of the last 250,000 cigarettes is gone. There is only one I care about and that is the next one. So if I let myself have that one, then the only smoke I will miss is the next one after that. And as long as I live, the only cigarette I will look forward to is the next one.

I am on day 2 and my resolve says do not under any circumstances fall into the trap that "just one or two" will be o,k. It won't. I will be just like I was for the last 35 years. Looking forward to the next cigarette. Because that is the one I am gonna enjoy the most. Not One Puff Ever. For me.