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Something new to tackle

Posted by JustSharon Jan 31, 2017

Everyone is right to say this site is a bit confusing and a bit disappointing. but I feel given time if we work together we will find one another in the same blog space and most likely throw out the rest until we have the time to figure out the rest. I love having spell check!!

Anyways I'm willing to give it a good try and look at it as a new challenge in my smoke fee walk (88) Something new to add to the tool box. I'm glad to be back I've missed you all. Have a wonderful smoke free day!

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Posted by JustSharon Jan 23, 2017



Wish upon a shooting star!

I am 61 years young, though my body is in disagreement. I have moderate COPD. I must quit smoking, I choose to quit smoking. November 4 2016 is my quit date, my forever quit date! It's high time to get off this merry-go-round!!


Worry less, Appreciate more. If you want something, make it happen.




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Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey.


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