Blog Post created by JustSharon on Sep 7, 2017

How very much I have missed you all! I have thought of you often and still pray for all of you. So, where have I been since April/May, can't even remember when...been smoking in my back yard. I never ceased trying to quit, but still have fallen on my face. I have tried all methods of quitting that I have learned here and still failed. I finally grew weary, threw up my hands and said "dammit, I'm a smoker I guess I will always be that way. Deep down in my heart I have known that isn't true, look, I'm here now. What's new??? This morning I started Wellbutrin and am so hoping it will be the final assist I need. I'm desperate all! I'm going to give this med a day or two to get in me system and then work out a plan and quitting date. I pray you all will still be with me. 

     Since my grandson Maison moved here in June, my office doubles as his bedroom too. Throughout the summer he was a late sleeper and I like to use my computer early mornings so I haven't been here to see how everyone is doing. I do Hope well. Maison is back in school now so hopefully I can get caught up. That's about all I have to say for now. Thanks for listening. Sharon