Blog Post created by JustSharon on May 21, 2017

With deep regret, I must say I lost another quit. The say last week I watched my daughter be led out of a court room in hand cuffs, I near fell apart. I know we prayed for this once and that once she got no jail time. This other court she was expected to do 120 days, she only got 5. A blessing and an answer to prayer and she will be home when my grandson arrives. Watching her be handcuffed should not have been so bad and many of you may say I was just looking for a choice to smoke. Maybe I was, maybe I was. All I know is what I witnessed hurt so much, she is my baby.

Now here I sit with a broken quit and know I have disappointed you and myself. Problem is, I like smoking right now and I'm not sure when I will get back on track. I just wanted to be honest. Thanks for listening.