Another busy day!

Blog Post created by JustSharon on May 10, 2017

Our day starts out with a business meeting on Medicare and our insurance. Shortly after that our daughter has an appointment to keep and we will take her to that. Then later this afternoon its a long drive for another appointment for our daughter. That one we sit and wait for an hour and a half till her class is done. She can no longer drive and has court appointed stuff every where and nearly everyday. It's all a very long story and I shouldn't get into it, to protect her privacy, but I can ask for more prayers please as she goes to court again next Monday. If she has to do some jail time, I pray that is over and done with by the time my grandson (her son) comes home June 16, so would you be so kind as too keep her in your prayers. Any who, I like busy , don't have time to think of smoking. There are a few triggers along our route today, but they aren't near as difficult as they were a few weeks back! My prayer is that each and everyone of you find a peaceful, smoke free day!