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Do you ever feel that way? I sure do, never enough time in a day, never enough days in a week! Good morning all. I'm hoping this Sunday morning has been wonderful and smoke free for you! Sure has been for me!

I nearly lost my quit this last week and am so thankful I didn't. I mean it was only in the thought process, BUT beware those who may be there, it starts in thought, and you begin to not let it alone. You romance the notion that you will be fine with just one smoke, ah, but you know that's not true! I know deep in my heart had I given in to one, I would not have quit till the last one was gone, only to want more again. I pray if anyone is struggling today to be gentle with yourself, it's only natural to crave. Get it out of the thought process, come on, blog or whatever the site has to offer and get and stay free!!


Posted by JustSharon Feb 24, 2017

I'm feeling much better now, and NOPE I did not cave. Thanks all for your encouragement. Thought I'd add this little giggle since I could not figure out how to add it to Laughter is the best medicine. Have a great day!

What a morning

Posted by JustSharon Feb 21, 2017

I should have written my blog before playing in the café, hopping on trains, laughing for good medicine cuz now I'm pooped out and don't have much to say. There sure seems to be much more on this site to play with, but finally I got down exactly where to go to write my blogs and I think that, as in the old format, is where you will always find me.

Doing so much better after my hernia mess all pain meds being careful and moving slowly so as to not disturb the wound.  I'm 109 days smoke free and feel so wonderful. Jake says he never hears me cough, I say the same of him. He has about 30 days now. It was really hard for him to put them down, but he told himself the day I got out of the hospital was the day he would smoke no more. I'm so proud of him. We have gotten very good at NOPE as we both still struggle with the "just one" theory but no one has caved yet.

Well, it was nice talking with you all. Hope yours is a prosperous smoke free day. Sharon

Every Monday and Thursday I see the nurse at the surgeons office for my wound dressings to be changed. It's amazing to see how quickly it has been healing up over this past week. Still have pain but I grit my teeth and bear it as I don't want to be on my pain meds unless I'm about to scream. Still have such pain in my legs from swelling, its going down some, hopefully more soon.

   Ah, enough of that. I'm happy and content despite it all. I'm still pretty much on bedrest, and I'm rather enjoying the pampering. I'm still smoke free through it all and I'm so happy about that!! 104 days today. I honestly never thought I'd see that. But it has happened for me. Its happened for Jake as well. He quit smoking the day I got out of the hospital and says he's very happy for it, and so am I! Smoke free feels so good. For those of you just starting out, it's hard yes, but only as much as you make it be. When you continue on and on you will begin to feel that sense of accomplishment and see that going on, is so well worth it and does begin to feel fantastic to be free!!

   Have a great smoke free day!

Happy Friday!

Posted by JustSharon Feb 10, 2017

Hate to sound like a broken recorded, but I was to the wound care specialist yesterday. The redness is disappearing nicely and my blood work came back A OK. What a difference a couple of days makes. I will continue to go through this wound care every Monday and Thursday for a while until the VAC comes off. (small machine for suction of the wound. I have a lot of pain at the suction site this morning, possible the hose pulled while sleeping. I'll have Jake look at it when he wakes up. I can't see it.

     Here's a laugh for you...they have told me I have no belly button anymore. Jake says it too. Possible its true, but I'm not easily convinced till I see belly button, that's a laugh! Anyways according to them, I continue to heal but must be patient as I guess I was in real bad shape when I entered the hospital. It was a lengthy surgery and difficult.

     Here is another funny for you, while in ICU I remember flicking the ashes off my cigarette and then rushing to catch them. I would wake from a daze with a smile on my face that it wasn't true! The action felt so real though.

     I am so thankful that I never turned back, as tempting as it was at times. Especially when I first got sick. Miserable as I was, a smoke, in my mind, would have made things all better. Yeah Right what a lie, huh. I'm 98 DOF today and I'm happy despite my pain. Have a wonderful smoke free day and do remind yourselves that smoking does not help a thing!


Smober yet so frustrated

Posted by JustSharon Feb 8, 2017

Feels so good to be free and I'm coming up on a big day soon, but as for healing from surgery , the doctor feels we're moving a bit slow. Had my routine bandaging change yesterday and upon obsevation the wound area looks a bit red and is a tad bit warm. The nurse dragged the docs behind in only to show his dissappointment in progress as well. I will see him again on Monday. My blood work will be ready for review and we will know more. Doc hinted at and I pray not. they they could have to reopen.

Hope you have a great smoke free day, such a wonderful feeling!

Well I obviously missed my 3 month birthday which was 2 days ago. Gosh all, it feels so good to be free! I won't lie, sometimes those cravings come on like a freight train, but I still fight with all I've got. So where have I been. went on that 90th day for routine surgical dressing change. That was 1 in the afternoon. I had developed a new problem  that concerned the doctor to a possible blood clot. My legs had swollen like balloons, would not bend and the pain was excruciating. They sent me to ER right away for several tests. Though I sat in ER for 5 hours before being seen and then another couple hours for tests and such. listen to Jake throw his little hissy fits, find no evidence of clot then got out of there by 1am. Slept most of the day which was our 36th wedding anniversary. Needless to say neither one of us was up to celebrating. The knowledge of 36 wonderful years was enough for both of us yesterday. Felling much better this morning after having slept with my feet propped up all night. Can you imagine all this with a cigarette in hand especially having to go outside with it. Be thankful all you who are new on getting quitting. You may have a tough time of it, but when you look back, you will see how much worse than quitting that smoking really was.

to share as it seems to keep changing. I'll just keep rambling here till I feel comfortable elsewhere. I'm awake my early old ways so I must be on the mend.

This sure has been a time of it for me.  I still have to report to the dr. every Monday and Thursday to have bandaging changed until the wound is completely closed. Internally there is stitching, bit the outward area had to be left open to ward to have continuous suctioning until the wound completely closes.. That's the best I understand of it anyways. These pain meds kind of befuddle my mind. Know what the best part of being in the hospital for 16days, not the food!,lol, it was not needing or wanting to smoke while I was there. What a wonderful feeling. I'll never forget feeling otherwise as it will always be where the beginning was and where I never want to be again. I hope you all have a wonderful smoke free day!