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Stopping by with

Posted by JustSharon Dec 27, 2016

From my home to yours...

Posted by JustSharon Dec 23, 2016

I am....

Posted by JustSharon Dec 20, 2016

Bowing out for a while. I have read and read till I can read no more. I need a break and I’m taking it. Christmas day I will have 50 DOF. What a wonderful gift. I wish you all a Very merry Christmas and a Happy new year. My prayers are with you all. My appreciation of you warms my heart, Good bye for now dear friends and EX’rs


In a Hurry

Posted by JustSharon Dec 18, 2016

Just popping in to sat Good morning. Headed out the door in about 20 minutes. Pleae know that my prayers are still with Sharon (smorgy), Sharon ( Shashort)  and Jennifer for her loss. Let's all have a wonderful smoke free day.

This is how I feel ;)

Posted by JustSharon Dec 16, 2016

I've been up since 1am, Just couldn't sleep,. Its now 3 am I'm getting real tired.  Thought I would send you a mornng greeting.. Have a great smoke free day!


Posted by JustSharon Dec 15, 2016

Well the surgeon says the hernia must be repaired. Seems a muscle weakened and bulged right from my C-section scar. He will do his best to keep the surgery right at the scar but it is possible the scar itself will need some repairing. He won’t know that for sure till he gets in there. It won’t be laparoscopic. I will be in the hospital 2-3 days after, depends on how I do. My surgery is scheduled for January 27th. GOOD. It can be on the back burner for a while. I stopped by the orthopedic clinic to get my knee surgery scheduled but they had all gone for the day. I don’t want to have these 2 surgeries to close together.
OH well, enough of all that. ON to brighter things. Good morning everyone. I’m happy to be smoke free, are you? Of course you are
J. It’s a brisk morning here, about 34 and I’m inside toasty warm. Not so last winter. One of the many perks of not smoking, huh? That’s about all I have this morning. I wish you all a smoke free day and pray for the ease of staying that way.

40 DOF

Posted by JustSharon Dec 14, 2016

I got so busy yesterday that I didn't get a chance to blog. Hoping everyone had a good day. Today is my appt. with the surgeon but not until 2:45. We have to drive 45 miles for this one and an appt. at that time puts us in alot of traffic coming home.

I can hardly believe that 40 days has come upon me already. On one hand it seems like forever to get here, and on the other, seems like yesterday. Feels great yet every day I still run the risk if relapse. 40 days is still a baby in a quit if ya ask me.

Well I'm off to read and respond to blogs. I'm wishing you all a blessed smoke free day

It's Monday again already

Posted by JustSharon Dec 12, 2016

I know that most people hate Monday's. Its time to wake early and head out the door or even indoors, to that same old routine. Look at it like this, smoking was a routine and now you have quit and that is your routin e also, one you should feel joyous about. Its ok to have a joyous Monday. Wake to the new you!

Anyways I'm done babbling now. I'm scheduled for Wed. this week to meet the surgeon who will do my surgery and get that scheduled. I still haven't scheduled the surgery on my knee but think I will do that on Wed. at the hospital which is where that surgeon is. I feel depressed with these surgeries pending. I still don't really know if I want my knees done. I'm afraid of it. Oh well enough of that already. It least I will work through it smoke free

Happy Sunday

Posted by JustSharon Dec 11, 2016

Where does the time go, Sunday already, the end of the weekend. I actually have to check a calander for what day it is. Being retired in this household means never knowing what day it is, nor caring, unless you have an appt. to keep. It's fabulous! I do wish everyone a fantastic day though, regardless your situation.

Thank you for the care, concern and prayers for my daughter. She had complicarions from her miscarriage. She received exccellent care and is now on the mend and by last evening she was feeling a bit better. NOPE didn't have to run anywhere to smoke. I'm guarding it like a mother guards her child. And when that child whines loudly, I still have my binky, lol.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful smoke free day and a relaxing Sunday. I'll be watching my SeaHawks plau Green Bay in all their snow. Go Hawks!!


Posted by JustSharon Dec 10, 2016

Have a great Saturday. Been in an emergency room all night with my daughter so i'm pretty tired and am headed for bed. Just wanted to greet you.  HUGS

OOOPS forgot something

Posted by JustSharon Dec 9, 2016


Posted by JustSharon Dec 9, 2016

It is a bowel hernia and must come out. It's giving me no pain and there is no urgency to take it out. I have been referred to a hospital that is better equipped to protect me from problems with copd should they arise. They would then put me on life support for about 2 days to allow my lungs to heal, if necessary. I would be in good hands. So, everything is going to be in the time frame of this new surgeon. I was also told that this surgery may be successful laproscopically. That would be great. Anyways, no need smoking over it, I'm simply not worried about it to the point a smoke would help, cuz it wouldn't. Have a fabulous day...p.s. we got snow and its so pretty!

Thank You

Posted by JustSharon Dec 8, 2016

Have I ever taken the time to thank my friends and fellow EXers for the time, advice, kindness, and support that you have given me? Well here is a great big thanks and HUGS to go with that. My blogs as well as the blogs I read and respond to have given me the courage to move on. Thanks!

  Nicodemon was face to face with me when I woke up this morning. I looked addiction square in the face and out loud shouted “Damned you addiction, then the crave or whatever you would call it just fled. Sometimes I just gotta get tough!!

Well, today is CT scan result day. About time, huh? I thought it was yesterday, but bo-bood on my calendar. Appt. is not till 2:45 Pacific time, so not sure I will blog the results today or wait till tomorrow. I’m anxious to say the least.

Well that's all I have this morning. I'm going to go sit on my pins and needles and get a sore tush, Have a fantastic smoke free day!

Waiting on our big snow storm, which should be happening about now, as I look out my office window at the beautiful sunny sky. I will eat my words later I’m sure or maybe or whatever. Lol.

Good morning all. Hoping you are having a wonderful morning thus far. I had an awake nightmare or half asleep nightmare, you call it. I got up sometime during the night and fell asleep on the sofa. Don’t know why. Then somehow, I took a drink of water and kept it by my side. Sometime later that glass tipped over and I was soaked. I was none too happy and the first thing that came to mind was to smoke. Then I thought, oh yeah go outside in 39 degree weather and just freeze those pants! Nightmare to me. I didn’t smoke and my pants are dry ones. So, it’s a good morning here. And a good laugh for me.

Have a wonderful day each and every one of you.

Just another day WON

Posted by JustSharon Dec 6, 2016

And happy with it. It is beginning to get a little easier. That old mind to hand thing still wreaks havok though. I'll get through it as I have each day. Sure have a sore tongue from biting it though! HA!!  Silly as it seems I find looking in the mirror and talking or yelling at myself to get through a rough time such as N.O.P.E. Works for me.  Quitting gets discouraging at times, but even at your worst you can find a way through without giving in. Cravings really do pass quickly if you don't let them talk at you, better you to talk back at it! Go to a mirror and see just how silly fighting with the nicodemom looks.

On another note, just a quick shout out to Marilyn, yes I did get your message yesterday and it  helped, Thank you.

Everyone have a great smoke free day. 32DOF


Posted by JustSharon Dec 5, 2016

Good Morning. I thank you for your prayers when I asked a week or so ago, for my daughter. She lost the baby. I really hurt for her. God always answers prayer, but not always with a great big yes, like that is what we hope for. This time he said no.

We can't know his mind, we just trust. Have a good day everyone

I've made it thus far.

Posted by JustSharon Dec 4, 2016

I'm no longer drinking coffe, but here's a cup for who does. Well here I am 30 DOF and 30 days ago I jumped in for like my 4th time and jumping back in, I didn't have a whole lot of the right attitudes, like commitment, vigilence, or any of those thing my fellow

ex'rs told me I needed. Not so now. Commitment had to grow on me. Vigilance the same. I needed alot of discpline and that didn't come easy at all. But something eventually  clicked and here I am 30 days later. I thank and appreciate all my friends and EX's for being there with their wonderful blogs that were loaded with wisdom and kindness and pointing the way . (((HUGS))) to all of you.

Checkng In

Posted by JustSharon Dec 3, 2016

Had a very busy day yesterday. 2 dr. appts. Jake and I both and in between the two, we finished Christmas shopping except for gift boxes and cards. But I can get all of those at the local drug store. Best part of the day was I got both knees injected! Ah what a relief!! Next comes scheduling the surgery which won’t be till at least February, but the nurse was so busy, patients over booked and I left without getting that done. It should only take a phone call. As for my CT scan, I have an apt to see a general surgeon on Wed. and no one will tell me anything by phone. If the days go as they have, the time should go fast. And for the best news of all, I’m 29 DOF. Hope you all have a beautiful smoke free day.

Have a beautiful day!

Posted by JustSharon Dec 1, 2016

Good morning. It sure is cold here. 40 degrees and I heard that snow may be coming. YUK. It may be pretty, but so dangerous if you have to drive in it. Jake does all the driving and he is very good in the snow. Its all the other crazy drivers I worry about. People in Washington just never learn how to drive in snow. Anyways I no longer drive because of a bad eye, so I'm very thankful for my Jake. I expect word on my CT scan today. If they don't call me by 4pm, I'm going to call them. Yet another smoke free day, 27 to be exact. Glad I'm not sitting outside! May God bless you all with a fantastic smoke free day.