Couldn't help myself

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Nov 23, 2016

She is just to funny! I feel just like her at times. How is everyone this morning? I had some sort of stomach bug yesterday, but it went away pretty quick.

I was wondering how soon into a quit does this awful cough go away? I know that I have COPD, but I also feel that smokers cough. I get exhausted at time, ribs sore.

Jake is going to try quitting again. There are no cigarettes in this house. I'm hoping he will make it this time. Cigarettes laying around on the back porch was a big trigger for me. No matter how I tried if I saw them, I wanted one. Made my fight that much harder. 

I'm coming up on the 3 week mark real soon, though I've been there just to fall, I feel stronger and more commited this time around. Here's hoping!

Have a fantastic smoke free day!