17 DOF

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Nov 21, 2016

Good morning or afternoon depending where you are. I layed around in bed all day yesterday with an awful headache, but not bad enough to see my Seahawks play. They won!! Just like I've Won another day.

We are headed for a short day of it Xmas shopping..For my grandson who is closer to 11 than he is ten, I just don't have any  ideas. We bought him an xbox one, but hesitate to mail it as his other grand mother is very strict on that stuff. Oh blah blah. Any one have an 11 year old and any ideas I would appreciate it. He's not giving grandma any ideas.

Working hard to protect my quit today. I got binky and straw back out. Just some oh my Gosh cravings come right out of the walls. I have my armour on though!! And I will accept Gods gift and move right along. That's the best I can do!