Better today...

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Nov 10, 2016

I just hate it when I allow myself to get so out of control with my emotions as I did yesterday. I'm normally quite in control in any situation, but smoking has had a stronghold on me for 42 years and it doesn't want to give up easy. I'm keeping up the good fight though. Relapsing is a very embarrassing thing, I know,done alot of that.

As for yesterday's sonogram, my doctor referred me over to a surgeon to discuss my options. The mass is a baseball size hernia attatched to the wall of a hernia I had repaired 2 years ago. Sounds like a mess to me. I have had 3 Csections and these hernias seem to like that scar. Oh well, I see him next Wed. and we'll see what's up. Not worried about it at all, will do what needs to be done. At least I know what it is.

Hoping that you all have a wonderful smoke free day!